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5 Supplements to Avoid While You are Pregnant




Pregnancy is one of those time periods in lives of women when they are more than careful about what they are eating or in other words what are they putting in to their bodies.They try to ensure that whatever they take is full of nutrition that facilitates the proper and healthy development of fetus.

It needs to be well kept in mind that use of supplements that are recommended for weight loss should not be taken at all. It is because these supplements are meant to reduce the appetite. At the same time, these supplements tend to increase the body temperature in pregnant women. Also they are never recommended during gestation period of women.

You want to have healthiest pregnancy possible; so does it mean that you can continue using nutritional supplements during this important phase of life. You should decide everything wisely to reap the fruits at its best.

If you are among other women who already take the nutritional supplements then wait and think if you can continue using them or not. These supplements can be multivitamin B extra, or you may be on preconception medicines.

It does not matter which supplement you are using. All you are concerned with is that to take care of the baby being nourished inside the body. It takes use of supplements in question.

On safer side, a common rule of thumb is to take advice from the midwives and doctors.This is indeed a safe option. Pregnancy should be supported with the good nutrition on the first spot. This includes high quality food that is enriched with prenatal vitamins, proper rest, plenty of water, and regular but moderate exercise.

As mentioned earlier as well, women know that if and whenever needed, they are supposed to consult a specialist in the Gymea who can guide them better to which supplements should be taken. It is due to the fact that not all the supplements are made for everyone. At times a supplement useful for a person may not be same effective for the other one.

Therefore, it is highly suggested that during pregnancy use of supplements should be done in a wise and careful manner.

Let us talk about some of the nutritional supplements that can be used during pregnancy:

Prenatal Multivitamin:

Every woman should use these prenatal multivitamins. These multivitamins are suggested to be taken in order to equip women with 100% whole food. They ensure that mother as well as child is getting appropriate nutrients that are significant for the pregnancy.

However, these should not be taken as an alternative to a nutrient rich diet. They should only be used to bridge the nutritional wellness.

Cod Liver Oil:

There have been researches showing benefits of omega 3 essential fatty acids.  There are ways that supplement omega 3 with cod liver oil.

Omega 3 fats constitute two acids that are significant for the good health .e. DHA and EPA. These both are known to be pretty much beneficial for the health. Lower levels of these supplements lead to depression along with other mental health issues.

Similarly, EPA supports good mood and healthy behavior while DHA facilitates in brain development. It has been proven in researches that both these are not only good for the baby’s development but also facilitate in preventing the postpartum depression that women usually encounter.

Ubiquinol CoQ10:

Ubiquinone is also termed as CoQ10. It is one of the issues with the conventional CoQ10 that first body has to convert it in to ubiquinol before it facilitates in providing cellular energy to the heart. Also it provides energy to other vital organs of the body. It is one of the strong oxidants that facilitate in neutralizing free radicals. Otherwise these radicals are known to damage the healthy cells.

DIM (diindolylmethane):

DIM is yet another supplement that is known to support the metabolism of estrogen. Therefore, it is not at suggested to be used during lactation or pregnancy.

L-Arginine :

It is one of those amino acids that are not suggested to be taken during pregnancy. It is because it increases the risk of bleeding. Also it is not recommended to be taken for lactation. However, it is known to be used when one is preparing oneself for pregnancy.

Some research work has suggested that it can be used safely in combination of certain antioxidants to prevent preeclampsia in women having its history. Usually it happens because of the nutritional deficiencies.It should only be used under supervision of a physician.

Vitamin B Complex:

These supplements include thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, cobalamins, and the folic acid. Vitamin B complex is suggested not to be used during gestation. It is because high quality prenatal multivitamin exceeds daily needs of pregnant women.

Herbal supplements:

Most of the herbal supplements needs to be avoided during the gestation period. Though there are certain supplements that are safe to be used during pregnancy however they are predominantly suggested to be avoided.

In case you want to have herbal supplement then you can work with your midwife to see which one should be used during pregnancy or not.

After all this above discussion, it is inferred that one can make use of the supplement even during pregnancy provided that they are advised by doctors or taken under supervision. At the same time it needs to be kept in mind that not all the supplements can be taken during gestation.

We have mentioned above about which supplements should not be taken. You need to be clear that you should not be taking anything without consultation of your physician. Being a mummy is a blessing and hence you must enjoy the feeling at its best.

Not everyone’s pregnancy is smooth. Women come across different illness and uneasiness during pregnancy. It is also worth stating here that even different trimesters bring different experiences. So spend this time in a careful manner, take enriched and proper diet to ensure that you will be delivering a healthy and active baby.


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