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How to Keep a Small Waist While Packing On Muscle Mass



How to Keep a Small Waist While Packing On Muscle Mass

Bulking can help you gain weight at a very high rate. It would be fantastic if there was no the problem with adding inches to your waist too. As bodybuilding boards prove, the issue of excess fat around the waist while trying hard to gain weight is quite common and chances are that you are struggling too.

How can you bulk and still keep your waistline in check? Are there any secrets behind this or you have to make peace with the idea of expanding your belly while bulking? A short answer is that yes, you can have control over your added inches to your waistline and how exactly you can do it you will find out further in this article.

As we have talked here, bulking is the muscle building phases that precede cutting stage. During bulking, individuals eat more than they burn off with the purpose of creating a calorie surplus and by this adding on large amounts of weight, a big part of it being in turn fat.

Also, we have mentioned that there are actually 3 types of bulking  - clean, regular and dirty - and that based on which one you follow more or less muscle mass can be gained.  What has this in common with the goal of keeping a flat stomach? Pretty much, because the way you fuel your body while bulking is going to make or break your goal.

And so we get to the first tips on how to get big and keep abs at the same time.

# 1 - Stick to Clean Bulking

Despite bulking may resonate to you with huge amounts of unhealthy food intake, it’s time to change your view if you really care about your waist. Stay off of junk foods and stick to unprocessed sources of protein, carbs, and fats, which in fact constitutes a clean diet.  Because the cleaner you eat, the higher chances for you to gain pounds of muscle without adding belly fat at all.

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Isn’t a dirty bulking diet plan promoting more weight gains than a clean one? It’s indeed but be aware that getting rid of fat may be harder than you imagine. Especially abdominal fat which, as studies suggest, raise far more concerns than fat located in any other part of the human body.

Get control of your daily calorie intake. A first step is to use many of the weight control calculators available online to find out your current calorie intake each day, based on your age, physical activity, gender. Once you sorted it out, make sure you add 250-500 calories in order to encourage muscle gains.

If you know yourself as a hard gainer, you can raise your calorie threshold with even more than 500 calories. Due to the fast metabolism, there is no risk for you that extra calories will be turned into fat. In all other cases, if you increase the calorie intake too much, you risk gaining more fat than lean muscle mass.

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# 2 - Add two HIIT Session Per Week to your Workout

Add two HIIT session per week to your workout

While lifting weights while bulking is a must, adding some cardio between these sessions will be of great help. From short cardio sessions as climbing stairs to high-intensity interval training - all of them play a huge role in keeping abdominal fat under control.

However, as the International Journal of Obesity has found, HIIT training is one of the most effective in burning belly fat. Also, it doesn’t cause your body to release cortisol hormone, which is known to “eat” lean muscle mass, and commonly occurs during other cardio exercises.

In regard to how many times per week you have to perform HIIT in order to reach noticeable results than our recommendation does not go with more than two sessions per week performed on separate days than weight lifting. A more detailed information about HIIT training - why, how and when - can be found on this Article.

No time for long reading? Here’s an example of HIIT training for the whole body that perfectly fits any individual:


#3 - Reduce Stress

The more stressed you are, the more cortisol hormone your body produces which directly leads to belly fat gains. If we take into consideration that each workout is already a source of stress for your body, adding additional one is what you have to prevent yourself of.

How can you do it? By excluding situations that cause you stress, getting massage regularly, hot baths, swimming or walking. Don’t neglect the importance of sleep as well - eight hours per day with half an hour or even an hour nap throughout the day relieve stress remarkably.


Keeping your waistline small while bulking up is a possible mission as long as you are ready to commit to hitting the gym hard, embrace HIIT sessions twice a week and adjusting your diet to your actual needs.

Factors as body types do influence the way you're gaining weight, but you should not use as an excuse and get into dirty bulking. You may say that during cutting phase you will get rid of that extra fat. But, as above-mentioned, is not all as easy.

