5 Top Books about Steroids Use in Bodybuilding

5 Top Books about Steroids Use in Bodybuilding

The more you know about steroids use, the better chances that you will make a success of it. But where to educate yourself from? Well, you can choose to read through dozens of forums and blogs or pick one of the many steroid books. If you are one of those who loves to sit down in bed relax and read than you will definitely go with a book. While a blog like us can be easily found at a search on the internet, finding a powerful bookabout steroids use in bodybuilding can be sometime a tricky task.



We decided to share with you best books on gear that we’ve read and are absolutely thrilled with their content. Whether you want to learn about steroids chemical composition, their types and side effects, or find out all the hidden details of testosterone synthetic hormone, you will get all the answers to your craziest questions. Some of the books listed below are signed by authorities in bodybuilding such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, while others present a range of facts related to steroid use backed by researches.

Are all these books on sale or can you get some for free? The good news is that many of them are available for download in pdf format for free. A link to the source where they can be downloaded from will be added later on, so read carefully. If money is not your concern, than do a search on Amazon and enter the titles listed below. Among those 600 results, you will definitely find the ones we mentioned as being worthing your time and money.


  • The Steroid Bible by Steve Gallaway



As the title suggest, this is the book that tells you everything about anabolic steroids regardless of your experience. If you are a novice than you will find out how to properly start using them. If you are an intermediate user than you learn how to maximize your results without risking your health in the long run. You think you know all about steroids? Well, this book will definitely surprise with tremendous information about how to get off roids use, helping you to preserve 80% of gained muscle mass.

Of course, you will also find info about steroids side effects and ways to prevent them. Also, it contains complete information about Testosterone, Clenbuterol, Oxandrolone, Deca-Durabolin, Anavar and many other.

Whatever question you might have about steroids, chances are that you will find the answers in this book. On Goodreads, it has 3 out of 5 rating, which is not bad at all. Unfortunately, you will find it available for download for free, at least we didn’t find it. But if you did, please share the link with us in the comments section. As we know it can be found on Amazon for $40. Just copy and paste the title in the search bar on Amazon, sort by “low to high” and grab it for the lowest price available.

  1. Testosterone for Life


Chances are that you know what low testosterone levels can cause in men body and you realize the importance of it. “Testosterone for Life” brings more light on this subject and helps you to understand even better how to diagnose low testosterone and, what is more important, how to treat it.

When we know that 1 in 4 men over 30 has low testosterone, but only one in every 20 men have clinical symptoms linked to such a deficiency, it becomes clear why this book is so popular among not only bodybuilders but all men. Here you can find a sample of this book signed by an expert from Harvard Medical School. If you are ready to buy it, than you can find it on Amazon for just $10.


  1. Anabolic Steroids and Making Them by Professor Frank



This is a DIY manual of making anabolic steroids from scratch. We have talked about this here. However, if you want to enjoy an interesting reading along with pictures and detailed info on how to do it - get your hands on this book. Our recommendation is to always collect as many information as possible about anything you are about to do, check different points of view and in the end make your own conclusion. From this point of view, this is a must-check book.

Get it on Amazon for $16 or download it for free from one of the resources listed here. Truth be told, by choosing one of the free resources you are at risk to infect your personal computer with viruses, so choose carefully.


  1. Legal Muscle: Anabolics in America



What is this book about? As the title suggests inside those 400 pages you will find everything you may ever wanted to know about AAS and the law in the United States of America. Find out the finest details of the renown steroid investigations, arrests, and prosecutions that took place all over the US.

Regarding price, it’s one that you may find exaggerated in times when you can find all these investigations online. The price is around $100 on Amazon but do let us know in the comments if you find it for cheaper.  

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Encyclopedia



This is that kind of book that everyone should have it, from golfers to all those who train in the gym. Not in vain it gained the reputation as "the bible of bodybuilding." In this book, you will find the latest advances in bodybuilding along with diet, nutrition, and psychology tips. Also, here you will get insights on how to prevent and proper treatment of injuries. All these advice are illustrated with greatly executed pictures, that make the reading a big pleasure.

Google for it in pdf and you will definitely get plenty of results. Or do like me. Order it on Google Play for $19 and stay free of any troubles.


  1. Many other steroid books

If you click on this link you will find over 50 titles of steroid books free for download. Located on Dropbox, they are easy to search and in the end download the one you want. Some titles may sound known, while others are totally new. But since it’s free for use resource, you definitely have nothing to lose.


If you love to read not only blogs and forums but also books about steroids, than the above collection of titles is what you need. Hope we intrigued you enough to want to read them. If you reach at least one book from our list then we consider our mission completed. Please note that we have no material interest in recommending these books. We just share what we think worth to be read and these titles really do.

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