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Muscle Pumping Training



Muscle Pumping Training

If you enjoy working out you have heard there is no bodybuilding without pumping.  And you asked yourself why it is considered so important and how it affects muscle growth? If you still looking for right answers, then you came to the right place. Pumping in bodybuilding is a method of increasing the volume of muscles through physical exercises with many repetitions. In this article we will talk in detail about pumping, and everything you have to know about it.

Pumping is one of the method of pumping muscles by performing exercises with a large number of reps. A large volume of blood and tissue edema rush into muscles, which make them swell up and get bigger.  But this is a short-term effect, over time the muscles will get their previous form, the level of blood reduce and everything will take its original shape.

But as soon as you start to exercise, they will already be faster to take shape. The more often you do this training, the easier it will to swell, take the form of an inflated balloon. Incidentally, the effect is very, very large deposit in the future. For those who can not in any way to get their muscle grow, but want to look great for a short time can take advantage of such a method.

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There are three types of Pumping: Cosmetic, Pharmacological and Productive.

-Cosmetic pumping is usually used before performances or photo session. It can help you to increase muscle size by 10-15% and to give relief.
-Productive pumping is achieved during workout.It is used to to stimulate msucel groth.
-Pharmacological pumping suppose the use of of different supplements for achieving muscle growth. The most common supplements that provide pumping effect are creatine, arginine, and fat burners.

Pump up workout has great effects on body. Here are the most important of them:

- During pump up workout are better trained slow twitch muscle fibers. These fibers do not give muscle mass, but develop endurance, allowing you to work harder next time;
- Pumping saves strain on your muscles for a longer period of time. For muscles is not important the number of repetitions, but how much time they were under pressure. Namely the duration of this time, promotes muscle growth;
- When blood rush the muscle during pump up workout it brings  many nutrients that help during work, and also during recovery period;
- The gold rule of bodybuilding says that exercise program should vary in order do not let the muscle get used to the same pressure. That’s why pumping is a great solution for this, helping you to organize “hard days” for your body.

The pump up is great for starter bodybuilders. They rapidly gaining muscle volume, the muscle swells up from the blood rush, and beginners feel stronger. Usually, this condition occurs after a few sets, and in some cases can last up to the end of the training, provided that it will be quite intense. Blood enters the active muscles, saturating them with oxygen and nutrients, which promotes greater muscle activity.

Pump up workout is great for building chest muscle. Since every bodybuilder wants to have a big chest as soon as possible, pumping can be a great method to get it. So, look further at what you have to do for this. The best exercises for chest are exercises dumbbells and load machine. The first step is to work 15 reps on load machine, and when the blood begins to rush into pectoral muscles switch to the dumbbell.

Slightly reduce the number of repetitions up to 10, so to spread the blood and do the abdominal muscles stable. In order to get maximum effect from chest pump up workout, then wait until blood rush into all muscles, and only after this begin to reduce the number of rep. This can be achieved by changing the angle of the bench and crossovers in each set.

Also, if you choose to diversify chest training with other exercises the result will come much faster. Pumping workout should be done no more than once a week. Along with chest, most of bodybuilders use pump up workout for building small muscle like biceps, triceps, delts and calves. Here are some type of exercises largely use during pump up workout:

Drop Set:

Do sets with  gradual decrease of weights. So, if you begin with bicep barbell curl. After 8 reps decrease the weight and you will be able to do more 4-6 reps for providing great pumping effect in your biceps.

Negatives movements. A maximum of 12 negative movements will help you to get pumping effect.

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Superset Exercises:

Perform two or more exercises per muscle group with no rest or with 15-20 seconds pause between them . Begin with bicep barbell curls, and finish with dumbbells supination exercise. You will feel a great pumping effect doing ven 3, 4 supersets.

How Many Reps You Should Do in Case of Pump Up Workout?

How Many Sets for Each Exercise?

This method can be considered hard, since it require to do a large number of resp for each muscle group. And you have to manage to work all the muscles of is the surest way to provide useful elements in the most remote places. In addition, the more blood flow, the greater the volume of the capillaries, and thus, the larger muscles.

The answer is you should do as much as possible reps for each set with light weights. Neverless, this recommendation is greatly influenced by individual body composition. Human muscle has in its composition slow twitch fibers, which due to pumping up workout get increased. If the human muscle has a big percent of this type of fibers, in this case pumping up can deliver significant growth of muscles.

Despite of all good effects on muscle growth, pumping has a very strong disadvantage- it overload cardiovascular system. That's why if you decided to use this method select appropriate supplements to strengthen the heart. Also, pumping give you short term results, as muscle decrease in size after blood come back to normal level.

Using pumping method alone for building muscle mass will give you no results. Use it as an alternative for traditional workouts, and you will get strong motivation for going further in this rythme. For beginners is advisable to limit the number of reps for each muscle group to fifty. Also, do not stick to this method of training for too long (maximum 2 weeks), after which switch to different group of muscles.

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Pumping has a great psychological effect on every bodybuilder.  When you are pumping up you get a stronger motivation as you see with your eyes how your muscle grow, how you get stronger and bigger within short period of time. Once your curls, your biceps get bigger and this has the greatest positive effect than everything else may have.

This motivate you to work hard and, and to get a high level of workout intensity. Even when you came to the gym with no power and desire to do too much, you can suddenly feel stronger and energetic only after few minute of pump up. That’s why pumping is considered a very motivational type of workout.

Pumping like any other type of workout require concentration. Keep your thoughts and all your attention on what you are doing. Be aware of every set and repetition you are doing, and do not allow you to execute them automatically.

As you see pump up workout is great tool to get you motivated, to increase the volume of muscle within short periods of time. Use it wisely, once a week, following all advices shared above in this article!

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