That’s why is paramount to make sure you are adding as much lean muscle mass possible. Because along with it you will definitely gain some fat too, which most probably will appear on your waist.

Do you know any other tips on keeping waist slim while bulking? What works for you and what is better to stay off? We would love to hear your thoughts on this subject and also get a real feel of how many of you are struggling indeed to keep stomach flat while gaining muscle.

It just me, i love to write and sharing nice articles and stories about sports, anabolic steroids and about how to build solid muscles.

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Losing Weight

Capsaicin A Potent Fat Loss Supplement




Capsicum Pure

If you really want to burn your fats at a maximum, you will need to believe in Capsaicin as a potential fat loss supplement. This is basically found in most chili peppers contributing to their spicy and hot flavor. The impressive thing about this compound is that this helps promote a lot of positive effects.

These mainly include anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects and reduction in the body fats. In addition to that, you will surely improve your cardiovascular health.

Recent Study Conducted Shared

In a recent study conducted and shared investigating half a million people, it showed that consuming chili-enriched foods with capsaicin reduced the chances of death. These also help people avoid specific chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer.

Capsaicin is known to activate the TRPV1 receptor in the neurons in the gastrointestinal tract. This triggers the process called as thermogenesis. This burns fats in the body effectively. This also brings out a lot of health benefits as this activates the same receptor of TRPV1.

The moment that TRPV1 is activated in the tissues, the role of protein molecules is also triggered. This, therefore, results in some unique effects that are mainly tissue-specific.

Effectively Burns Fat:

Effectively Burns Fat:

If you will take capsaicin, expect that it will activate the expressing neurons of TRPV1 found in the gastrointestinal tract and oral cavity. This will, therefore, increase the energy spent in the BAT or brown adipose tissue following a process called as the thermogenesis.

Even if the mechanism of action is not fully understood, the details following capsaicin activation in the gastrointestinal tract and oral cavity trigger the release of the noradrenaline. As per the release, the oxidation process of the thermogenic fatty acids is further stimulated. The energy is turned into heat. This now increases the energy expenditure.

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Capsaicin Enhances the Energy Expenditure:

In some several studies conducted, capsaicin is believed to impact the metabolic rate. This is also known to enhance the energy expenditure. This enhances the fat oxidation and this promotes some significant weight loss.

This also brings out its positive influence on the thermogenesis. If you will take capsaicin regularly, it might increase the BAT levels found in most humans.

This means to say that the long-term intake of capsaicin will improve the BAT levels. Even the capacity of burning body fats is also improved and achieved.

Curb the Appetite Levels:

Curb the Appetite Levels:

In addition to what you need to know about Capsaicin, it could also reduce food intake and appetite. This will also support the ability to lose weight and keeping it off for the good.

There are so many suppressing effects that are observed in the trials. It is just not yet completely understood how it could reduce one’s appetite.

The release of the so-called noradrenaline contributed further to the reduction in the appetite. And, the moment that the noradrenaline receptors have been fully stimulated, the feelings of satiety are also further achieved.

Increase the GLP-1:

The consistent intake of capsaicin also increases the GLP-1 or the gut-derived hormone. This now turns on the brain regions that diminish the food intake.

This now reduces the hunger of an individual. In so many studies conducted, the consumption of capsaicin could help decrease hunger.

Those who were treated with capsaicin reported having a reduced desire to eat. They also achieved a far better and greater satiety right after meals.

Improve the Cardiovascular Health of An Individual

Improve the Cardiovascular

It was also further demonstrated that capsaicin could help improve the cardiovascular health of an individual. It decreases the cholesterol levels and triggers the systemic vasolidation. This, therefore, improves the blood flow and supports the cardiovascular health.

In addition to that, this increases the production of the bile acids. The activation of the so-called TRPV1 receptor in the smooth muscle cells that line the arterial wall reduced upon accumulating other lipids and cholesterols in the arteries.

