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What Is The Right Order Of Exercises In Your Workout Routine




It seems that you have done with everything which means workout planning. You set up the split to follow, divided the muscles into several groups and choose which exercises to do for each of them. But once you come to the gym you are not pretty sure what group of muscle to begin your training with.  Is there are rule for this or you can do it randomly? You are not the only one who face such a problem. All bodybuilders over the time have asked the same questions and looked for solution that seems to work better than others. That’s why today we can talk about some specific rules when it comes to how to arrange the exercises in your training.

Having a plan of your exercises order in your workout will make your trainings more effective, since you put load on the right muscles and do not waste body’s energy resources. This will help you to increase your muscle mass in a short time. To be honest, gaining muscle in short time is the dream of each bodybuilders.The reality is somehow other, but this doesn’t mean that such a goal is unreachable.

Also, many bodybuilders get in a comfort zone, and love to do the things in a very specific way, missing very important facts. Later they complain about the inefficiency of exercises, talking about small muscle gains over a long time. So, if you want to be one of them who proudly speak about his muscle gains, make sure you now the main rules about the order of exercises in your workout.

Compounds exercises have to be performed before isolation ones. Starting your workouts with basic exercises is required because t for increasing body muscle mass, you have to elevate the body strength indicators.  There are no muscle gains in a weak body. Weight training cause big muscle tissues breaks. Would you be able to train with big weights if you are pretty weak?  The answer is no. That’s why isolation exercises always comes after compounds movements.

In addition, if choose to do isolation exercises firstly, you get your muscles tired, and then you will not be able to get the most during compounds exercises. Best basic exercises that guarantee great results are squats, pull-ups, dips, bench presses and deadlifts. Among isolation exercises that should be incorporated in your workouts are chest fly, lateral raises, biceps curls, leg curls, triceps pushdowns.

Exercises for bigger group muscles have to be executed before the those for smaller muscles. Big muscles are back, chest, and legs, while small muscles are such as deltoids, triceps, biceps and many others.

Here is the list of group muscles in ascending order:






So, you will always train your chest or back before shoulders or arms. Remember this list every time you are not sure which muscles to begin your workout with. The main rule is that more solicited muscle have to be trained before less demanding ones.

In the bodybuilding world was all the time a debate about which tool is more effective in building muscle mass: free weights or machines. The truth is that both are very beneficial for increasing body muscles, and they need to take a place in your workout routine. But you have to make use them in the right order, otherwise, aside of less muscle gains, you risk to get injured. This is because free weights or also called body weight exercises are mainly compounds movements. And we hardly advised you to begin your training with them, since they help you to improve the body’s strength indicators. On the other hand, during machine exercises are targeted a very small muscles group, thus they isolation exercises and need to keep the second place in your exercise sorder.

For example, do squats or deadlifts before leg presses, or pull -ups before chest machine rows.

If you plan to use most of the gym equipment to work out each body part and have at hand barbell, dumbbells, machines, you have not to choose them randomly. Ok, in the regard of machines you already know that they should come after free weights, but which one of them is best to use in first? Choose barbell and you will not be wrong. Barbell allow you to work with bigger weight than you can do it with dumbbells. So, go with barbell curls instead or before dumbbell curls and the same way with many other exercises.

But what to do when you have to train more than one muscle group during your workout? Many bodybuilders choose to train by the principle of upper/lower body split or even full body split. Do not worry, you will not have to reconsider the path about exercises order. It generally works the same way, with a return to one muscle to another. How this looks? If you decided to follow an upper and lower body split, then do an exercises for the upper part, followed by one for the lower body. Then return to the upper body, and so one until you finish the all exercises.

In the regard of cardio exercises versus weight exercises, then it all depends on your goals. For gaining muscle mass, cardio exercises come after weight exercises. And we do not talk here about warmup during which use mainly cardio movements, but about intense cardio exercises that require a lot of energy.

Reasoning being, in the beginning your body is full of energy with high glycogen level, thus making the weight very effective. While cardio exercises deplete body energy and makes your further workout less efficient for muscle growth.

For burning as more calorie as you can, start your workout with cardio program exercise. Eating fewer is key factor that will help you more than any cardio exercise combination to lose weight.

An improper exercises order can lead to an asymmetrical development of body muscles group. Aside of unaesthetic aspect, such problem may cause serious injuries. Back pain may occur as a result of weak hamstrings and strong quadriceps, for example.

Despite it might seem not very important, exercises order in workout directly influence both its effectiveness and your safeness. That’s why carefully plan your workouts paying a big attention to exercises order during it.

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