How Effective Are Metabolism Boosters In Burning Fat

Your metabolism and the speed you are burning calories are directly related. The slower is the metabolism the less calories are used for energy and turn up into fats. That’s why having a fast metabolism is a real blessing, but it is directly influenced by your age, gender, physical condition and some other factors.  

Not all of us are gifted by mother nature with a fast metabolism (bodybuilding metabolism). Some people find really hard to keep control of their weight whether they seem to have healthy eating habits. Many of them are attracted by wonder pills that promise to melt away fats within days by increasing metabolism rate at high degree. Can metabolism boosters cause you burn more fat or it’s just a marketing strategy that you have not to believe in?

A certain thing is for sure: training and diet stay on the basement of fast metabolism. Without them no supplement is gonna help you to burn fat effectively. Is time to take things as they are and stop believing in magic, as here is nothing like this. The very few metabolism boosters scientifically proven to be effective do a good job only when combined with proper diet and workouts. In all other cases, the fat would not melt away by itself while you continue to eat everything you found your refrigerator.

Which of metabolism boosters are effective

Don’t expect to found a long list here, since it’s not based on what companies claim to be effective in burning fat, but what science say about it. On this line, very eloquent are the results  “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” on dietary supplements effectiveness. Their conclusion is that “the evidence for most dietary supplements as aids in reducing body weight is not convincing. None of the reviewed dietary supplements can be recommended for over-the-counter use.”

Among studied supplements were products like chitosan, chromium picolinate, Ephedra sinica, Garcinia cambogia, glucomannan, guar gum, hydroxy-methylbutyrate, plantago psyllium, pyruvate, yerba maté, and yohimbe.

The top metabolism boosters are not a surprize to you as they not come in pills and you use them already daily.

Green tea is one of the most effective metabolism boosters. This thesis is sustained by many studies which set green tea extract as a great thermogenic effects and improve fat burning in high degree that the caffeine content is able to promote. A few cups of green tea daily can be a replacement for water during your dieting period.

A study published in the journal Obesity reveals some other great features of green tea on human body. It shows that it able not only to increase fat burning, but also have a good influence on blood pressure and lowers the bad cholesterol in the body.

Since your goal is the get rid of extra fat, the best will be to drink it without sugar at all. This way you manage not only do not  fake calories in your body, but also keep insulin in normal limits, meaning a lower appetite.

Caffeine is the second best  metabolism enhancer. Aside of this, taken before working out is able to improve to increase performance, helping you to work harder and more intensely. And all this due to elevated concentration and hit of energy triggered in your body.

Despite of its great qualities, not everybody is encouraged to drink coffee for extra energy.  Those with blood pressure or heart problems are strongly recommended to avoid it and look for alternatives.

Ephedrine, for not too much time ago, was one of it. It was highly appreciated not for its metabolism booster characteristics only, but as an appetite suppressant as well. Unfortunately, it is supposed to cause cardiovascular issues, hence it’s was retrieved from the market. All the products that contained this substance were declared less effective since its retrievement.

Lifestyle changes that keep your body burning

Drink a lot of H20. A good hydration do wonders and elevates the metabolism rates faster than you imagine. Those 8 glasses a day can not be enough for you, so drink more for better results.

Sleep well. Researchers have found a correlation between digestion and sleep. The less you sleep, the slower is the metabolism rate. So, make sure you take at least 8 hours of sleep per day. Don’t cheat, your body will penalize you for this.

Use HIIT mixed with cardio. High Intensity Interval Training is very efficient in burning fat and improving digestion not only during its execution, but time after you end up it too. 

Never miss your breakfast. Feeding your body few times after you wake up with some cereals or other rich in carbohydrates food is a great way to start you day with the right food. Your metabolism start working at high rates, while you are full of energy.

Don’t let yourself be lured by wonder products that promise to burn fat instantly without making any efforts. Keep you money, and revise your lifestyle routine first of all. This is the core of your weight problem. Once you acknowledge it be ready to add in some of the best metabolism boosters as coffee and green tea and be sure that your digestion will improve faster than you even planned.

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