Slow Down the Process of Accumulating Plaque:

Slow Down the Process of Accumulating Plaque:

With a dietary capsaicin, it can effectively slow down the process of accumulating plaque in the arteries. This also reduces the dietary intake of capsaicin and reduces the cholesterol levels. This, therefore, results in an increase in the NO levels.

In addition to that, the use of capsaicin in humans having a condition of mild coronary artery disease showed an improved cardiovascular function. This is especially true while exercising than when you will compare to the same subjects but without capsaicin.

It is interesting to know that the use of capsaicin path in the study increases the serum nitric oxide. This now resulted in an improved blood flow to all of the working muscles. The heart is also further improved for a complete exercise performance.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects:

The positive effect that capsaicin could bring include uncoupling the usual metabolic process of the macronutrient oxidation in the body. This could also increase the energy expenditure by way of thermogenesis in the BAT.

This could also improve one’s health and reduce the production of free radicals that are produced by the process.

Now, you have learned more about Capsaicin that is a potent fat loss supplement!

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How Bobby Cut His Body Fat in HALF in Just 90 Days




How was Bobby able to cut his body fats half in just ninety days? That’s supposedly an impossible goal to achieve. Bobby Samuel was actually a graduate of 90-day transformation coaching service. This has really helped him lose twenty-seven pounds. In addition to that, he made it his goal to get abs through the coaching service. The best thing about the coaching service is that it allowed him to fix his body and add 130 pounds to his lifts.

Even before meeting Mathews (the person who introduced the coaching service to him), he had already been working out for almost a decade. He also even tried everything from bodybuilding magazine, running, Crossfit, and personal trainers. It was only then that this magic formula had been introduced to him and successfully managed his goal to losing weight.

Read and Liked the Food Mentioned in the Cookbook Entitled “The Shredded Chef”

The very first thing that helped him succeed in his goal to losing his body weight is in reading the cookbook entitled The Shredded Chef. This presents a lot of foods that he liked the most and that he ate up. He noticed the results and he realized that Mike Matthews may be of help to him.

Read the Book Entitled “Bigger Leaner Stronger”

After he read on the cookbook, he also found the book entitled Bigger Leaner Stronger. He hesitated at first because he thought that it won’t work. The information presented on the book was just too simple. But then, he decided to give it a try since there was nothing to lose.

Tried the Coaching Service Offered by Mike Matthews

The good thing is that he discovered the coaching service offered by Mike Matthews. He figured that it will help him if he tried it. He gave the best chances for it and for its success. He thought that if it is a scam, he would just have his money refunded.

The entire team of Mike Matthews had put Bobby in a program that is consisted of exercise and custom diet. This is intended for his goals. The impressive thing is that it succeeded and it exceeded his expectations. He completely transformed into a new version of Bobby. He changed his physique composition and he built his body perfectly.

Bobby Sharing his Big Lessons in Life

In the interview conducted to him by the staff of Mike Matthews, Bobby shared his big lessons in life. He shared something about how he cut his body fat in half in just 90 days. He also did make an effort as a dad of 2 kinds. He was always on the road travelling every week. He was in the middle of his transformation. He made a good impression to people who lost their hopes of losing weight.

Watch the Interview with Bobby

It will be necessary to watch the interview with Bobby. It highlights the efforts he made on how to change his body with the program. In addition to that, you will learn the answers about several questions that are as follows:

  • What had got him into fitness?
  • How did the program help change his body?
  • What are the obstacles that he did overcome?
  • How did he make it possible for the program to work while traveling for work?
  • How did he manage eating at restaurants while travelling?
  • What is his goal for the coming year?

All about Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews is famed as the creator of the Legion Athletics and Muscle for Life. He believed in one thing that everybody can achieve the perfect body. The best thing about him is that he is willing to provide awesome fitness tips and science-based tips. In addition to that, there are motivational musings, diet-friendly recipes and a whole lot more that he is willing to share with you.

