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Facts and Fiction About Steroids Use




Why is it so important to discuss steroids effects on our body and to draw a line between reality and fiction? The answer is that there are many health issues allegedly associated with steroids use,  ignoring other factors that are the real cause. If you make a visit to your doctor invoking a health problem while you take steroids, there are big chances that namely steroids consumption would be found as the main cause of all your health problems. There are many diseases wrongly associated with steroids use.

There is the big percent of doctors who never recommended steroids and have no idea how they work and what are the consequences of taking them. Despite this, they can easily say that steroids consumption is the main cause of diseases, especially of liver, and heart.

Maybe you observed it too, many doctors tend to found guilty steroids for many diseases, even before doing any test to confirm it. That’s why is very important to be informed about the degree anabolic steroids affect your liver, heart, or sexual performance.

Being informed will help you to draw a line between truth and fiction about steroids use and keep you safe from any damage. This article is meant to explain to ordinary people, with no medical knowledge, why so many side effects associated with steroids use are unreal and must be questioned.

We can not say that all side effects associated with steroids use are myths. But most of them were the denial by a lot of researches. An example is a research executed by Beth Israel Deaconess medical center. This group of scientists analyzed the results of 72 research projects in order to determine the side effects of testosterone use.

The results of these analyses have shown exactly testosterone drugs do not lead to the emergence of cardiovascular diseases and prostate tumors. These results were published in one of the most prestigious and popular magazine “New England Journal of Medicine”.

The main idea is that if you have already some cardiovascular issues than you have to be aware of this and stay away from taking any drug that has side effects on its. And this is not only about steroids, a there are many other medications who have cardiac side effects.

There are many other types of the sport who can fit you better, and keep you safe from any diseases. Common sense must be present in everything you do. The idea that steroids damage liver is largely spread and people take it as a general truth. The truth is that anabolic and androgenic steroids are ones of the most non-toxic drugs in medicine with a wide range of therapeutic action.

Usually, there is three main cause of liver disease caused by steroids use. The first case is about people with innate characteristics of hepatic metabolism, characterized by the insufficient activity of microsomal enzymes of the liver cells. In day to day life, they do not have any liver health issues. But once they get addicted to steroids, even in smallest doses, occur liver diseases.

That’s why is very important to know and to bear this in mind: if you have any minor liver problems, that give up with steroids use as soon as possible.  Even better would be do not try it at all, as they are not for you. Once you read this article, you surely will know about it.

In the second case is about the occurrence of cholestatic hepatitis as a result of long-term use of oral steroids. If you are at the first course, then give it up and begin to take medications able to take your liver to normal stage. Once your liver gets to normal parameters you can try to take steroids. In this case, you should opt for injectable steroids and regularly monitor the monitor your blood picture.

The third case is about amino acid starvation, caused by the insufficient intake of protein. Once the amino acid level in the blood goes below the normal level, the body begins to break down liver cells to ensure amino acid balance. In this case is advisable to cease at all steroid use, and take medication for ensuring amino acid balance.

In these three cases, anabolic steroids may damage your liver, and you have to be aware of this. Otherwise, healthy people with no liver problems can take steroids, but strictly following the right doses. Oligospermia is another disease associated with steroids use.

During steroids use sharply decrease the number of sperm in the semen, because along with testosterone in spermatogenesis a big role plays luteinizing hormone too. It is a hormone of the anterior pituitary, which stimulates the testes and promotes their growth and functioning, testosterone and sperm production.

When the body receives a fair amount of testosterone from the outside, the development of PH drops. This does not mean that problems with sperm are irreversible. It all depends on the individual. Some bodybuilders require 2-3 months for full on the full restoration of reproductive function and hormonal profile,  while others need up to two years and additional treatment.

You need to know and to keep in mind that for a full restore of the normal level of hormone if enough just to cease anabolic steroids use. And only in extreme cases, you can choose to take Metan within three weeks, and you will get your hormone level normalized. About gynecomastia, we have talked in a separate article.

The main idea in case of this side effect is that following the right doses and appropriate monitoring of your liver during the cycle will keep you away from this disease. Steroids use is usually identified as a cause of infertility. This is hilarious since namely testosterone is used now as a contraceptive.

So, only during the first month of the course, there are big chances to become a father, and the rest steroids are a very good contraceptive. So, steroids do not cause infertility. During their use your reproductive functions are limited, but once you cease steroid use all indicators come to normal.

Prolonged use of high doses of growth hormone (GH) without insulin can cause the occurrence of diabetic disease, which disappears after discontinuation of GH. In order to avoid it, even children receiving GH therapy, constantly pass control blood sugar, and with the growth of this indicator are starting to get insulin.

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Low immunity is another side effect of steroid use. It is true that steroid use weakness your immunity and you have to be ready for this. for every success there is a price, in this case for building lean muscle mass you will have to strengthen your body. Firstly, you have to switch to short courses. Beginning with the fifth week of steroids cycle you should start anti-cortisol therapy.

Strengthen your immunity should be carried out very accurately. Advise your doctor about choosing the right immunostimulators. They will totally suppress the immunosuppressant effects of anabolic steroids. Pyrosis is frequently associated with steroid use. Anabolic steroids stimulate the secretion of gastric juice containing hydrochloric acid, and thus occurs pyrosis.

For this purpose, you can take Methandrostenolone, which is used for the treatment of this disease. As you see the side effects of steroid use are exaggerated. As in the case of any other type of medication, there are some side effects and we mentioned them above.

You just need to acknowledge them and follow the right solution for each of them. Use common sense whenever you have to deal with medication. Read carefully prescription and be informed about all side effects mentioned by the manufacturer.

You will see that even the most used by you medication have a long list of side effects which remains during the time unknown to you. Anabolic steroids have genuine benefits for bodybuilders when used wisely. They are legitimate use, and this truth has to be accepted by everybody.

Compare steroids use with taking steroids is unfair. Moreover, we should not demonize steroids, since for many people they have a great therapeutic effect. So, the ideal formula for building lean muscle mass can represent this way: steroids+high protein diet + intense training.  

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