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How Beneficial Are Intermediate-Length Steroids And If They Are At All?




          Being a steroid user, this question has probably crossed your mind and not once.  When it comes to steroid cycles they are split into beginner, intermediate and advanced rounds. While first and third are quite popular among steroid users, the second version not rarely raises many questions about Intermediate-Length Steroids.

  • Are a 3-7 weeks cycle good for your health?
  • Is it long enough to promote noticeable results?
  • Aren’t 2 weeks or 8-10 weeks a better choice?

           These are just a few of them. You may have others. That’s why further in this article we will try to find the right answer so that next time you will know why to make you choose for one or another cycle.

How Long Is a Short Steroid Cycle?

How Long Should the Bulking Steroids Cycle Be?

         A short steroid cycle consists of 14 days of steroids administration after which comes at least the same length of the period. Orals steroids are usually organized in short cycles due to negative effects on the liver.

Other reasons for selecting them are:

  • when persons want modest gains from steroids;
  • when bodybuilders want to reach their maximal muscle development fast;
  • also, when long steroid user want to reduce health risks;
  • when long steroid user wants to stop steroid use.

How Long Is a Long Steroid Cycle?

Advance Steroid Cycles

             It has at least 8 weeks and goes to maximum 12 weeks. Not few are cases when users go with longer cycles, which we don’t advise you to do. Professional bodybuilders and athletes are usually involved in long steroid cycles.

        The main goal is building as much strength and muscle mass as possible. Intermediate-length steroids cycles have a 3-7 weeks duration and are skeptically seen by most of the steroid user.  Maybe this is because they are just got used to a short/long steroid cycles and don’t see the odds in using such one.

When to Use Intermediate-Length Cycle?

        The truth is that short cycles require fewer time for recovery, while long ones keep users off for the longer period. An intermediate cycle is a good decision when a fast increase in muscle mass is wanted, but recovery time is kept as short as possible. People get used to the idea that for big gains long cycle are needed while short ones are not so productive, but safer. Since the 8-12 weeks cycle is highly common requests, no wonder that forums are full of these schemes. Few are those who ask for a 3-6 cycles steroid, hence less info on this subject is available.

           Ask a professional and you will be told that as long as steroids are used intelligently, according to real needs and taking in consideration your body characteristics and risks, the number of weeks you are on doesn't play the biggest role. Remember that proper workout and diet help to reach your goal and not steroids use alone. The use of steroids during the entire training program is not essential. Instead, douse steroids in weeks with higher demand or where gains are more possible. In these cases, intermediate-length steroids are a good option to take into consideration.

What Are Anabolic Steroids Best to Use During Intermediate Cycles?

Intermediate Steroid Cycles

           In one of our previous blog post, we talked about "Intermediate steroid cycles". Click the post title to read it entirely. Then we mentioned several questions that every steroid user have to ask himself in order to understand his level as a steroid user. It’s quite interesting, but I would like to mention here mass building anabolic steroids best to use during intermediate cycles.

  • I.Testosterone Cypionate, Dianabol, Winstrol, and Clomid stack.
  • II. Testosterone (Cypionate or Enanthate), Deca-Durabolin, Dianabol and Arimidex stack
  • III. Testosterone Propionate with Trenbolone – Acetate, Winstrol, and Arimidex. 
  • IV) Deca-Durabolin, Equipoise and Dianabol steroid cycle.

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Bottom Line: 

          Intermediate-length steroid cycle can be as beneficial as long or short cycles if you do it right. Choose it if you are following a consecutive training program and need help in some weeks.


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