FREE Anabolic steroids + Cash Contest 2016

Welcome back, loyal customers! We are excited introduce a new event for our customers. We wanted a way to show thanks for your business throughout the years. We thought, What would our customers want from a contest ?

The answer,  : FREE STEROIDS!!! That didn't go far enough for us. Eating correctly is of utmost importance for reults. Our solution, FREE CASH!!! So you can eat healthy and load up on protein

and calories. The money's yours! Spend it as you wish!

Here we go...






Here are the entry requirements for the giveaway:

(1) Winner must submit before and after  pictures

ETALAZE.BIZ which clearly display development before and after the steroid cycle(s) have ended.

NOTE: "BEFORE" pictures must be submitted with your entry. These pictures shall be posted in our blog.

(2) Submit a brief essay (More than 2 paragraphs. Less than 1 page.)  with the following information:

* Length of steroid use.

* Preferred steroids and doses.

* How you learned about and the reason you like and stay with





How to enter:

Send an email to us. In the subject heading, write, CONTEST ENTRY.

Enclose an order number from a recent order, to verify contestant as an etalaze customer. Also enclose the essay, as well as pictures of your current physique. These will be used

as our "BEFORE" images and will be posted in our blog of the winner.


Here are the entry rules:

Open to all customers who have been loyal customers for a minimum 6 months.

Winners must submit pictures before winning the contest and pictures after having won. Finally,

write a few paragraphs explaining how has affected your life.

All pictures and stories may be posted within the blog.


The winner will receive an entire cycle of anabolic steroids. The cycle is based upon a 3 month time frame. An entire cycle for a quarter of the ENTIRE YEAR will be furnished.

Shipping is free, and we will be glad to help the winner fulfill all desires they may have.

It's carte blanche to run wild at the pharmacy  The steroids dispensed are the winner's choice. This means every single anabolic steroid, brand

name, generic, and ancillary products at are ready and waiting for the winner to choose from. Want to use the drugs Arnold Schwarzenegger did to get that mass? Done. No limits on

what you want. We are turning the key to the warehouse over to you!

No other site offers the guaranteed selection, shipping, and services of We believe this contest proves just that!



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