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How Effective Is Winstrol For Burning Fat



How Effective Is Winstrol For Burning Fat

Winstrol (Stanozolol) can be found in two forms: Stanozolol - Winstrol (Oral) And Winstrol Depot (Intramuscular). It is a derivative of testosterone, being one of the most popular cutting agents.

Most of the anabolics can be used for more than one purpose, and if properly manipulated they can provide with great results, whether it is bulking, increasing muscle strength or losing fat. Well, Winstrol is a one-trick pony in this sense and as its main task is to melt away fat deposits.

Winstrol For Burning Fat

In few cases, Winstrol is used alone while adding it to testosterone cycle is a great addiction which maximizes the losses in fat percentage and increases the rate of preserving lean muscle mass. It is believed that Winstrol help to avoid water retention.

It doesn't aromatize, meaning that there is no conversion of surplus testosterone hormone into estrogens. In result, Winstrol is presented as a quite safe anabolic, with low androgenic activity and high-fat burning abilities.

Winstrol has also the capacity to increase body strength without causing you to gain weight. This characteristic makes it a favorite choice among professional or simple users who used it largely for getting a dry looking appearance, while the fat percentage is pretty low.

The reason for this is quite simple: when cycling the natural testosterone level goes down. What Winstrol do is to increase the amount of testosterone level, making it possible to preserve the existing muscle mass, and increase the fat burning rates. Working out hard elevates the body strength indicators.

Why not achieving some bulking effect once there is a bunch of testosterone? Firstly, Winstrol is not in its mode of action designed to build muscle mass. Being ester free DHT steroid based in the form of a 17-Alpha-Alkylated steroid (17-aa) form it has almost no chances to act this way.

Secondly, when cutting you suppose to be on a calorie deficit. Your goal in this phase is to make rid of extra fat while preserving muscle mass. Winstrol is that on one drug that speeds up the utilization of fat tissues to a degree that no other steroid is able to do.

Winstrol Dosage and Cycles:

Winstrol Dosage and Cycles

Most of the bodybuilders will experience great results with a dose of 50 mg of day, while others can go higher to 100 mg, this being the highest dosage to stick to stay safe. Depending on how complex is the stack, going beyond 50 mg of a day can add to less value to take the risks for your health.

Oral and injectable Winstrol drug have different half-life length. Injectable form has a 24-hour half-life, meaning that it can be administered after a day, still, many steroid users prefer to inject it daily. Oral Winstrol has a far short half-life, about 9 hours. So, it has to be divided into two dosages taken daily throughout the whole cycle.

Regarding stacks, Winstrol can be combined with almost any steroid. Trenbolone and Testosterone are the most commonly used in the stack with Winstrol. The great importance is not as much the drug you mix Winstrol with, but the cycle duration.

In order to stay safe, you should make your cycle no longer than 8 weeks. Advanced bodybuilders, with long experience in steroids use, can make it 10 weeks length but this is quite risky for their health. A novice has never to take such risks!

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PCT is absolutely required once steroid usage is ceased. Some HCG, Nolvadex or Clomid would help your body return to normal function to minimal loses for your muscles.

Is Good Winstrol for Bridging?

Is Good Winstrol for Bridging

The idea to bridge between in steroid cycles with a mild steroid is not good at all. Winstrol is not an exception to this rule. After each cycle makes sure you take at least few months to let your body come back to its normal stage.

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Every time you do bridging you might suppress the own testosterone production at all, and then nothing would help. Be aware of muscle gains you can experience and just accept them.

Losing up to 15% of gains made over the cycle in normal. Much more than this is a sign that at some point were admitted errors: improper PCT, cycling for too long time, wrong steroids combination and others.

Winstrol Side-Effects:

Winstrol Side-Effects

Like any other drug, Winstrol does carry some serious side effects. Oral Winstrol has the worst hepatotoxicity, as it was changed on the way to be able to surpass the liver and get to muscle tissue. That’s why proper use is highly indicated, otherwise, you can damage your liver strongly.

From this perspective adding it to bulking cycle would have very destructive effects and this explains why it is not used for this purpose. Another concern when using Winstrol is cholesterol level. It raises the level of “bad” cholesterol and lowering the level of “good” one. Many users claim that with some diet manipulation, this aspect can be avoided, while the toxicity liver is still grave.

Injectable Winstrol is undoubtedly more efficient than oral version, however not free of side effects. Since it doesn’t aromatize there is no water retention and gyno side effects. This has to be clear. Instead, because it is a 17-alkylated in both forms, it put the same stress on the liver as oral do, so you have to be careful with it.

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Winstrol injections are quite painful as they are water-based. Those who fear needles will definitely have one more reason to make their choice for tablets. Winstrol Depot is also being claimed to cause aggression. While this can vary from person to person, taking a close eyes on your comportment and the way you react will definitely help you a lot.

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Winstrol is a Female-Friendly Steroid:

Female-Friendly Steroid

Due to its low androgenic effects, Winstrol is probably one of the safest steroids for women use. It could be not only an effective fat burner but also can be used for bulking purposes.

The concern with Winstrol use arises when a big dosage is used for a long time. In general, 5mg-10 mg of Winstrol per day is well tolerated and carry no risk of side effects. The cycle has to be maximum 6 weeks length.

Noncompliance with these measures can lead to the appearance of ill-effects. The good news with steroids is that side effects are disruptive and disappear once the user is finished.

Female steroid users are advised to stop taking steroids if any of side effects are observed. Neglecting these signs cans cause long-term side effects unable to treat.

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So, What is Winstrol?

So, What is Winstrol?

A cutting steroid, which greatly preserves muscle and increases the burning of fat deposits. It doesn’t aromatize, so there are no water retention and gyno side effects when using it.

Being a 17-alkylated make it liver toxic in both forms. For this reason, Winstrol use is limited to 8 weeks. Also, it can affect your cholesterol level.

When used by women, Winstrol cause no virilization side effects. When used in high dosage and for a long time in the play comes sensitivity triggering some of the ill-effects.

As a final note, Winstrol is not for bulking simply because it is not built this way. Some increase in body strength can be noticed, however, this is not a defining characteristic.

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