Anadrol (Oxymetholone) For Muscle Growth

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) for muscle growth

Today we gonna continue to talk about the most common and effective anabolic steroids that most of bodybuilders take for bulking up, increasing strength, or for cutting.
In one of our previous post we have done a top 9 best anabolic steroids to take. Over the time, we have described each anabolic steroid in particular posts, outlining its benefits, right dosage and stacks, and of course side effects that may occur as a result of its use.

This time is for Anadrol, which was on the 9th position, namely the last one in our top. Being the last one can make you believe that it is less effective and you should make your choice in favor for a steroid that comes before this one. But, dear readers, do not forget- there are dozens of other steroids that missed our top, but continue to be searched by many people. Thus being said, Anadrol is the last but not the least one in this top and worth to be taken in consideration every time you look add muscle mass by taking steroids.

Anadrol, or  Oxymetholone, is an oral steroid that has been used initially for treating anemia and muscle wasting diseases. It was created by Syntex Pharmaceuticals back in ‘60s. Since then it became very popular among bodybuilders, being largely used today too.
Anadrol is similar to testosterone, thus presenting the same characteristics- powerful anabolic and moderate androgenic effects.

As you know, most anabolic steroids can be used for different purposes. Androl is not an exception. However its primarily serve for increasing muscle mass and strength. Aside of this it can be used for cutting as well, but this remain its second way of use.

Being a derivative of testosterone, Anadrol works the same way. It increases your appetite making you to eat more than any supplement can cause. In results, increase the protein synthesis too, leading to muscle growth. Along with this, the count of red blood increase, improving this way your body stamina and making you more stronger. That’s why Anadrol is considered very efficient for increasing body strength too.
Anadrol has a short active life up to 16 hours. It can be detected in steroids over two months after it use.

Anadrol continue to be a popular choice among athletes, regardless the steroid market has been invaded over the time by many other types of steroids. It holds a primordial position due its very strong properties. After 2-3 weeks after Anabol use you can see an increase of muscle mass with 20-30 lbs, while the body strength indicators will improve too. Also, when stacked with other steroids, it gives a great synergic effect, lowering the estrogenic effects of other anabolic steroids.

Anadrol dosage and cycles
If you are about running an Anadrol cycle, than recommended doses for use range between 25 mg -150mg (4-5 tablets) per day. Always begin with lower dose, and increase it gradually to get your body accustomed to this drug. Taking big doses from the very beginning of the cycle start may cause serious side effects, and surely you do not want it. This is especially important for those who are on their first steroid cycle.
Also, in order to make cycle more effective and keep the blood level under control, split the 50 mg of Androl into two doses.
Anadrol work on the principle the more you take the greater are the results, but along with this increase the risk of potential side effects.

When taking steroids you have always to pay a big attention to cycle length, as a prolonged cycle duration may damage your health. When it comes to Anadrol, the cycle duration should be about 6-8 weeks. In addition, slowly decrease the Anadrol dose during the last days of the cycle. This will help to keep muscle mass gained during cycle, and help your body to exit the cycle with minimal losses.


Always remember about post therapy cycle, which purpose is to help you with retaining the testosterone level. Clomid or/and Nolvadex use will help your body to restore the natural testosterone production. Usually, these drugs have to be taken for two, three weeks.

Anadrol steroid stacks
“What steroids Anadrol can be stacked with ?” is a very common question that concern all those who think about using it. And this is absolutely correct to know  it, since wrong mix can increase side effects while the results can be still modest.
There are many bodybuilders who consider that 50 mg of Anadrol and 50 of Dianabol can give great result in muscle growth. But it is not, such a combination would not be more than taking Anadrol alone.

But, taking Anadrol with trenbolone  acetate (50-100 mg/day) would give you impressive results. Another good combination is Anadrol with  60 mg per day of Anavar (oxandrolone). Such combinations have a greater synergic effects, reducing the androgenic effects while provided muscle grow is very high.
Since Anadrol is an oral steroid, it has to be mixed with injectable form of other steroid for reaching bet results, in a short time. But you have to remember about following a rich diet, train hard and rest enough. Overwise, no results will be seen.

Anadrol and women
Anadrol i not the best anabolic steroid to be used by women. Since it contain male hormone, main side effects of its use are related to virilization. Even taken in small doses, may occur such effects as deepening of the voice, development of the body and face hair and others. But these effects can be taken under control if you use androgen drugs. The main thing to keep in mind is that the risk of virilization is always present.

For women who still want to use, the advised dose is 25 mg divided into two doses per day. Such a dose will promote great muscle mass, increase strength and burn fat as well. If you found it too high for you, than you have to know that even a half of this dose -12, 5 mg/day- taken in divided doses can give remarkable muscle growth.

Anadrol side effects
Side effects is nothing new for any steroid user. They may occur during any steroid cycle, but in a higher degree if advised dosage is exceeded.
Among the most common side effects of Anadrol use have to be mentioned acne, nausea,  gyno, water retention and others. They are not too far of others steroids side effects.
The use of Anadrol for a long period of time may cause liver toxicity, increased blood level, or even myocardial infarction.

Summarizing the above can be said that Anadrol is a potent steroid, that can provide you  with immense muscle gains in short time.  Up to 20-30 Lbs can be added after a 6-8 weeks of Anadrol cycling.  It present both androgenic and estrogenic  side effects, but they can be taken under control with arimidex,  or letrozole.

The most important to keep in mind is that a moderate dose of use during a short cycle is the most important factors to follow for staying safe over the all steroid cycle in general, and Anadrol is not an exception to this rule.

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