Do Steroids Really Bad for You?

Steroids are being taken by such a large number of people that made me think they do these steroids really bad? If they are so bad then while a large number of people are taking them. They are not only taking them but also suggesting for others too. There are many athletes who are the regular user of it in order to build their muscles. In this way, they become stronger and it will be easy for them to win the game as well as the win the praise of others. So what is bad about them? They users support their point of view by saying that each and every bodybuilding drug has its side effects. So what happens if steroids have too?

Do Steroids Really Bad for You?It is noticed that when steroids are used under the prescriptions of specialized doctors, even then they have many unwanted side effects. If they are very dangerous then why are they not banned? There are many such questions that become the part of our thinking but we are unable to find the answer to all these questions. To have an understanding of all these issues, we should first of all have a thorough knowledge of what steroids are?

Drugs commonly referred to as steroids are classified under two names; one is anabolic and the other is corticosteroids. Anabolic steroids are used to build muscles and to gain strength that is needed in some of the games like baseball and athletics. On the other hand, corticosteroids are commonly known as cortisone. These are the drugs that are prescribed by the doctors as the treatment of some diseases. They help in controlling inflammation in the body. They are also used to control asthma and lupus.

Both these steroids are different from each other. They have different functions and they have different formulas too. Anabolic steroids are more dangerous for your health as they are not made from the health point of view. They only boost the ability of the body to make muscles and it stops muscles breakdown. In the USA it is banned to have anabolic steroids without the prescription of a doctor. They have made a law against this type of steroids by watching its misuses and its side and after effects.

On the other hand, cortisones are not as dangerous as these anabolic steroids are. They help in maintaining health and if prescribed by some specialists who have the knowledge of all the pros and cons of the drug, it may be more useful. You may have seen that sometimes doctors also suggest anabolic steroids to treat some of the medical problems. For example, in Aids, anabolic steroids are suggested as the patient has the great tendency to weight loss.

Another feature that goes against these steroids is this that the use of these steroids especially anabolic steroids is illegal. For the first time, only simple possession of anabolic steroids carries a minimum penalty of one year prison along with the $1,000 fine. The maximum penalty is five years in prison and $250,000 fine. Man gets alarmed that what’s so serious about it that has forced the authorities to set such a large penalty? Just think about it and get the answer.

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