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What To Eat To Rapidly Burn Fat And Get lean




What to eat to rapidly burn fat and get lean


What you eat goes hand in hand with the way you look. There is no chance to get a lean body without paying attention to your nutrition intake. If you eat clean your body receives all resources to melt away fat and start building muscle mass. Also, you get enough energy for training intensively in the gym, while the recovery period is shorter and more productive.

The diet is as important as workout and sleep time. That’s why being well educated about good foods which boost your metabolism and burn fat deposits will help you to get the body shape you want in short time. There are some products that greatly burn fat and load your body with numerous nutrients necessary for muscle growth. You have to include them in your daily nutrition and within weeks you will see the results.


Stay away of junk food or or any other sources of saturated fats. If you are an actively consumer of such food, than you find quite hard to abandon them. Make this task easier by slowly reducing the portions until you feel that you can go without them. Is very important to understand that even junk food in small portions once in awhile is not dangerous for your health. But if you use to eat one hamburger and free potatoes, plus some soda drink three times a week then this is really a problem for keeping your weight and health in normal limits. So, the rule is not to totally abandon what you loved to eat, just reduce the sizes and frequency.


This article would be about what what to eat to greatly burn fat and load your body with energy for successful training succession. The last part is very important since our goal is not only to reduce fat percentage, but to get lean muscle mass increased and this can be done only through hard training.



Water is the number one product to be included in all bodybuilders diet. Keeping you body well hydrated increases metabolism, and thus body’s melt away unhealthy pounds. If you do not drink enough water, it will be quite hard or even impossible to lose weight. Aside of slow metabolism side effect, deficient water in system can reduce the level of glucose in the blood, which leads to weakness and dizziness.

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is a minimum which every bodybuilder should follow. Swallow water in small sips throughout the day. Make sure you have a bottle of water next to you while working out, and drink every time you feel thirst.


Green tea

Another great and easy to take product that increase metabolism and burn fat is green tea. Along with this, green tea is a good assistant in preventing cardiovascular diseases and the formation of cancer cells.

green tea

   Green tea improves the metabolism with 4 % during 24 hours. How much you need to   drink to achieve such level? Well, most of people say drinking 5 cups per day you can burn 80 calories. This is a quite good result, taking in consideration that green tea is tasty as well.

In some persons the use of green tea decreases appetite, making then to eat less.





This is a wonder product, that burn fat at amazing rates. Recent studies showed that eating a half a of grapefruit twice a day, breakfast and dinner time, can help you to burn up to 5 pounds within 2 weeks. Grapefruit lowers the insulin level in the blood, making you eat less than usually, preventing from storing sugar as fat.


Grapefruit is a super food which is rich in fibers with few calories -one fruit has in average 80 calories. The advantage is that these calories are negative calories, meaning that it takes more calories to digest them than are usually in this fruit.

The best would be to consume this fruit fresh and with a high amount of pulp. Avoid commercial grapefruit juices, as they contain too much sugar. Taking different vitamins and supplements from grapefruit is also a bad idea. With same money you can buy fresh fruits on the market.

We said above that the best would be to consume a half of fresh grapefruit twice a day-in the morning and evening. Despite it sounds very attractive and you may think that you can burn fat only following a grapefruit diet, you are not advised to do it. Never go to extremes, keep the neutral position when it comes to dieting. Following this principle, daily grapefruit intake should consist in one fruit per day. Divided in two halves, and add to them to your breakfast and dinner. If you do not like the grapefruit taste, mix it with some lemon or orange fresh juice. This will be a great source of vitamin too.



Cinnamon is the food that not all the people like, but which added to your meals can do miracles. It was proved that only adding a quarter of teaspoon of cinnamon to your meal, the body capacity to absorb glucose is raised significantly. Since high sugar level in the blood leads to deposition of new fat, the effect of cinnamon is highly appreciated among those who want to burn fat efficiently.


Many people use cinnamon instead of sugar due to its sweet natural taste. It can be an option for you if you are ready to try something new in order to spur fat burning process.


Low-fat diary products

Low-fat products doesn’t trigger the fat burning process by their self. They are appreciated for the great assistance they give body which in result shave off weight quickly. Low-fat dairy food provide the body with digestible calcium, increasing this way the production of calcitriol hormone in the body. Namely this hormone makes the cells to burn fat deposits faster.


High-protein foods

Every bodybuilder know that the base of muscles grow are proteins. The bigger is the amount of muscle mass, the more fat you burn even when you are not working out. Moreover, for the assimilation of protein are used more calories than in case of fat and carbohydrates. This means that your body burn while processing proteins. Best sources of protein are egg whites, chicken breast, fish and turkey. Among vegetal sources or protein should be mentioned soya products.



Fish have always included in the list of healthy food. Its fat burning properties comes not only from the fact that it is a low calorie product, but also due to its effects on body leptin hormone. This is a hormone which make the body store fat if it is in high level.


What fish do? It lowers the leptin level, making the body store less fat and burn the one it already has. That’s why adding fish to your fat burning diet is strongly recommended.






You all know that “eating an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Aside of its benefits on overall health, apple greatly burn fat too. The pectin contained in this fruit limits the ability of cells to store fat. Limit the apple intake to one fruit per day, since it contains high amount of natural sugar which increases the insulin level in the blood.



Melting away unwanted pounds is not as difficult if you follow a proper diet. Knowing that there are some best burning fat foods will help you to do it quicker and with great results.

So, if you are about losing weight try to add to your diet such products as grapefruit, green tea, low-fat dairy......

products, cinnamon, fish, high protein foods and apples. Remember about drinking enough water throughout the day. Being well hydrated is the key factor  for increasing your metabolism and burn fat deposits effectively.

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