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The Benefits of Warm Up Exercises Before Workout



The Benefits of Warm Up Exercises Before Workout

Even if you do not have enough time, you still do not have to pass the warm-up stage and go straight to the workout. The main reason is that unheated muscles are more exposed to injury, and it can happen that a few minutes easily turn into weeks of treatment.

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The warm-up is the act before the training. Its duration should not exceed 12-15 minutes. First five minutes focus on treadmill or exercise bike, the further five minutes work on the preparatory workout. Also, do not forget to do warm-up sets before each major exercise.

Wrap-up should always include cardio exercises. Warm-up must necessarily begin with an exercise bike, treadmill or ellipsoid, whereas these will make the heart beat faster, raise body temperature and send more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

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The duration of cardio exercises should be around 5-7 minutes. At this stage is very important to maintain a moderate rhythm, and do not get overtired. The explanation is that the main task is just to get a little sweat but not exhausted and get too tired of performing the main workout.

Let’s see exercises for a beneficial warm-up. Many bodybuilders still make the confusion between warm-up and stretching. They are absolutely different things. In no case stretch cold muscles, because there is a great possibility of serious injury or even rupture of the muscle.

There is a wide range of exercises that prepare the body for the load, and among the simplest and most effective are push-ups on the floor, side lunges and lunges forward with on one leg.

How to Warm-up Properly?

How to Warm-up Properly?

Many people still neglect this aspect when it, considering it not as important as base training.
This is an absolutely wrong approach, that’s why every time doing any warm-up exercise, remember that the most important is the manner you perform them, and not even their number.  Keep in mind that movements should be as smooth and calm. Your main task is gradually bringing the body to working condition and warm up your muscles.

On the one hand, take your time and do not try to reduce the warm-up duration, because cold muscles are very easy to get injured. On the other hand, try not to do not exaggerate with exercises and carry out light exercises, as the main workout will continue.

Another aspect of warm-up is performing it before the weight training. Once get involved in the main workout, do not forget that prior to each exercise you need to do warm-up approaches with minimal weights. This will help to prepare exactly the ligament, which will continue to work.

There will be needed at least two warm-up approaches: the first one with a weight of 50% of the worker, and the second about 70 percent of working weight. The number of recommended repetitions is around 12, and the execution rhythm should be as quiet and slowly as possible in order to preserve power for heavyweights.

As you can see skipping the warm-up stage and going straight to the weight training may cause injury or even rupture of the muscles.  Along with this, the second rule is to not make you warm up stage longer than 15 minutes maximum.

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