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Barbell Squats – One of the Most Efficient Exercises of All Time



Barbell Squats – One of the Most Efficient Exercises of All Time

It is said that bodybuilding is a sport of variables, where the possibilities are endless: it’s about training and nutrition. It is normal to be, whereas each body is different, and to achieve optimal results, firstly, you should discover what fits best for each body.

However, there are some basic principles that every bodybuilder has to be aware of: balance, harmony, beauty, food quality training to stimulate muscle growth and plenty of rest.

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In terms of training, one of the basic principles in bodybuilding is to avoid routine, periodically changing its approach, the exercises, and used weights, the number of sets and repetitions. Maybe it happens to you more than once to want to introduce an exercise in your training in the hope that it will stimulate muscle growth, but either because of technical limitations of the room where you train, either from ignorance, you leave the idea.

So, it’s time for you to find out that there are amounts of exercise practiced by experienced bodybuilders, which over time have built tons of muscle, but now are less and less used, and not necessarily because they would be unproductive.

Bodybuilding is a place where you are free to improvise, to make an unusual combination. But, smart people learn from other mistakes. Be enough smart and “stole” the secrets from those who achieve great results in muscle building and you will save your time as well as increase your muscle quickly.

We would like to bring to your attention one of these important exercises, which represents an alternative to existing routine in your workout. Barbell squats are one of the best exercises for the development and separation of the hamstrings and lower back muscles side (lower back and spinal muscles). Also, when made with lightweight, is an effective option for making heating hamstrings and lower back, for execution of complex exercises such as squats.

Performing this exercise is not difficult and does not involve the use of specialized equipment. You should do it this way: from standing up position with feet apart, no more than shoulder width, take from the support the barbell, grab it with a larger outlet than shoulder width and place it on the neck.

Bend your knees slightly for balance, breathing deeply and slowly lower it towards the face, bending the wrist balance until you get back parallel to the ground. Back into position and, as you lift, exhale. Importantly, during the lift, to keep your head as high and avoid going down the trunk below the horizon, in order do not to be put in the situation you can not hold back prance.

Professional or more advanced bodybuilders for which maintaining the balance beam on their neck is not a problem and wrist flexibility balance is good, have the option of performing the exercise with knees straight.

The most required muscles during this exercise are hamstrings and buttocks muscles. Do not try to lift the weight using the lower back and spinal muscles. You should always try to keep them isometric contracted throughout the movement.

If you have never done this type of exercise before, it is better to give yourself a period of time for learning its proper execution. Also, keep in mind that it’s highly advisable to avoid using of a heavyweight at the beginning since you risk getting a serious back injury.

This being said, if you are tired of your exercises or you have no idea what exercise is best to do for involving the most part of your muscles body than know that barbell squats are considered one of the most efficient exercise, practiced by all bodybuilders along the time. Execute it the right way, as described above, and you will increase your muscles quickly.

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