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Building Your Own Supplement Plan




         Bodybuilding is an expensive lifestyle. Yes, you can go to the gym, stay fit and workout following your daily diet. You would not need to add anything to your stack, but if you are serious about acquiring a great physique, you need to consider stacking quality supplements into your fitness closet. There are two things you need to understand about fitness training. At any given point in time, you would train to either bulk-up or cut-down. These are two different fitness goals that every fitness junkie has to encounter. Hence, decide wisely on nutrition. There are many products available out there and if you are not sure about what you want, you could end up spending a lot of money and not get any results out of it.

        Always remember, when you stack, eat for effect. You are what you eat. Bad nutrition can have an adverse effect on your workout sessions, leaving you fatigued and at the same time low on energy. An unhealthy diet can, therefore, lead to injuries and sprains. Good supplementation is essential to help your body absorb all the nutrition that you may not get from your regular diet, thereby, giving you an edge.

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        When you stack supplements, you need to understand your need. Do you want to gain lean mass or burn calories? Lean mass is the balance between proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Whereas, when you eat to get lean you would need to make some adjustments in these ratios. You should eat to burn fat and not reduce your muscles. You should have a personal fitness goal. Remember to consider this when you stack your supplements.

         You might have any of these three standard personal goals. You work out to either gain lean mass or lose fat or to stay fit. All of these fitness goals have different supplement requirements. When you train, there are three basic supplements that you would need. These include your pre-workout supplements, post-workout supplements, and muscle recovery supplement.

          First, you would want to figure out if you are a morning lifter or an evening lifter. If you are a morning lifter, a pre-workout supplement is essential. Your energy levels are likely to be low early in the day. These supplements contain a needed dose of caffeine for that extra kick.

           Post workout supplements include whey proteins if you are looking for maintenance or mass gain i.e. if you plan to bulk. You would also require a muscle recovery supplement to make sure your body does not lose lean muscle mass post workout, as this will affect your goal.

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          Your body would change as you workout. Hence, make it a point to stay updated with new additions to the supplement market. Essentially this is also important so that you know what works best for your body type and so you do not end up spending money on nutrition that does not work for you. Make sure to keep a timely check on your progress.

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