Hundreds to Thousands of People Have Been Trusting Following His Books

If you want to become Bob, follow his books that have become a step-by-step blueprint of a lot of people. These have been designed to help readers achieve the goal to a lean, strong and muscular body. He had the bestselling books that also gain recognition from people.

Things to Learn from the Books

There are a lot of things that you can learn from the books of Mike Matthews that include the following:

  • The Seven Myths and Mistakes of Muscle Building
  • How to Create Meal Plans Allowing People to Lose Fats, Build Muscle and Get Healthy without feeling deprived and starved
  • The Five Biggest Myths and Mistakes on Fat Loss of Women
  • Training System which brings in maximum results
  • And More!

Achieve the Hollywood Body like Bob!

It is possible to achieve the Hollywood body just like Bob. The good thing is that there is no need to revolve yourself around it. There is no need to spend more tiring hours in the gym. You will not starve yourself and you will not exhibit grueling cardio exercise. This will only turn your stomach upset.

Get the Books Today!

What else are you waiting for? Get all the books created by Mike Matthews. There are lots of them to choose from that will help you build your body that you can truly be amazed and proud of! Tell your friends also of what these books can help them achieve in just a few months!

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Losing Weight

The Most Effective Growth Hormone Protocol for Fat Loss




The Most Effective Growth Hormone Protocol for Fat Loss

Have you tried HGH? Most of often, people will want to try to improve their body but the problem is, they get confused about what dosage to try. But first, what is an HGH or a growth hormone? In simple terms, growth Hormone refers to a very potent fat mobilizing agent.

How the Growth Hormones Influences our Body

This is one the most popular drugs you will find being used in the fitness centers and even though the creators of this drug initially manufactured it to help the kids with the GH-deficiency, it is highly effective in improving your body muscles and overall growth.

Some of the main reasons why you would think of using it are;

  • Improves the muscle tons which is normally caused by the acceleration of the protein synthesis.
  • Lead to loss of fat in the body which in turn improves your looks and helps in gaining muscles.
  • Greater cartilage quality.
  • Compared to some other drugs on the market, GH has the mild effect (side).

HGH and Bodybuilding Performance

HGH and Bodybuilding Performance

One thing that most people find themselves asking is how does the hormonal factor work when introduced into the body? Yes, the HGH after the injection enters the main bloodstreams and in the instant, spreads in the body. The hormone goes in large concentration to the liver where it is usually converted to another different compound known as the IGF-1.

Basically, this need not to worry you because Te IGF-1 is like an insulin growth factor only that this time, the insulin is being converted from the HGH. It is just as simple as that. Furthermore, you need to understand that the insulin is responsible for the effects that you are looking for, which makes it the primary effect of the HGH in bodybuilding.

The simple chemistry of what really happens is that the IGF-1 binds to the receptors that are situated along the skeletal muscles. This helps in further acceleration of the protein synthesized in the body.

In addition to that, you need to understand that there are so many other functions and processes that the HGH engages in and one of the most basic operation is a fat burning function. To be more precise, this is a function that the HGH performs itself and therefore making it one of the most important elements.

Furthermore, there are also some crucial receptors that the hormone binds itself to which are important in the sense that they lead to the elevation of the free fatty acids (FFA). These are the like of the Somatropin receptors and the likes.

The fat burning process and how it occurs in the body is one of the major things that you must be asking yourself right now. Well, in the process of binding and conversion, the body actually utilizes the fat stored rather than the carbohydrates.

I would also like to rule out a general misconception that most people are inclined to or are made to believe. The fat loss process is an independent process and does not interfere or engage in the muscle growth process. The HGH makes it very possible for you to lose weight and at the same time gain lean muscles.

A common term that you will find in the bodybuilding arena is hyperplasia. It is also very common with most of the growth hormone products. Due to proliferation, the muscle cells in the body could increase greatly. This is basically what hyperplasia is all about.

It is a common effect with the HGH, which as a matter of fact you may consider in the long run. Why? Because the HGH induced muscles are more permanent and also, it is an advantage to the body. After all, who would mind having increased genetic limits?

