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How to Build Forearm Muscles



How to Build Forearm Muscles

You have noticed that most of the bodybuilders do not spend too much time working on forearm muscles. It seems that the weaker arm looks, the fewer exercises bodybuilder has been performed overall. Many professionals with huge inflated hands claim that they never do exercises specifically for the forearm. They say that it‘s enough for them to hold on to the bar and do the exercises. They get their forearm muscles increased.

It’s true that for most of professional bodybuilders, gifted by nature with lean forearm muscles mass. There is no need to work specifically on forearm muscles, as they get increased along with overall body muscle mass. But, most of the people coming to the gym has no such characteristics and they have to pay attention to forearms training.

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A simple desire, to get strong forearm muscles, will not help. In fact, the harder you try to build muscle, the more attention you should pay to the forearm body part. There few lucky people, who can not pay attention to training the lower part of the arms, but this does not answer the question why many bodybuilders do the same.

The answer is simple - they think that the forearm does not play a big role. More important parts of the body such as the biceps, deltoids cause a more enthusiastic reaction. The larger part of the body, especially the back, hips, and breasts more noticeable increase forearm muscles mass during training.

Sometimes you can hear that too big forearm distracts from the upper arm part. But this assertion has absolutely nonsense. Further, we will discuss the most important reasons why people should work on forearms muscles.

-Forearms are Not so Small as it is Considered

-Forearms are not so small as it is considered

Measure your arm from the armpit to the elbow and from the elbow to the wrist and make sure that by the size they are at least equal, and in some cases even longer than the forearm. Some people are blessed with long muscles that fill most of the forearm, while others have shorter forearm muscles with long tendons.

Regardless of your physiological characteristics treat your arm compared to the upper arm and deltoid muscles (the two often neglected parts of the body), and you realize that the arm is not as small as they seem.

-The Forearm is More visible Than other Parts of the Body


Unless you wear long sleeves, forearms and neck are always in sight. Forearm are key indicators of the strength and size of muscles. Everyone who participates in the bodybuilding contests lower part of the arm is visible in all standard poses.

-Forearm Muscles Increase Upper Arm

-Forearm increase upper arm.

Contrary to the opinion of many so-called experts, forearms only enhance the overall impression of the look of your hands and do not retract it. Forearm muscles which have the same proportions with biceps and triceps muscles compose a complete and impressive picture.

-The Strength of Bench Press Has Big Importance For Forearm Muscles

-Forearm increase upper arm.

Forearms are one of the most practical parts. You use them to bend and unbend muscles hands every time you hold something. The gym bench strength is often a weak point in the exercises, especially on the back and biceps.

-All Parts of the Body have the Same Importance

-All parts of the body have the same importance

The main goal of all bodybuilders is to have a whole nice building body, thus you need to develop all parts of the body. A proportional body looks impressive and creates a nice image. From anatomy point of view, forearm muscles seem to be a complicated part of the body.

Each consists of a bunch of small muscles that drive to the palm and fingers of a variety of actions: bend/unbend movements and hand movements. That’s why, according to the complexity of this muscle, we can say about basic exercises used for their training, that are not simple at all.

This is another reason why the forearm training is often ignored. Since it is believed that there are limitations in the development of this muscle, workout on it seems boring. Exercise program for building forearm muscles offered here is most part concentrated on the use of dumbbells exercises, which bring into work wrist.

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Sticking to the Plan

This kind of exercises is simply forgotten by many bodybuilders. However, these exercises can be performed while standing with hands down, holding a dumbbell in front of you, or either behind you.

Both movements can be performed using dumbbells or a cable. In case of dumbbells, these exercises can be performed using hammer style when your thumbs are directed at the ceiling and little fingers to the floor. Once you get used to doing exercises to work your wrists, try to alternate dumbbell and cable.

Many bodybuilders use wrist work also for building forearm muscles. There are many different exercises to get your wrists involved in work: barbell, dumbbells, or something else. The fact is that there are a number of exercises for the forearm, which most bodybuilders do not know. The less will be boring for you to exercise the forearm, the more effective will be the results.

Reverse grip barbell exercises develop muscles of the upper part of the forearm. Get down on the bench and put the bar on the edge of the bench or on the knees. Fix hands because in work should be involved only wrist. Using the upper grip rod, raise and lower your wrist as far as enough strength.

The movement is quite short, thus do not make it even shorter. Use a sufficiently small load to be able to make the maximum tension and reduce each repetition. Perform each exercise slowly to maintain a constant tension in the muscles.

Normal grip barbell exercises develop muscles located on the back of the forearm. In principle, the position is similar to the previous exercise except for grip rod, which should be at the bottom. Your thumbs should be on the back of the bar. Again, working with the wrist, as bend and unbend it at every repetition.

Perform such an exercise periodically to arrange a shake to your forearms. If you do not overdo it, these exercises are very effective in the training of the forearms and calves, as these parts of the body intended for large loads. There are some basic rules that have to be followed in case of building forearm muscles.

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First of them is to always do exercises on the forearm at the end of your workout. It is much harder to do exercises with tired wrists. Warm up hands before each set. If your muscles get used to barbell exercises, then change the tact, namely, from time to time do exercises with dumbbells or cable.

One of the basic rules is to train all body parts, including such often neglected parts like the lower back, abs, and forearms. Balanced development of the entire figure should be the goal of every bodybuilder, regardless of their level of development.

Another reason why the bodybuilders ignore small group of muscles, in addition to laziness, is that they focus on the larger and more projecting parts of the body. And this is not correct. If you just do not pump up the muscles at the same time, disparities in the figure over time will be more difficult to fix.

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Moreover, the development of, for example, arms in no way prevents the growth of other muscle groups. You are looking to develop all your muscles group except for oblique muscles, and the only way to get results, is the right way of performing exercises, enough resting and food reached on proteins.

Keep in mind that training all muscle groups is the surest and fastest way to develop your body and maximize your overall lean muscle mass.

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