Want To Get Most From Your Workouts? Here Are Best Ideas How You Can Do It.

Successful muscle building is not only about the workouts, but also the time you allow yourself for thinking on what you are doing in the gym. Analyzing your training and what you do after is at great importance, as it can lead to what you need to get bigger fast. I did it for myself and don’t look at it as a waste of time. Therefore, i was able to come up with a range of great ideas that improved my workouts and helped me to get the most of them. Today I’m goanna share some of them with you. So, read further to find what they are about.

The insights refer to three components of effective muscle building: reps, training session and programming. These areas are determinant for setting up a workout program that brings to you great results within weeks of trainings.

Tricks regarding reps

The more you diversify your workout, the easier are for you to perform your workouts. You don’t lose interest, work with enthusiasm and all this due to your ability to make your exercise program as you want it to look. A good idea to keep you interest alive is to use to change the way you count reps.

Countdown reps method

Instead of counting up traditionally from one to five, try to countdown way. Why you have to it?  There are two reasons for this: firstly, it simply add in some novelty to your training and you get motivated about it. Secondly, it helps to pass by easier that mentally barrier you have when you come to your 5th reps. Usually, it seems to be the toughest one and you begin to doubt that you can do it. By reversing the counting, you simplify this task by simply manipulating your brain.  After all, you do the same amount of reps, with main difference that you are more enthusiastic when using the second way.

Make you reps a bit longer

What i mean by this? When you simply count one, two, three reps are quite short, but the slower you perform them the greater impact on muscle breakdown. Hence, if there are any possibility to add some extra time to each of the, do it. An idea is to start counting using “and one”, “and two” etc instead of single “one”, “two”. You make you reps slower and by just counting in more original way.

Tricks regarding workouts

Never miss a training session

There are many reason you can find to just go over a training sessions. Whether you just feel bored or the party you was last night left you with big headaches, no excuses for missing your workout. Set a plan and stick to it. You must be persistent in order to grow, while procrastination will definitely not lead you there.

"A little training is better than nothing”, that’s the rule to follow when going to gym seems very unattractive to you.

The exception is when you are injured or other health problem holds you from being in the gym. This a plausible excuse to stay away from working out, but make sure you doesn’t cheat, since you will be the one disadvantaged.

Embrace challenges

From time to time is beneficial to challenge your body in a way you didn’t before. Whatever way you choose to do it- higher volume, bigger weights, higher intensity- make sure you still are safe while perform them. It may be tempted to add some good pounds of weight to bar, but before proceeding to execution evaluate how ready you are to this. A moment of unconscious, exaggeration may cost you weeks or even months out of the gym waiting for you injury to heal.  Such an approach is the privilege of experienced bodybuilders who knows very well their limits and also properly assess if such a movement if going to benefit them.

Being on the output or with several months of training you are limited in what you experiment. Your goal in this stage of development is to learn proper technique of exercise execution. In the regard of gains, you know probably that during few months training is quite easy to pack on muscle mass.

Tricks regarding programming

Evaluate your exercise program and check for gaps you may have been admitted.

This refers to types of exercises you have included in your workout (compound or isolation exercises), order of exercises, workout intensity and other basic requirements of successful training every bodybuilder should know. The more you analyze your training, the higher chances to detect some gaps that prevent you from fast muscle building.

Listen to your intuition

Sometimes you just feel that you have to act this or another way without having strong arguments for this. You just feel this way and doubt whether to listen to your inner voice or to ignore it. Well, it’s recommended to let these ideas come alive, as they come from an inconsistent level and more probably are a reflection of body needs. Well, this is not an invitation to blindly follow any idea born in your mind. It is just about to follow that strong feeling you have without being able to explain why you feel this way.

In bodybuilding it’s known as “instinctive training”. It occurs after big efforts and long time have been invested in trainings, as that getting a feeling that making a change or improvement is what you need is a idea that worth to give credit.

I’m sure there are many other tricks that you may use and are successful with them. This list is far from being exhaustive, that’s why i invite all of you to left in the comments below your tips & tricks to make a workout effective.

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