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Bulking or Cutting – You Gotta Eat Big to Get Big and That is The Truth



Bulking or Cutting - You Gotta Eat Big to Get Big and That is the Truth

Bulking or Cutting

          It seems nowadays everybody wants to be jacked and tan. Well, I am here to tell you that sometimes you need to just get big, strong, and FLUFFY. If you are always on a quest to get lean and wondering why your lifts aren’t going up, but hey you look good with your shirt off right? So then why the hell does you compete in a sport that the strongest person wins, not the leanest or the tannest but the one who can lift the most weight possible. So what is better bulking or cutting?

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          If you’re reading this and think who cares about being that strong I want to look good and be kinda strong so I can get all the likes on Instagram then maybe you should actually compete in a BB or physique show where looks matter. Now I’m not saying go to the store every day and eat all the chocolate bars and ice cream, but you will be eating that stuff if you really want to gain some weight.

           Adding muscle and size is extremely hard to come by if you can add albs of muscle to your frame a year you’re lucky, but take any person and you can drop 20-30lbs in an 8-12 week diet. So its time to put up your screens, stop the salads and cardio and get ready to get huge and strong.

          We’ve all heard it you gotta eat big to get big and that is the truth, you have to eat and consume a massive amount of food in order to grow, sometimes to the point of force-feeding.  Now I know this sounds appealing to some of you but it is not as fun as it sounds.

Bulking or Cutting - You Gotta Eat Big to Get Big

            All you start to think about is the food it consumes you. You can go about this in two ways you can eat anything and everything in sight and just get there right away or you can be a little more methodical in your approach and gain at a steady and progressive manner.

           In this article, we will talk about both methods as I definitely feel they both have their benefits and can both yield the results you want over time. Always keep in mind and this is the hardest thing for some lifters is that any approach you take to gaining weight and adding the size you will ALWAYS accumulate some fat, so if you’re an endomorph get mentally ready for the struggle of feeling “fat”.

          They eat everything and anything approach was an extremely popular approach back when geared lifting was king and all anybody cared about was being huge and strong. If you look at a lot of the top lifters in the sport they eat a lot and they eat almost anything they want because our sport requires calories aka energy to perform our a task where these calories come from is not as important on this approach just that they are there.

Control What You Eat

           Clearly, these trailblazers make sure protein is the cornerstone of their diet but they also know that eating 5,000-6,000 calories a day of clean food is no small task and can be a daunting one so they supplement with high-calorie foods like ice cream, pizza, pasta, and the occasional cheesecake and by occasional I mean every day!!

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          Now if you have the genetics and/or the right kind of supplements you can stay lean as do some of the top lifters tend to do or if your genetics are lacking you will start to look doughy but that is ok as our sport it's not about how you look but who is the strongest.

         Let me say that again it's not about how you look but who is the strongest. So a day of eating on this approach will be a lot of protein throughout, an occasional junk food, tons of carbs and anything else you can fit down your gullet before you go to bed.

This is just a Rough Example of a 220 lbs Athlete:

Dirtier Day

Meal 1:

4-5 Pancakes with Syrup

4-5 Whole Eggs

Sausage and Bacon

Meal 2:

Snickers Bar

Big Glass of Milk

Meal 3:

2 Chipotle Burritos


Meal 4:

2 PB&J’s

Big Glass of Milk

Meal 5:

Large Meat Lovers Pizza

Some Cookies

Bed Time:

Big Bowl of Ice Cream

Protein Shake

Cleaner Day

Meal 1:

3 Biscuits

4-5 Whole Eggs Omelet with lots of Meat

Meal 2:

Protein Shake

4tbsp of PB

1 Banana

Meal 3:

2 Burgers and some Fries


Meal 4:

2 Protein Bars

Big Glass of Milk

Meal 5:

Chicken Parmesan



2 cups of Chocolate Milk

Protein Shake

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