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 When Does A Steroid Cycle Really End?



When Does A Steroid Cycle Really End?

A Question That Concerns Many People

          There are many people who use steroids and they are usually wondering which the proper moment is when they should consider the steroid cycle as really ended. While some think that the cycle can be considered as ended the last week when they used steroids. Others consider that the cycle of steroids is actually only ended when the steroids have cleared from their body.

So, which is the answer? When can be a steroid cycle considered as truly ended?

Short Explanation:

           Professionals consider that any system can be used when considering when the steroids cycle really ends, as long as the thinking is consistent. However, it is preferable to figure the cycle length depending on the period on which the anabolic steroids levels are still suppressive.

An Example To Sustain The Explanation:


       As an example, it is taken a person who takes Testosterone Cypionate at a dosage of 2000 mg/week. While many people would consider this dosage quite unrealistic. This dosage can be used, but it depends on the individual case. So this is truly possible in specific cases to take such a dosage per week.

        As an addition to this supposition, for this example, it is also considered that the individual taking this dosage is health-conscious and also desires to have a quick recovery after the steroid cycle.

         This is also considered by many as an unrealistic possibility. Also, there are plenty of individuals who are careful even in case they take such dosage.

The Process of Recovery In The Given Example:

In the above-mentioned example, are made the following observations:

  • For ten weeks of injections with Testosterone Cypionate, the recovery is not that which was hoped by the testosterone user;
  • The half-life of the Testosterone Cypionate is shorter than one week, but for this example, it would be calculated as exactly one week;
  • At the end of the eleventh week, the levels of injected testosterone in the individual who used it would still be as high as if he was still injecting 1000mg/week of testosterone;
  • The high levels of testosterone are too high to allow any recovery even at the end of the eleventh week since the start of injecting Testosterone;
  • The individual planned such high cycle – of 2000 mg/week – because of his awareness of the fact that there was no chance to achieve a new best with a dosage of 1000 mg/week;
  • Week 11 does not give any results – he does not achieve further gains, nor does he recover after the cycle;
  • At the end of the twelfth week, the testosterone levels in him would still be as high as if he was still injecting testosterone at a dosage of 500mg/week;
  • The end of the twelfth week did not bring him any further gains, nor did it offer him recovery after the cycle;
  • By the end of the thirteenth week, he would still have the testosterone levels too high to be able to recover from the cycle, so this is yet another lost week;
  • Around the fourteenth week, the testosterone levels would get low enough to allow him to recover;
  • However, after so many weeks of inhibition, the recovery would be a slow or very slow process for the individual in the cause.

What is To Be Preferred?

         Instead of this long recovery process, the individual would probably prefer a quick recovery. This is possible with ten weeks of inhibition, after a cycle of 10 weeks of strong gains.

What to do?

What to do?

            This situation usually happens when the individual figures depending on the weeks of injection and not the weeks of inhibition. If the individual chooses to plan depending on the weeks of inhibition, he will have a quick recovery. Therefore, the dosage of 2000mg/week will not be chosen, but it will be chosen the dosage of 100-200mg/week instead.

How To Do It?

          This can be realized by taking benefits of the suspension. Also, short-acting esters and orals towards the end of the steroid cycle, instead of long-acting esters.

          Aren't sure about what fast and slow acting steroids suppose? Read our article Fast and slow acting steroids: what’s the difference? to get a clear idea on what steroids to choose based on their lasting time.

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