5 Best Steroid Cycles for 2016

Whether you are a newbie to steroid world or an experienced bodybuilder, your goal is to get the most of 2016 by using the best steroid cycles. We’ve put together a list of great steroid stacks along with short instructions and warnings signs you should be aware of. Whatever effect you want to achieve - bulking, cutting, increase strength - or your level is, you will definitely find below a steroid stack which include well-known compounds or more recent ones.

Most important things first

Adjust your diet to your new regimen. Make sure you diet is ideal if you are about to gain muscle or reach a better definition. Since diet plays a pivotal role, neglecting it will slow down your building process and make steroids less effective. We have written about Diet For Muscle Building – Most Common Misconceptions, check it  to make sure you are not repeating some of them.

Train hard and regularly. Steroids enhance your body's abilities to build muscle, but they do not do the whole job by their self. In order to bulk, cut or get stronger you still need to work hard in the gym for at least 3 times a week in 45 minutes sessions. These tips on How to Increase Workout Effectiveness give you advice on different techniques that proved their effectiveness throughout the time.

Gynecomastia and water retention. Since these are some of the most common effects of most of the anabolics, keeping a close eye on them will help you spot the issues and prevent them before it's getting too late. Nolvadex or Tamoxifen should be used in a dosage of 20mg per day until gyno symptoms disappear, and continue with 10mg until the end of the cycle.

Clomid and HCG are recommended for use at the end of the cycle to prevent muscle loss, restore natural testosterone production and keep under control the above-mentioned side-effects. You will find lots of ways to take Clomid, however, we can recommend this schedule: 100mg daily for the first week, then lower the dosage to 50mg daily for the next 2 weeks. As for HCG, its usage is recommended during the last cycling week in a 3x2500iu dosage weekly.

Best steroid stacks for 2016

#1 Muscle Building Beginner Stack: Deca + Test

Deca Durabolin (200-400mg)  + Testosterone Ethanate (500mg) - 8 weeks

3 times a week: 100mg of Deca +250mg of Test mixed into same syringe + 200mg of Deca

This is the most common steroid stack recommended for those who are their first experience with steroid cycling. Safe, but still very effective, Deca and Testosterone use help to bulk, but also burn fat very efficiently. Going with lower dosage can work great for first time users while sticking to a 400mg of Deca per week is the golden ground to follow.

Some aromatization is possible, that’s why keep Nolvadex on hand. Give Clomid a shot for 7-10 days after cycling is done.

#2 Muscle Building Beginner Stack II : Deca + Test + Dianabol

Deca Durabolin (200-400mg) + Testosterone Ethanate (500mg) + Dianabol (30mg) - 8 weeks

3 times a week: 250mg of test + 100mg of Deca mixed into the same syringe, and another 30mg of Dianabol

A perfect for muscle building stack, Dianabol addition serves as a kickstarter, providing amazing results until Deca and test start to respond. Being an oral, Dianabol use is limited to the 6 weeks with one day off per week. The best is to split daily dosage of Dianabol into 3 intakes, because of its short life. In order to increase its effectiveness, take it before or after a protein rich meal.

Take 10mg of Nolvadex or Tamoxifen daily to reduce water retention effect caused by Dianabol and Test. Also, during PCT take Clomid starting with the 10th day off the cycle for the next 2 weeks.

#3 Cutting Cycle: Testosterone+Trenbolone+Winstrol

Testoterone-Propionate (100mg) + Trenbolone-Acetate (75mg) +Winstrol (50mg daily) - 12 weeks

3 times a week: 100mg EOD of Test-Prop + 75mg EOD of Tren-Acetate + 50mg per day of Winstrol (7-12 weeks)

This is one of the most known cutting cycles in 2016. You will be surprised with the results, especially if you pay big attention to your diet.

Take 0.5mg Arimidex every other day to keep gyno under control.  Post Cycle Therapy should start right after ending the cycle with 500iu of HCG taken daily throughout 10 days.

Clomid usage is also required - commencing with 7th day take it in a 150mg daily for first 2 weeks and the gradually reduce the dosage to 100mg for the 3th week and 50mg for day for the 4th week.

#4 Strength and Cutting Cycle II: Test +Winstrol

Testoterone-Enanthate 500mg (1-12  week) + Winstrol 50mg per day (7-12 week) - 12 weeks

Simple but very effective cycle for reaching a cut physique, and for increasing overall strength. No wonder that in 2016 it remains one of the first choices of bodybuilders for contest preparation. Since Winstrol is an oral, make sure you add some liver cleansers to your diet. As for PCT,  a 40mg daily intake of Nolvadex for the first 2 weeks is recommended, and 20mg for the third week.

#5 Standalone Cycles: Test and Tren

Never old fashioned steroid cycles, which remain popular in 2016 because of their low cost and ability to control side effects.

Testosterone. A 500mg per week for long cycles (8-12 weeks). You are to adjust dosage to your goals, but going with this amount is safe and very effective. Arimidex use for aromatisation may be needed, and  Nolvadex uses during PCT ( 40mg daily intake of Nolvadex for the first 2 weeks is recommended, and 20mg for the third week).

Trenbolone. Perfect for cutting purpose with amazing cutting effects, Tren is a first choice for most of bodybuilders. A dosage of 300mg per week during a 6 weeks cycle is considered safe enough to keep away from side effects as low libido, increased aggression and poor sleep.

PCT is a must in case of Tren, so make sure you take:

  1. 1000iu of HCG for 10 days
  2. 20mg Nolvadex daily ( 5 weeks)
  3. 50mg Clomid ( 3 weeks)

Read Why Run Aromasin with Nolvadex during Post Cycle Therapy to find out reasons to undergo a proper PCT after each steroid cycle.

Bottom Line

Despite being quite simple, the best steroid cycles in 2016 provide great results, being used by the vast majority of bodybuilders. In order to enjoy big muscle gains and stay free of side effects, follow the post  cycle therapy recommendations we have put down for you. Because caution is the mother of safe muscle building.

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  1. kev

    May 4, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    Can I use 1ml deca 300 1ml test 400. A week but in between use 1ml test cypionate. Can some one advise

  2. F Kyle

    May 9, 2017 at 7:47 pm

    Yes, but before that , just tell me your size, age , weoght etc. Need to know before any advance. But overall, you can do Test + Deca , its fine . The dosages are OK too. Its a good 8-10 weeks cycle . Don’t forget the Tamoxifen or Clomid for the pct

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