Incorporating Short Steroid Cycles Into A Weight Training Program

Short steroid cycles -

If you get training every week, start a classical progressive weight lifting plan, adding a new method each week until 12 reps; and try to build up some muscles. Still, you can’t get the result you want. Is there any suggestion for the issue that you can do to change it per week? And when incorporating steroid cycles into training; how can it affect your weight gain? 

What is short steroid cycle?

In general, short steroid cycle does not exceed 4 weeks. This is because the negative effects on having too much steroids. There have been many bad shift of steroids and it affects the overall health including the HDL and LDL.

Short steroid cycles are effective for bulking and cutting as well.

Short steroid cycles are effective for bulking and cutting as well.

This is why monitoring the steroid intake is necessary in order not to make the LDL level rises high.
This is only a surface of truth. After gaining significantly, it is difficult to gain 4 to 5 lb per week. If you want to gain that much, at least you need to train hard with 260 lb per year on the target; and in 5 years, it would be adding 1000 lb to one’s body – which is something over the head to do.

It’s quite a challenge

Short Yes, it is absolutely challenging to add rep each week on your training and expect 12 reps as quick result. Each rep is equal to 5 percent or more strength. Changing the rep each week can make doable progression, however. For each exercise, you need to analyze what your body is able to lift.

For instance, 2 sets of 9 or 3 and figure out some of methods that you can stick to without being pressured by the progress itself. Hence, there has to be a modest method to increase 5% of your weight.

A good experiment of exercise can be seen below:
- 2×9 with 120 lb
- 2×3 with 170 lb.

When you have done this regularly, you will gain a 5 percent of increase on weight. It will likely to add more 180 lb.
After 6 increments of work out, it should start at 9 reps and ends at 3 reps. Hence, dividing the 60 lb by 6. You will have 10 lb of increase.

To attain this, you will need training cycle:
-2×9 at 100 lb
- drop a rep and add 10 lb each week
- Finishing your training at 2×3 at 180 lb
- This results in a 10 lb improvement.

The steroid use:

• If you want to use the steroid you can start on
• 6 rep week
• And end in 4 rep week
• This provides you with a 3-on /4-off pattern.

There is also a conservative method by using steroid in the 6 and 5 rep of week. This provides you with a 2-on/5-off pattern. You will have 3 rep weeks unassisted to acquire this approach.

There is also another way to use 6 rep week and 3 rep week. Then add another 2 weeks of different training. By then you will be able to start your next cycle. This will bring you 2 cycles less but the result can be comparable. The approach is one among many others and the guideline can be extended as well.

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However, one tip for you is to use the anabolic steroid during the last third of the program. You can also use it during the last half of the program. It depends on how you want the steroid to result aggressively in the body.

Best steroids to use during short cycles

Naturally during short cycles the best steroids are injectable ones with relatively short half-life. Here are some of them:

  • Testosterone, Testosterone propionate, Testosterone isobutyrate,
  • Drostanolone propionate (Masteron),
  • Trenbolone acetate,
  • Nandrolone phenylpropionate,
  • Injectable Stanozolol.

In addition, during three plus three cycle can be used oral steroids such as:

  • Methandrostenolone,
  • Oxymetholone,
  • Anavar,
  • Trenbolone Stanozolol,
  • Halotestin,
  • Primobolan,
  • Orabolin.

Important! This list is not an exhaustive one, and you can easily consider other drug too.


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