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8 Reasons Why You Are Still Not As Big As You Want




            When for the first time stepped in the gym you had big plans. Getting bigger and stronger within weeks or months or training was your dream. Time passed, in or out the gym but you still far of what you wanted to look. And you ask yourself, why I’m still weak and small despite of long time i joined the gym?

            Good question. We goanna give some basic reasons why you still struggle to pack one muscle mass while your neighborhood succeed. Listen to them if you want to improve your body shape. Ignore if you still think that what you do is perfect and there is no room for advices.

You lack consistency

           What was the longest time you train the gym without brakes? Deload weeks are not in count here, since they are quite normal. I refer to weeks off taken with different occasions when presence in the gym was not considered a priority. In the road of building muscle you need to stay consistent. People come and go. The percentage of those who remain engaged in training for long times a quit lower than those who decide to abandon after months of working out. Remaining consistent even when no results seems to be achieved is the key to success.

             Engage in training for at least 4-5 years in a raw without any prolonged breaks. Years are needed for gains, weeks being too less for it.  After this compare your results with what how you looked initial.

You switch from one training program to other

            Internet is full of “magical” workout claim to bring amazing results in shortest time. Don’t let yourself be fooled. Nothing is going to make wonders as long as you are not dedicated to it. Choose a basic exercise program and follow it. With time you will develop you own training system that answer to your specific body needs. Ameliorate you old training program with new exercises to add variety and progression to it.

             Find strong arguments before leaving a training and getting another. Read our post "Reasons to change your workout routine for building muscle mass: to check in what degree you are in need for a new exercise program.

You are afraid to gain some fat

           To get bigger you need to eat.  And eat a lot. Staying lean while bulking is quite difficult. Gaining muscle mass is always associated with an increase in fat level. That’s why most for bodybuilder follow a cutting stage after bulking. Looking to get massive while having those six pack absolutely visible on your abs leads you nowhere. If you are decided to gain weight, than be prepared to add on some body fat too.

           You are not going to turn into wrestler. Just during off seasons allow yourself to eat big while training hard in the gym. Along with some fat gains you will pack on amazing amounts of muscle mass. Burn fat when beach time is near. This the right way of getting big: bulking and then cutting.

You do few squats and deadlifts

           If there will the case to limit yourself to three exercises only with the best growing potential that it will absolutely be squats, deadlifts and... squats. Nothing works better than these exercises. Any other exercise has to be complementary to these ones. Weren’t they your basic exercises? Well, then you got the answer why you are still small.

           Big legs are not made by isolation exercises. Ignore them and focus on squats and deadlifts to get really big. Isolation movements are for professional who already got the physique they want.

You do too many exercises

          You think that the more exercises you do, the faster you will gain mass and bigger you will get. Unless you are on steroids, you training has to be limited to maximum 45 minutes of lifting weights with at least 2 days breaks between sessions. Your muscle gets bigger during recovery. Allow your body enough time to repair muscle tissue breakdown. Deficient resting time cause overtraining and you are at few steps of getting injured.

          Set an exercise program according to your fitness level and target realistic goals. Only if you are a freak, go with more exercises.

You don’t track progress

           Keep a close eye on how you evaluate. Write down your parameters when beginning your training and see how your body changes over the time. No taking measures from time to time will make believe that no progress is made. Changes are less visible to eyes but when you compare measures you will see the results.

You want fast results

           Be patient. In order to see the results some time is required. As a natural it takes longer to pack on muscle mass. Want faster results? Take supplements or steroids but be ready to face unwanted effects.

You do too much cardio

          Does cardio occupy a big part of your training?  Then is clear why you still look thin. Cardio is great... for losing fat. You need to build muscle, so reduce your cardio to minimum. To lose fat and keep on muscle mass use High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT) which is great for this purpose.


           Try to do things right and progress will come. Analyze the above mentioned reasons and see which of the  you  have to exclude to get where you want. Remember: big things are hard to achieve. Getting really strong and massive is not easy: hard work in the gym, dedication and persistence is required!


Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.

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