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How to Cut 8-10 Pounds of Water While On Steroids



How to Cut 8-10 Pounds of Water While On Steroids

Water While On Steroids

          If you’ve ever had to face making a weight cut to reach your intended weight class for powerlifting or wrestling meet, and have done so while running Dbol or Anadrol – this is a really cool protocol I learned how to cut on steroids and it is so much easier.

         While you’ve likely never heard or seen this used before. It’s starting to catch on with higher level lifters who want to make the weight more easily. While contending with water weight gained from using oral steroids. I’ve witnessed a few powerlifters producing a 9 for 9 meet performance along with the easiest weight cut of their lives following this method.

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            It’s common knowledge that you’re supposed to run your orals towards the end of your cycle so that you properly peak on meet day. But have you ever considered discontinuing your use of orals during the taper phase of your training block, when you’re just sitting at work doing nothing instead of lifting heavy weights? Why hold that excess water weight and needlessly use those morals when you’re not even training? This sounds unorthodox but works very well in shedding water weight while on your weight cut.

Discontinue all Dianabol / Anadrol usage:

6 days out to morning of weigh-in:

Perform weight cut via water/sodium manipulation

Right after weigh-in:

Take your usual dose of orals that you were using during training

EThe evening before the meet: Take your usual dose again

Meet day: Load up with 2-3x your normal dose of orals before the meet begins

         What is exactly the science behind this? As you may know, water retention from orals quickly goes away once you’ve discontinued their use. This is especially true when you are performing an actual water cut, and depleting yourself of water retention to make weight.

Water excess

           That excess water weight is shed at an accelerated rate on a water cut and makes it so much easier to make weight without being on drugs which hold that water. You may be thinking to yourself already, will you lose all your progress gains from discontinuing orals for 6-7 days. Hardly.

           Right after you weigh-in, take a dose of your orals along with your preferred method of reconstituting back to your normal walking weight. later that evening, take the same dose again. We want to get your body saturated with Dbol and/or Anadrol again before it’s time to step on the platform.

         If you reconstituted properly, by evening time you should be holding onto the same amount of water weight you had prior to discontinuing your orals – if not more. In addition to that, your strength will not be impacted at all by the temporary discontinuation of orals. It will be like you never came off. This is great for not only your internal system but for saving a few extra doses of your orals too!


         On meet day, anything goes. Load up on your orals to as high as you’re comfortable with. Taking your normal dose is 100% fine if you would prefer to stay within the safe zone. But running your doses of Dbol/Drol high for 1 day is not going to do serious damage….so long as it’s within reason.

         Some lifters like to take just twice their regular daily dose. Some will not be as concerned about playing it safe on meet day and finish out their bottles’ supply to end their cycle. The choice is up to you.


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