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Increase Your Workout Intensity Using Descending Series




The descending series is a technique that allows you to increase your workout intensity gradually. This technique is not only for those who are new to working out but also for those who want to push themselves harder.

What The Descending Series Technique Entails

To use the descending series technique, you will need to start with an exercise that is relatively easy and then do one more rep or set of reps each time. It would be best to start with a weight that you can perform 12-15 reps of and then decrease as you continue doing sets until you reach a weight where you can only do 3-5 reps.

To increase the intensity, lower the starting weights when doing sets of consecutive repetitions. In this example, we will use a weight of 10 pounds and eight repetitions.

SET 1: 10 x 8 repetition = 80 pounds

SET 2: 10 x 6 repetition = 60 pounds

SET 3: 10 x 4 repetition = 40 pounds

SET 4: 8 x 6 repetition = 96 pounds4.

To decrease intensity, increase the starting weights when doing sets of consecutive repetitions.

In this example, we will use a weight of 5 pounds and 12 repetitions. SET 1: 5 x 12 repetition = 60 pounds SET 2: 5 x 10 repetition = 50 pounds SET 3: 5 x 8 repetition = 40 pounds SET 4: 12 x 6 repetition=144 pounds.

Choosing An Effective Workout Method

Among the wide variety of training methods recommended by successful bodybuilders is decreasing series. It is considered by far one of the most efficient and exhausting techniques and is highly recommended to be used by all bodybuilders.

Many people train hard at the gym, and very few achieve great results. Building wanted muscle mass is influenced by a sum factor that any bodybuilder should be aware of: training, nutrition, rest, and, last but not least, well knowledge of this kind of sport.

Very often is not enough just to read about how to train;  you need to understand if that type of training is suitable for your goals to realize the impact that the application of training techniques has on your body.

Increase Your Workout Intensity Using Descending Series

Repetitions for Maximum Gains

Descending series are series where repetitions are performed with decreasing weights until muscle exhaustion. You have to know that the technique itself is pretty simple. Let's take, for example, the exercise of barbell push presses for chest muscles.

So, during the last series of exercises, do several reps with a maximum weight, then take off 1 / 3 of importance from the barbell and continue till exhaustion. After this, take off once more third of the barbell weight, and execute the last one set till exhaustion. This is the typical scheme for a descending series, but it's up to you to introduce/make those changes that suit your needs and physical condition.

Advantages of The Descending Series Technique

The technique cue of descending series has significant advantages, and you have to k of them. The main drawback of this technique is that it can be applied to all exercises, and that person has not had to change the workstation as in other situations.

Studies have shown that in the standard set, after performing 6-12 repetitions, the muscle reaches maximum fatigue with that weight at that moment but does not reach absolute muscle exhaustion. It can be explained this way: during a normal set execution, all fibers of that muscle group were not activated and involved in the movement, but only those needed for raising that weight. That is why, by reducing weight immediately and continuing exercise, new fiber muscles will be involved in the execution of the movement.

Achieving Results In The Shortest Time Possible

The technique of descending series is known as giving maximum efficiency in a reasonable time. For better efficiency, you have to consider some moments like these:

- Always prepare the barbell, discs, dumbbells, and the device before starting the descending series. Otherwise, you will be put in the situation of being unable to continue since you will not find the necessary equipment. It is also recommended to train when the room is not very crowded and have at hand all you need for ideal execution.

-Try to use two rounds most often to decrease barbell weight. This means making three sub-series of descending series with three different weights.

- Always try to execute several 6-12 repetitions for each subseries of the decreasing series. It's highly advisable to begin with, six reps with heavy weights and end with a sub-series of 12 repetitions.

-Your pauses between sets' execution should be as short as possible. Several seconds necessary for changing dumbbells, barbells, or discharging devices are sufficient.

Along with these aspects, you must know that moderation and caution in using this technique of high intensity will keep you away from overtraining and injury.

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Execution Vs. Constant Improvement

Bodybuilding is not only about executing strenuous exercises and lifting heavy weights. It's a matter where knowledge is necessary since constant improvement means testing and choosing new methods that happen to be very effective for other bodybuilders. This aspect is related decreasing technique. Give it a try a see if it fits your body's needs!

Diversify Your Descending Series Workout

The idea behind this workout is that it keeps your heart rate up for more extended periods than if you just did one exercise simultaneously. Five rounds:1 minutes jogging/running on the treadmill (or equivalent) at a brisk pace, rest for 1 minute. Do as many reps as you can in 60 seconds of jumping rope, and rest for 1 minute. Do as many squats with a barbell or dumbbells as you can in 60 seconds of continuous movement, and rest for 1 minute.

One round: 10 jumping jacks, ten push-ups, run or jump rope for 30 seconds. Find a heavy barbell with enough weight to allow you to squat five times and stand up with what you'll need:- A barbell or dumbbell with enough weight to enable you to squat five times, a treadmill, or jump rope. - A stopwatch- An area to do jumping jacks and push-ups. - A place to put the barbell or dumbbells- Workout clothes, let's get started! One minute of jogging on the treadmill: At a brisk pace, jog on the treadmill for 1 minute. Rest for 1 minute. This is one round of this workout. Do as many reps as you can in 60 seconds of jumping rope: Jump rope continuously for 60 seconds. That's one round using this exercise!

Do as many squats with a barbell or dumbbells as possible in 10 minutes: 10 reps, Rest 30 seconds. After the rest, perform ten more reps. The key to this workout is to ensure you are always doing something else. This will gradually increase your body's burning and fatiguing processes, which will help your body stay strong and healthy!


As mentioned, a descending series is a type of interval training. It's when you set a timer to go off every few minutes and then do a short exercise. Each time the timer goes off, the intensity gets lower and lower.

For example, you might do the following:6 minutes on, 30 seconds off6, minutes on, 60 seconds off., 6 minutes on, 90 seconds off., 4 minutes on, 120 seconds off., 2 minutes on, 180 seconds off. One minute on, 240 seconds off.

An example of a descending series of intervals for a 45-minute marathon is:4 minutes, 4 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute. It can be done in any exercise. For example: Do 5 Rounds of 3 Squats at 20 seconds rest between rounds. Two rounds of 15 Push Ups on the ground with 30 seconds rest between rounds.

A series of intervals are graded sets of sprints that alternately use high-intensity and low-intensity activities in succession, with more recovery time separating each group. We hope this piece will help you achieve maximum results through progressive training.


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