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Are the Fruits Helpful For Body Fat Loss?




Are the Fruits Helpful For Body Fat Loss?

            There are several foods that come to mind when we think about nutrition engineered for fat loss. Eggs and whole grains are among the most popular, leafy vegetables and lean meats often come up, and some trendy “superfoods” like almonds and avocados tend to make the list as well. Fruits - aside from avocado that is - usually aren’t mentioned as readily. We’re taking a look at why that might be the case, as well as whether or not fruits can, in fact, be handy dietary additions for weight loss, as opposed to just generally healthy.

Why Isn’t Fruit Mentioned?

         This is a mystery, but there are two theories that, while somewhat silly on the surface, seem to make sense. The first is that fruit is a dessert substitute or garnish. As we grow up and get past the age when our parents are pushing us to eat apples and drink orange juice, we start to see fruit smoothies as ice cream alternatives; we start to see raspberry drizzles on flourless chocolate cakes in nice restaurants; we start to see chocolate-dipped strawberries as small treats after a meal, perhaps in place of cookies or brownies. Fruit largely becomes a sort of sweet, and an "adult" alternative to more decadent desserts, as opposed to an ordinary element of a balanced and healthy diet. Or at least, that can be a sort of subconscious perception.

       The second theory is that fruit has become associated with games in a way that makes it seem somewhat gimmicky. There are various Mario-esque games in which fruit is basically a collectible item or a bonus, as well as mobile games in which you catch or slice up fruit. More than anything else though, fruit is the subject of slot machines, which have actually become hugely popular online. Fruit Zen, a game that simply uses fruits as icons, boasts “outstanding graphics and visual quality,” and attracts a ton of players, despite basically being an old-school slot reel at heart. Because of things like this, fruit seems even less like a nutritional item and more like a game feature.

Are Fruits for Fat Loss really that Helpful?

       Despite some of the aforementioned reasons that fruit isn’t always considered a serious nutritional asset. Most of us wouldn’t dispute the idea that it’s still generally healthy. Sure, it’s sweet and can be high in natural sugars. But that doesn’t mean that most fruit isn’t also packed with healthy nutrients as well. After all, we grow up being told to "eat our fruits and vegetables" by the people we trust most when it comes to health: parents and doctors! For the most part, the nutrients in fruits tend to play roles in things like maintaining low blood pressure. Lowering the risk of certain major diseases, and even things like keeping skin healthy. However, burning fat can be a benefit as well.

           Specifically, there are several different nutrients within a lot of popular (and delicious) fruits that have shown capable of blasting away belly fat and in some cases preventing it from forming in the first place. Vitamin C of all things can play a role in this area and is present in high quantities in virtually all citrus fruits. Additionally, antioxidants, polyphenols, dietary fiber, lipids, and other substances are found in a lot of different fruits. All of them can contribute to fat loss. So, to answer this prompt in a word, yes.  The fruits can be very helpful in efforts to keep fat off of your body. Provided you don’t overeat it or use it as an excuse to have desserts more frequently. Worked on a diet naturally, with ordinary moderation but regular consumption. It can be a strong ally for your health efforts.

What Are The Best Options?

        Narrowing down the best fruits for fat loss is actually a very difficult exercise because most all of them can help in some capacity or other. For instance, bananas (preferably underripe ones with some green still on them) are very high in dietary fiber. Which you can consume before a workout to help your body burn fat instead of muscle. Alternatively, grapefruit has been called something of a fat-busting superfood. With studies having shown convincing fat loss results for people who regularly consumed grapefruit before meals.

       Watermelon commonly recommended simply because from a substantive standpoint. It's mostly water and thus has the ability to make you feel full without packing you with calories. A perfect benefit if you're looking to control your diet and shed some fat. This list of fruits for fat loss can help you narrow down the options though, and is a good place to start!

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