Why You Have To Lose Fat Before Building Muscle

Like many other guys you think about bulking some muscle mass and the first thing to do in your acception is to eat more and train harder in the gym. At first glance, it’s a righteous way to follow, since diet and workouts are the basis for gaining muscle mass. What you miss is the role of fat percentage in your body and how by minimising it you can achieve a leaner look with less trainings.

If you have some extra fat and wait to lose it throughout your muscle building process, then the result will disappoint you. Check out our article “Is it possible to build muscle and lose fat in the same time” to get insights about how challenging this task is and how many of individuals fail on it.

If you are determined to succeed and bring you body close to what you want it to look like, then the first detail to take into account is your body fat percentage. The higher is the body percentage, the harder it is to get it melt away during your trainings. If your body percentage is about 15% or more than optimal will be to reduce it to 10% and then start muscle building cycle.

No.1 reason:you always gain fat when build muscle
Don’t naively think that you can increase muscle mass without adding fat. Packing on muscle mass is always accompanied by an increase of fat level in the body, with slightly differences from person to person. Normally, each bulking period has to be followed by a cutting stage when athlete manage to lower the fat percentage while keeping the muscle mass.

When build muscle you need proteins, carbohydrates and fats for not only feeding your muscles, but also to be full of energy for completing hard trainings.SInce calorie intake is always high when bulking, so it’s obviously that there will be fat gains too. By minimising it gain nothing, since the anabolic process during which the muscles are build will not be triggered, hence no increase of muscle mass will be seen.

Usually, the weight you gain during bulking, half of it is fat. Therefore, if you managed to add 12lb, be sure that at least 5lb would be fat. In this case your new body fat percentage would be around 20% which makes you appear pretty fat. Normally, a ripped look has about 10% of fat so you will have to cut down extra fat to get a lean body. This means that you have to follow a very elaborated cutting process to be able to lose that fat and preserve muscle mass.

More efficient would be to estimate your body fat percentage before building muscle and if is anywhere below ten percentage go ahead with your workouts. In any other case, case start with fat losing efforts, carefully adopting a proper diet and training routine. Melting away some fat may uncover the well defined muscle you already have. If you train for long time but your muscles are still invisible, is not the case to believe that you have not them at all. Just the fat layer cover it and they are not visible. By lowering fat level you can see them and enjoy a nice looking body.

No.2 reason: When you are lean you automatically look bigger
Due to muscle relief and their contour, you may be estimated as having more pounds than in reality. All this is because your muscle are greatly pronounced and cause a nice visual effect. By getting lean you can pump up the muscles you already have and let them shy in all their beauty.

No.3 reason: It will help you to understand what body areas you want to improve
By losing fat to the level when begin bulking you get a better idea about how you body looks and what are the weak points you would like to improve. Not rare are cases when you detect that your thighs or calves are way too small after and they may be that zones that you would like to put more ccent on.
That’s why making some measurements and carefully assessing what you would like to improve can be more beneficial than simply running into strict building muscle stage. This approach can be especially opportune for those who want to improve their physique and are not struggling to build massive bodies.

There can be other reasons too for considering fat lose before muscle building. You can try to find the ones that make sense for you, but you can not deny the importance of those mentioned above. What you have to remember after reading this post is do not blindly enter the muscle building workouts with the wrong believe that you can build muscle and lose fat simultaneously. Evaluate if you need to lose fat before gaining fat, or you can begin your trainings to gain muscle mass. As long as your body fat is not higher than 10% then you are entitled to begin bulking. In all other cases you will ahve to pass through a cutting period.

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