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List of Steroid Products Banned by Amazon (Updated 2021)




              Clients have always believed that they can get genuine products from amazon. However, counterfeit products have found their way into the world’s biggest retailer and sometimes tainting the brand’s name. It is for this reason that amazon have been forced to crack the whip on substandard or harmful products on their platform. We have compiled for you a list of these products and the reason they got banned. Note that most of the products are restricted because they failed to comply to amazon’s rules and regulations.

Steroid Products Banned by Amazon

               These products are considered valuable and it is not easy to know the quality of the product before it’s delivered. The reason they’re banned on amazon because there as many fake steroid products there is genuine ones. Additionally, different states have different laws for such products as well as the federal government. But the products cannot be restricted if they are stamped properly according to the applicable laws.

            First, let us look at the compliance checklist for steroids and other drug paraphernalia according to Amazon

Regarding Packaging:

  • All steroid drugs must be new and unused before being posted on Amazon.
  • The products must be sealed with the manufacturer’s original packaging.
  • Every packet or container must display clearly the correct codes as provided by the manufacturer or supplier. These codes include matrix codes, serial numbers, and lot numbers.

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Regarding labelling

The drugs must have the following information on the label in English

  • Name of the drug.
  • Its ingredients, both active and inactive.
  • Use of the drug.
  • The drug’s panel.
  • Warnings, if any.
  • How it should be used.
  • Any additional information.
  • The drug must be in full compliance with FDA regulations and carry an appropriate stamp.
  • There shouldn’t be an FDA logo on the adrug

Prohibited Steroid Products Banned by Amazon

        Amazon has prohibited the following products because they are either counterfeit or have not complied with other regulations. It is important to know that most steroid drugs that have been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have also been banned by Amazon.

  1. Ergotamine
  2. Boldenone
  3. Nandrolone
  4. 1-Androstenediol
  5. 1-androstenedione
  6. Metribolone
  7. Danazol
  8. Stanozolol
  9. Ethylsterenol
  10. Methasterone
  11. Drotebanol
  12. Ketamine
  13. Codeine
  14. Clenbuterol
  15. Panther amanitas
  16. Zeranol
  17. Zilpaterol
  18. Tibolone
  19. Formebolone
  20. Mestanolone
  21. Mesterolone
  22. Norboletone
  23. Oxandrolone
  24. Desoxymethyltesteosterone
  25. Epi-dihydrotestosterone
  26. Furazobole
  27. Epitestosterone
  28. Methyldienolone
  29. Norethandrolone
  30. Quinbolone

              Amazon has come under criticism for selling banned drugs posing as supplements. However, there is no sure way of knowing whether the drugs are banned or not without examining the contents. It is perhaps the reason illegal drugs and steroids go undetected under the retailer’s radar for long. The online giant has, however, tightened the noose nab such products. They normally blacklist such drugs once they’re identified.

Illegal Substances Hidden in Supplements

              An investigation by the Washington Post has revealed that Amazon is unknowingly selling banned substances to its customers. Steroids have evolved from being sold in dungeons and abandoned buildings to being supplied by the world’s biggest online retail stores like Amazon. This has been facilitated by the invention of new techniques regarding preparation and distribution of the substances. Back in the 90s, it was easy to identify a steroid product by merely looking at it. Recently, things have changed and the banned substances are now combined with legal substances to avoid detection. Although Amazon has clearly banned these products from their platform, the substances still find their way to their stores, somehow.

              Anti-doping researchers have been working around the clock to try and find out the exact identity of the steroids found in these supplements. Up to date about 4 types of illegal or banned drugs have been found on supplements meant for muscle-building.

How to Detect Banned Substances?

               It can be very difficult to identify banned substances without testing for them in the lab. That means bodybuilders and athletes in general will continue using these substances and jeopardize their careers. However, there are certain measures and precautions you can take to stay alert and know the real contents of the substances you are taking.

Adverse Side Effects

              There is a reason some substances have been banned by governments and regulatory bodies. Apart from the obvious performance enhancement benefits, these substances are also banned because they are harmful to the athlete’s health. If ever you take a certain drug and end up experiencing nasty side effects, be wary of the legality of the drugs. It is also important to note that some drugs are legal but could still have side effects. It all depends on how your body reacts to foreign substances. You should only worry if the effects are recurring and are affecting many people.

Search the Drug in the Official WADA website

            The World Anti-Doping Agency is the regulatory body that monitors doping in sports and competitions. Most non-prescribed drugs are found in their data base. And not only that, they also categorize the substances according to their potency when it comes to a person’s performance. To be on the safe side, search for the steroid drug you want to buy on their website before spending your money. If your sport does not allow use of the drug, then it is highly advisable that you change your mind about purchasing it.

Hire Anti-Doping Researcher

            Hiring a medical practitioner to test for a banned steroid or drug is the last option for obvious reasons. However, if you’re ready to part with a fortune to have the test done, then you can proceed to hire one. But for what purpose?


             Amazon has tried to regulate the kind of products that land on their platform but the streets are always smarter. If you want to buy a steroid product or supplement on Amazon, it is always advisable to inquire from the drug’s manufacturer or supply before rushing to it. Chances are they will not admit that their product contains a banned substance but at least your conscience will be clear. Most importantly, consult with your coach, doctor, and online influencers whether that particular product is prohibited or not. Don’t forget to go through our website for potent, legal steroids.

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