Best Cardio And Weight Exercises To Lose Weight

If you really want to sculpt an improved lean muscle mass body you have to pay a big attention to your body fat percentage. Bodybuilding is about adding muscle mass through weight exercise. You can manage to pack on great amounts of muscle mass through lifting weights, but if your body percentage is higher than 10%, than your muscles remain invisible. And you continue to look fat, in spite of many hard training hours spend in the gym.

 The idea is that before proceeding to build muscle mass you have to melt away extra weight you have. Keep in mind that packing on muscle mass and burning fat simultaneously is hard to achieve. If your body percentage is higher than 10%, then you have to focus all your efforts on reducing it and then turn to weight lifting training. If you are a lucky person who do not struggle with extra weight, than you can easily combine cardio and lifting exercises.  There are few ways to do it so:  for burning fat, do cardio training before the weight lifting one. If your main goal is to build muscle mass, but still want to keep body fat under control, than you can integrate cardio movements in the end of workout routine. It is very simple: the more cardio you do, the more calorie you burn. Weight training is not effective in getting rid of fat.

The body type you belong too is the factor which directly influence the fat level in your body. Ectomorphs and endomorphs are less exposed to gaining fat fast, while mesomorphs have to keep a close eyes to what they eat and how much they exercise all the time.  In most, there is no weight loss without a proper diet.

For hastening weight loss process, you have to follow a proper diet routine. Mixing a low calorie diet with exercising gives great results, as it increases your metabolism and help to burn fat deposits effectively. Especially problematic is to get rid of belly fat. Among those who look for how to lose weight, almost all of them have serious issues with fat which covered the belly. People think that they can get rid of fat locally. This is a myth. You can not burn fat only on arms or legs, in spite you focus only on this area. The truth is that if you lose weight, then it happens overall the body. So, be ready to a decrease in leg muscle diameters, even your main target was belly fat.


As a bodybuilder you have at hand a series of exercises to use for burning fat. Best cardio exercises to lose weight quickly are:

-Running up stairs;



-Racquet ball;

-Jumping rope;



 These types of activities are not only very effective in burning fat, but also fun. Enjoy dancing while melting away extra pounds. It is simple, easy and and you can do it everywhere anytime. There is no need for equipment. Just your desire.

But what to do if you goal is not only to get fit, but also to build a lean body. You can manage to add some muscle mass if you follow a special workout routine which includes exercises for burning fat too. These are isolation exercises, which work muscle locally while improving the metabolism, and thus burning calorie. For better results you can include one of these exercises to each workout or use them during a circuit training. 

Best weight exercises for burning fat: 

Smith machine squat

squats smith machine

This is one of the most effective exercise, which is included in every workout routine.   Using Smith machine for squatting is especially important when you have nobody to assist you. While squatting are target leg muscle, but there are advantages for all body. Regarding the number of sets and reps, than remember the main rule which you have to follow all the time. Begin with a lower number of sets and reps and progressively increase them with every week. The same assertion is available for weight using while squatting. Begin with lower weight, and increase it with every workout. Jumping to big weights in order to increase the exercise effectiveness, can turn into serious injuries for you or overtraining. That’s why a number of 3 sets with 5-6 reps is a good start for you. Even so, if you feel uncomfortable with such number you are free to personalize it under your personal needs. But remember, that in order to make you muscle grown you have to put more stress with every training. Otherwise, you risk to get into a plateau. And then no gains achieved.


Dumbbell swing

dumbbell swing

One of the most enjoyable and easy to perform exercises.  To do them you just need a dumbbell.  Swings are great for working shoulder muscle, but  you will have to perform higher number of reps for each set, up to 12. Only this way  shoulder muscle get fully contracted and are broken a higher number of muscle cells.


The lower abs trifecta

lower abs trifecta exercise

This exercises is best for working abs, which is one of the most problematic area.  While performing it you will experience a high pressure on your abs muscle. This talks about that abs muscle are well worked.  There is no gain, without pain.  And, if you still look great after performing them, than most probably you didn’t do enough number of sets and reps, or has cheating. So, do these exercises until you feel no power to go further. Only then you can be sure that you did the best.




These exercises are perfect for back and legs, and have a high degree of difficulty. Instead they provide with amazing results in muscle mass, being great for achieving nice pumping effect too.


Goblet squat

goblet squat

Goblet squat workout shoulder and leg muscle. These exercises are easy to do, and are considered the main types of squats to begin with as a beginner. This is because while performing them you learn the right technique of execution of squatting.

As you see, you can lose weight quickly if you set the right approach to this question. Either you choose to do solely cardio or weight exercise, or to mix them, you have to acknowledge that what you eat has a big importance. You will never manage to burn calories if you calorie intake is much higher than your body manage to burn out. That’s why plan your workout routine including these exercises and carefully adjust your diet to your actual calorie needs. In such a manner, you will melt away extra fat and  let the lean muscle mass to get visible within weeks.

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