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Top 7 Things Not To Do In The Gym If You Want To Make Gains




            By doing things right on the gym you are halfway closer to reaching your goal. Nothing hamper you from gaining muscle mass more  than minor mistakes that in your acceptance don’t worth your attention or you are too experienced to keep them in mind.  It’s never too late to review your habits in the gym or outside it and switch to a better version of it.

             We goanna told you what are the stupid things to never repeat in the gym. Whether you know or not about them it’s never too late to refresh your knowledge and tell yourself “i was right”. For those not lucky enough read and take notes.

1. Don’t Hit The Gym Without a Clear Goal

            Achieving something is much easier and you get the right motivation when you know exactly what the finish should look like. Set up a training plan and don’t be so conceited to do it without being advised by a coach. You may know a lot about bodybuilding, but a coach has on ground experience and knows how to mix the particularity of training with your body type.

           So don’t enter the gym without a major picture in mind and in your block note about what you are going to do there every minute of your training. Aleatory exercising is good, but not when your dream is to get massive.

2. Don’t Focus All Your Attention On Your Upper Body

              It’s quite strange why most of bodybuilders decide that big shoulders and chest are what they firstly have to build wile legs come much later. Balanced training of upper and body part promotes not only a harmoniously developed body, but also keep you away from injuries. Pay same attention to both upper and lower body part by including exercises that target both of them. It’s up to you to whether  split them during a workout or by days. Just make sure you don’t overwork them.

3. Don’t Continue Training Despite of Strong Pain

              Any pain you felt while exercising is a sign that body gives you to stop doing it or at least slower the tempo. Working out through pain just worsens the situation. Withstanding the pain is going to lead you into a long and hard rehabilitation period.

           Avoid training the muscle and cause pain and carefully analyze what the source is. Take longer pauses between training sessions for helping body to heal faster. Visit your physician and a get a professional opinion on what happens to you. The earlier you take control of your problem, the more productive and short the treatment will be.

4. Don’t Limit To 3 Meals a Day

             Three large meals a day is not enough for packing on muscle mass. Being on calorie deficit and still looking to build muscle is a quite hard task to achieve. If your diet is about 1000 calories per day then forget about getting big. Your body begins to eat muscle to get the energy needed for work. Eat clean and exercise more- this is what you need. Forget about starvation and make your food intakes smaller but more frequently, 5-6 times a day.

           In the same vein, never skip over the breakfast. What mom told you about it is absolutely true. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, giving you the energy to start off your day with maximum energy. Eggs and bacon are the perfect foods to include in a bodybuilder breakfast.

5. Don’t Ignore Your Body Structure And Type  

              Depending on your body type and structure you may gain muscle fast or slower.  Building muscle for a hard gainer is big endeavor, while a mesomorph can do it even following a low calorie diet. Bone structure can also limit you in packing on muscle mass. The larger bones are, the more muscle you can put on them. Being gifted with narrow bones would require you more work in the gym to gain massiveness.

6. Don’t Skip The Warm Up

           Despite of your experience in the gym, warming up before going into training has never to be omitted. All those who do it end up with injuries, and surely you don’t want to be a part of this category. Allow up to 15 minutes for light movements meant to improve blood rushing through the body and get you into right mood for exercising. Skip you and you are running a high risk of getting injured and decrease your training performance.

7. Don’t Think “More is More”

            Are you one of those who think that the more you train, the bigger you will become? It’s not so, unless you are a professional bodybuilder with more than 5-6 years experience in the gym. Muscles don’t grow in the gym, but when you rest. After breaking down the muscle fiber by lifting gym, body needs 2-3 days to repair the damages. It begins to produce more fibers, and so muscles grow.

            Listen to the rule of “less is more” as it’s indeed so. In order to limit your gym visits to 2-3 times a week concentrate your attention and efforts on biggest muscle using compound exercises. Smaller ones are also stimulated during these and there is no need to work them solely. These are the most “don’t” tips to follow when visiting the gym. If you have something to add, feel free to say it in comments below.


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