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HGH Central Role in Bodybuilding

HGH is an effective substance in the bodybuilding art since by large, those bodybuilders who have used it claim that it has helped them become a learner, stay stable and never lose muscle mass during the cutting process.

Also, one of the vital role played by the HGH in bodybuilding is the fact that it contributes by large to hyperplasia. Well, this has moved the limits of maximum muscle hypertrophy.

In an effort to understand better what contributions the HGH play in bodybuilding, we have to travel back in history a little. Back in the 1980s, the physique characteristics of most bodybuilders significantly increased as they became bigger by 15-20kgs.

Some other aspects of their body also changed. Things like the body fat percentage which decreased from 7% to 5% (average figures). This, therefore, meant that the athlete’s body becomes more vascular and more ripped.

Bloated bellies rose… you see the problem with abusing something is that it destroys. Therefore, abusing the HGH brought about what is normally called the HGH gut. However, that shouldn’t be a cause for alarm since the effect has a complex nature.

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Using the HGH for Bodybuilding

Here is what we shall be focusing on in this part;


If you have been taking the HGH drug and still no visible effects within the first 2 weeks, then there is a big problem somewhere. Something is not going right. Normally, if you take the drug within the stipulated dosage and in the right manner, the signs should start becoming visible within the first 2 weeks. However, for more stable results, you should expect that the results be visible in 2 months’ time.

The optimal duration for the HGH to work more effectively within the body is within 3-4 months after administering the body with the drug. For the signs to start being more pronounced, 2 months should be enough. The basic principle that you should understand is that the longer you take the HGH the lesser you need it.


You need it! And you need it right now, question is, how much of the dosage? Well, to cut the long story short, the effective dosage for HGH bodybuilding is at least 4 IU. For starters, taking 4-6 IU of the HGH drug will help you gain more muscle tons.

For the consecutive days, you can be administering yourself 15 IU/day. Why is this? Research shows that there as you take more of the drug, growth hormone tends to become faster.

Caution…. Most people forget this crucial point. If you have to take more than 10 IU, definitely, you will have to include your insulin to you dosage cycle. You do not want to have problems with your pancreas.

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When to Use the HGH

When to Use the HGH

It is really a matter of how well or how effective you want your program to turn out. Basically, the morning hours form the best time to take the first dose of the HGH because it is at this time when the sugar and the insulin levels are really down.

Assuming that you are on cutting, it is usually the best time that you could use a run because unlike the other times the levels of the free fatty acids tend to rise and therefore making it easy for you to lose fat.

On the other hand, let’s assume that you are bulking. The conditions would not change that much because it would mean that you still have to use the drug in the morning.

The 2nd injection for starters should be used 6-8hours later when the levels of the IGF-1 and the HGH in the bloodstream have reduced. Of course, you really don’t want to have excess levels in your blood.

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Common Bodybuilding Protocols

Common Bodybuilding Protocols

If you really are a fanatic of the bodybuilding, by now you must have done a research and found out that there are mainly 2 bodybuilding protocols that you should consider using. Most experts in the field recommend;

  • ED
  • EOD

Mostly and going by what experts recommend, the ED is the most efficient of them all. To be more precise, they consider it the best option because at the time of usage the IGF and the HGH will be at the same level, therefore, impacting maximum muscle growth and at the same time fat loss.

Assuming that you are unable to get a hold of this protocol, you can use the EOD. It will work for you. Basically, it is a fine protocol and allows the user to use the HGH for longer periods.

If you want to get optimum results, it is advisable that you use both the protocols interchangeably. This will at least balance the benefits.

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Final Verdict

If you have been looking for a growth hormone that is so much effective, then the right answer for you is, HGH is the most effective growth hormone you could ever get in the market today. It is one of the products that have been proved to be most effective and efficient in the fat burning chemistry compared to most of the other products in the market today. But to make sure that you are getting the most out of the HGH, you should try to combine it with other steroids and insulin’s and also make sure that you eat well.

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