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How To Assess You As A Bodybuilder




The aim to get a crazy physique is the first reason both men and women come in the gym to work out. Some of them want to get rid of fat and build a toned body. Others dream about big muscles body as professional bodybuilders have. Whatever is your goal, first fo all you have to evaluate you as a bodybuilder. Your chances to become huge directly depends not only on your further workouts and diet but on you genetics too. That’s why it is recommended to assess you as a bodybuilder and set up further workout routine and diet based on your personal needs.

Before coming to the gym, try to understand which type of body you belong to. If you are tall, have small shoulders, flat chest, thin with a fast metabolism than you are an ectomorph. These guys are also called hardgainers as they burn pretty fast calories and find difficult to gain some weight. If you are the owner of such a body, then building a big, crazy body would be almost impossible.

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Through hard training and rich diet, you can manage to pack on muscle mass, but you will always look thin. It is not the case to lose faith in yourself, but just stay realistic about your chances to be the owner of massive muscle. Do not believe those who said they did naturally, as most probably they used steroids for this purpose.

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A real estimation of your body characteristics would help to concentrate your efforts in the right way. Hardgainers should follow a rich in protein and carbohydrates diet and concentrate on weight training. Since they do not need to burn calories, cardio exercises have to be used just for warm up. The use of supplements and vitamins is indicated as to provide your body with all nutrients for energy and productive recovery time.

If you are the owner of an athletic body, with all defined muscle and gain muscle easier than you are a mesomorph. Nature gifted you with all necessary for building up nice muscles. You already are the owner of a V-shaped body and it will be pretty easy for you to improve it. Be careful with calorie intake, as you are predisposed to gain fat too. Carefully watch your calorie intake and follow a combination of weight and cardio training.

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A short person with a round physique, which gains fat and muscle pretty fast is an endomorph. Such a person has a slow metabolism with muscles covered under fat layer.  Since you gain fat pretty fast, you would have to pay a big attention to your diet and include cardio training on a regular basis in your schedule. You have all the potential to build massive muscle mass absolutely naturally. It is up to you to supplement or not since you do not need it arbitrary.

If you recognized yourself in one these description than you already made the first step toward building your physique. These categories are not set in stone. So, there is the big probability that you are a mix of two body types, or you function as a mesomorph even you are an endomorph. Of course, chances to be so are pretty less, since the most people can be easily recognized as belonging to one or another body type. However, the chances still are.

Once you understand which are the advantages and downsides of your body type it’s time to take your body measures and set goals to achieve. Never measure your muscle directly after training, since muscle is pumped up and look bigger. Do it after your muscles are relaxed. Measure both sides of the body -left and right- and write them down into a diary.

Keep it throughout the whole long way of building muscle mass. Measure chest, shoulders, upper arm, forearm, waist, calf, and thighs. Set a how many pounds you would like to add during two weeks for example and repeat the measures when the mission is completed.  Keeping the track of your gains would help you to stay motivated and smash into pieces plateaus.

In their aim to build muscle mass people do a lot of mistakes. Most of them are the result of misinformation. That’s why educating yourself about how a successful training routine should look like and what you have not to do would help you to keep adding muscle mass continuously.

There is a list of the most important things that every bodybuilder should keep in mind:

 important things

-Fat never turns into muscles and vice versa. Muscles are covered by fat layers, thus you have to burn fat and then begin building muscles. Also, the fact that bodybuilders or athletes gain weight after ceasing physique activities happens because these people just consume more calories, and burn less. Muscles never turn into fat.

-Starving is not the solution to lose weight. Carefully monitoring your calorie intake and reduce is the right approach for melting away extra weight. Mix it with a lot of cardio exercises and you will get the best results in a short time. In order to exercise you need energy, and you get it from food. Starving just leave you with no energy and also the pounds lost this way will quickly come back after you return to the previous lifestyle.

-Training more than 3 times per week. A more frequent training schedule doesn’t lead to more muscle gains but definitely might cause overtraining and injuries. The maximum you can go with is 4 times a week training unless you a professional bodybuilder with years of experience. If a beginner, stick to 2-3 times per week workout routine.

-Too big or too small weights. Begin with small weights and increase them gradually. An effective training session should make you sweat you a lot and left exhausted. Otherwise, your muscles didn’t get enough pressure on them and the gains will be modest.

-Ignoring recovery time.  Muscles grow during recovery. Ensuring enough recovery frame is beneficial for letting your body heal and be ready for more stress. Sleeping eight hours per day is also tremendously important. A proper estimation of your own body characteristics will help you understand what training and diet routine you have to follow for getting bigger.

As a mesomorph, you would have some expectations, while ectomorph will know his limits. Knowing these facts will help you to set realistic goals based on your body characteristics and avoid deceptions. Since when you know what to expect is more easy to go through plateaus to the final point. Evaluate your self, take measures and start building muscle.

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