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Best Training for Cutting




              If you gained enough weight and now are looking for the best Training for cutting workout while on steroids to help you get shredded then this article is what you need. I’m pretty sure that like many others your goal is not only to burn away fat but also to keep on muscle mass. This is because along with fat, our body “eats” muscle as well so that a very good planning of cutting training is required.

               Before getting into details, let’s make one thing clear: losing weight and gaining muscle mass simultaneously is almost impossible unless you are an exception from the rule. Be realistic and take things as they are: fewer calories intake then your maintenance level leads to fat loss, while higher calories level is gonna lead to weight gain.

                Therefore, don’t expect to gain muscle when you actually eat less than you used to do when bulking. Instead of trying to catch two rabbits at the same time, focus all your attention on one very clearly established purpose. A very rewarded decision which effect you will realize later. We don’t need a simple workout for weight loss. We need an exercise program that melts away fat while keeping on muscle mass.

What Kind of Workout Can Give us Such Results?

What Kind of Workout can Give us such Results?

         The one that includes two main aspect: cardio and weightlifting. The idea that you have to do cardio in order to burn fat should sound familiar to you. Cardio exercises are always associated with fat burning and this is indeed true.

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         As a bodybuilder,s you may be concerned as cardio is known to burn muscle mass because of the catabolic process it triggers. Lifting weights sounds more appealing than running on a treadmill, but if you want to lose fat, you have to do it.

           The only detail that have to worry is the amount of cardio. 25-30 minutes of cardio are perfect for fat loss purpose and as long as you don’t run in marathons have no reasons to be alerted on losing muscle. In the regard of what type of cardio to choose: it’s up to you. Select something that you enjoy doing and don’t perform just because you have to. Most important is to keep it short.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a Great Option of Cardio:


          High Intensity Interval Training is the type of cardio workout characterized by very fast intervals of exercising alternated with slow or moderate intervals of exercising. You give the maximum effort during fast part of the physical activity, not less than 90%. The second part is executed at a lower rate, with at least 60% of your maximum effort.

          How to understand what is a maximum and minimum effort? It is equal with heart rates. Maximum heart rate will be 220 minus your age. Let’s assume you are a young man 23 years old. So, max heart rate is 220 – 23 years= 197 bpm Therefore, 90% of your maximum heart rate will be 177 bpm, while 60% will be 118 bpm.

HIIT have 5 major benefits on the human body:

  • Helps to avoid catabolism;
  • Increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH);
  • Burn fat in a way that any other cardio can’t do it;
  • Helps to oxygenate better the body
  • Elevates lactic acid limit

         To read more about each of these benefits and also how to perform it read our post Why bodybuilders should do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT Frequency When Cutting:

HIIT Frequency when Cutting

         Since you are following a lower calorie intake than usually, your body has not enough energy to perform long cardio trainings. That’s why HIIT frequency has to be limited to 3 gym visits weekly and should be no longer than 15 minutes. Best timing for HIIT training is the morning, right after you wake up. Why not in the afternoon or evening? Simply because carbs level in the morning are lower and body use fat to get energy. Throughout the day carbs level raises due to food intake and the HIIT efficiency decrease.

              You may think that this is gonna cause you loss muscle. And it will happens if your HIIT session last more than 15 minutes recommended above. To make sure you muscle stay there eat something right after ending your training.

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Weight Lifting For Cutting:

Chest Workout

            Against many opinions, weightlifting is effective not only for bulking but also for fat burning. In case of cutting training, you have to accept that lifting weights is for fat burning, and is not gonna add you some extra muscles. As mentioned above, you are on a low-calorie regimen, so putting on muscle mass is a rarity. You are free to choose from the wide range of weight lifting workout as each of them will be effective as long as you keep these 3 key points in mind:

  • Focus on large muscle, don’t lose time with small ones.
  • Compound exercises work the largest muscle and put some stress on small ones too.
  • Hart rating should be high because you are cutting, not bulking.


          These Training for cutting workouts are great not only because of fat you burn away but also due to the strength you add to your body. Bear in mind even you lift weights and do short cardio, gaining muscle is not going to happen, but you will definitely get shredded, define body lines and make those six abs packs visible.

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