Seven Back Training Common Mistakes

Seven back training common mistakes

Building a massive back is the dream of each bodybuilder. Getting a v-shaped body mostly depends on how good are back muscles worked. It is believed that the more you work out back muscles, faster you will get its size increased. Regardless of your big efforts to pack on back muscle, there are many details that could make your all work inefficient.

Namely about these factors we will talk in this post, trying to point out most common error that keep you far from that huge back you have dreamed of.

I. Performing back exercises using short amplitude
First of all, is about choosing right exercise amplitude. When it comes to train back muscle, all exercises have to be done on maximum amplitude. Short amplitude exercises are not suitable for back training. Only full expansion and limited reduction of working muscles will increase muscle mass.The general rule for building back muscle is these category of exercises have to be performed in a smoothly way, with no jerks and jolts.
The more you will follow this rule, the better results in muscle growth would be seen in just few months of work.

If you goal is to train back muscle, than avoid lifting the weights using biceps muscle instead of back muscle.  During these exercises hands have to be used as a tool to pull up the weights, but all this time the muscles who work hard is back one.

The main secret here is to provide maximum mobility in the shoulder part for muscle growth. For this, when lowering the weight push your shoulders forward, rounding a little bit your back. On the way back to initial position try to push your shoulders back as much as possible, while arching your chest forward. This technique is especially used during curls exercises.

II. Wrong order of exercises: deadlift before bar lifting in the slope
There are many bodybuilders who aim to work back muscle but repeat the same mistake at every workout. It is about the exercise order. And not any kind of exercises, but namely deadlifts and bar lifting in the slope. Keep in mind that for a better work of your back muscles, deadlifts have to be performed after bar lifting in the slope, and not before it.

This is because deadlifts put big load on lower back. In addition, it require huge energy, and you need for other exercises that followed it. That’s why performing bar lifting in the slope properly and with weights after deadlifts is quite difficult.

So, the right order is bar lifting in the slope, after which come deadlifts. Since this can be the final exercise in your workout, it will be even very good if you give all your energy you have for it.

Once we mentioned about bar lifting in the slope, have to be pointed out a very important detail. Keeping the back parallel to the floor is a quite difficult position. More than this, waist are too overloaded during this exercise. If you find this as being true for you, than you can make a change. Namely,  slope your back to an angle of about 70 degrees relative to the floor.

Such a change will make you bar lifting in the slope exercise more enjoyable, and with keep you free of any injury.

III. Avoidance of setting which group of back muscles are trained
It is very important to determine which group of back muscles you would like to train. Because if you intend to work the back area located between the shoulder blades, then you have to lift the bar to the chest, using a wide grip.
If your main goal is to work bottom lat muscles than it would be enough to lift the bar to the level of stomach, using a medium grip. For better results at the top of the movement try to put some extra effort to contract  the latissimus dorsi.
Apply this for dumbbell in the slope exercises too. Putting the load on the bottom widest will give  traction weights to the hip joint.

Block thrust exercises are great for building back muscles. But you can definitely improve the result you get using this machine by following a very important trick. It is about upper block thrust with narrow grip. Instead of pulling bar down to the neck, do it toward lower part of the chest. Such an exercise will give better results than previous form.
Overhead block thrust do not develop wide back. The accent falls on middle and bottom. While upper thrust block to the chest chest narrow develop the width and thickness of the upper parts of the lat muscles

IV. Underestimation of pull ups for building back muscle
Never underestimate the importance of pull-ups for building back muscles. This kind of exercise pushes to the side blades and thereby increase the width of the torso. This leads to muscle growth. Pull ups put more  stress than upper block thrust. However through the last ones exercises are easier to keep control of the exercises.

V. Avoidance of dumbbell pullovers as being ineffective for back muscle grow
Dumbbell pullovers do not make your muscle grow. This is true. But they greatly accented loaded toothed muscle, which, as a kind of link between the muscles of the chest and back, visually increase the width of your torso.
That’s why make them a part of your workout.

Wide/narrow bar grip: not knowing which muscle are target in case of each one
Bar grip play big role. Depending on grip you will perform upper block thrust exercises the load falls on one or another group of the back muscle. Wide grip put the load on the inside of the back, while narrow on outside.

If you feel that your grip strength is not enough, use a special strap. Also, using of the straps put off the work  of hands, while back muscles fully work .

VI. Rounding the shoulders while performing shrugs
We have discussed in particular post about the benefits of shoulder shrugs. They are great for increasing trapezius muscle size. But, just remember that all motions consist of moving shoulders straight up and down with dumbbells in hands. Do not rotate shoulders! Aside of  causing your serious injuries, such a movement make your thigh works instead of trapezius. This means that no back muscle mass increase would be registered.

VII. Bending the back during lifting exercises
For all kind of lifting is very important to keep your back straight. If you bend it, your back muscles will work in a weak, unnatural mode. Moreover, this can be a source of serious injuries.

As you see, building back muscle can be done easily and faster if you are aware of all these common mistakes. Performing back exercises in a proper way ensure you not only muscle gains, but also keep you safe while training. Write them down and stick to them every time you work your back muscle.

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