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3 High-Fiber Recipes to Keep You More Energetic




We all know that we need fiber but even then most of the people are fiber deficient even knowing that there are food items accessible in the market that are rich in fiber in every manner.

The modern diet has left people with serious nutrients deficiency i.e. fiber. High fiber diet facilitates in preventing the body against cancer, heart disease, kidney stones, diverticulosis, PMS obesity, and also it proves to be a great support for the digestive tract in every manner. Trust me; fiber is much more than just a regulator.

Most of the time, we all associate the fiber with the digestive systems. However, it is worth stating here that food items rich in dietary fibers serve much more than this. It lowers the risk of cardiac diseases, diabetes, stroke, and at the same time improves the skin and facilitates in weight loss.

Benefits of high fiber food:

Most of the processed foods which include the breads and cereals constitute the added fiber. Such fiber sources that re used in for the supplementation are not healthier ones. In fact, just like the fiber supplements, many of these ingredients may turn out to be harmful for you.

Therefore, just like all the other nutrients such ingredients, it is highly suggested to eat the fresh food items that are enriched with the nutrients that are needed by our bodies. There are so many food items easily accessible in the markets that are otherwise called as fiber stars.

Fiber is well known to reduce the risk of high cholesterol as well as colon cancer at the same time providing maximum energy to the body to make it feel full for a longer period of time. Other health benefits related to fiber as follows:

Digestive health:

The foremost plus point of the dietary fibers is that they normalize the bowel movement. It does so by bulking up the tools and making it easier to excrete out of the body. This in turn facilitates in relieving constipation and preventing diarrhea.

Intake of plenty of fiber reduces risks of intestine inflammation, gall stones, hemorrhoids, kidney stones and also relief from irritable bowel syndrome.

Heart diseases:

Fiber and to be more specific, the soluble fiber is one of the significant elements of heart healthy diet. Eating a diet which is rich in fiber reduces risk of factors that are related to the coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
Also fiber facilitates in reducing the blood pressure, improves level of good cholesterol, and reduces inflammation and sheds of excessive weight particularly from the abdominal area.


Some of the research suggested that eating a diet higher in fiber prevents colorectal cancer though it still needs to be further inferred. Diet that is rich in fiber is associated to lowered risk of related issues including pharynx, stomach, and mouth.

Skin health:

When fungus and yeast are excreted via skin, they are prone to trigger the acne. When one in takes the diet that is rich in fiber, it flushes out the toxins from the body It ultimately enhances the skin glow and improves its health as well.


Diet that is rich in fiber particularly the insoluble one from cereals, lowers the risk for the type 2 diabetes. In case you are already a patient of diabetes then eating soluble fiber slows down the absorption of sugar. It improves the blood sugar level.

Fiber and weight loss:

In addition to facilitating the digestion and preventing constipation, fiber is known to add bulk to the diet. It is a factor known to helping in shedding off the excessive weight. This makes you feel that you are full in no time. As fiber stays in stomach for a longer period of time, therefore felling of fullness remains there for a longer period of time.

Natural foods that are considered to be rich in fiber are usually low in calories. Therefore, adding them to diet is indeed a wise decision. Other ways that fiber helps in losing weight are as follows:

  • Fiber regulates the blood sugar level, helps in maintaining the fat burning capacity of the body and avoiding taking the insulin
  • Fiber moves the fat via digestive system at a rate faster than it can be absorbed
  • When you fill yourself with high fiber content such as fruits, you ultimately have more energy to do your day to day activities

When your sugar levels are maintained, the capacity of your body to burn the fats is enhanced, avoids insulin spiking and no craving for the unhealthy food items. You will have fuller feelings for longer periods of time and hence you will lose weight in return.

3 of the recipes that are high in fibers to boost your energy are as follows:

Whole wheat Spaghetti with Swiss chard and Pecorino Cheese:

Whole wheat pasta is the main source of fiber in this recipe i.e. 6grams each serving. However, the tomatoes, onions, and the Swiss chard also contribute small amount of fiber i.e. around 4 grams of each serving.

Total fiber per serving is 11 grams which meets 444% of the recommended daily fiber dose.

Chili rubbed Steak Tacos:

This recipe includes corn tortillas and avocado and both of these are considered to be the fiber rich items. Chopped cabbage in the recipe is yet again another source of high fiber.

Total fiber served with this recipe is 8 grams which offers 32% of the daily fiber dose recommended to be consumed.

Fresh Fruit Salad with Honey Vanilla Yogurt:

This recipe is a fresh fruits packed tantalizing amusement for us. It is well adorned with tons of fibers straight from the nature for all of us.
The total fiber offered with every serving is 5 grams. 20% of the daily recommended dose of fiber is met with this recipe.
No doubt there are fiber supplements easily available in the market; however, one should prefer taking fruits and vegetables rich in fiber. It is better to enjoy fiber direct from nature rather than processed ones.

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