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Long-Term and Low-Dose Oral Steroid Use as an Alternative to Traditional Steroid Cycles




The Effects of Using a Small Dosage of Steroid For a Long Period of Time

             A lot of people are wondering if it’s alright to use a smaller dosage of steroids for a longer period of time. Some of them are afraid that if they are orally taking too many pills, they will experience side effects. Others are considering that the effect of taking steroids twice per week, but a high dosage is not very helpful for training and bodybuilding.

          There are just a few people who tried this method before, and the results were not amazing. The dosing of Steroids is very important because it is also influencing the training of the body.

The Medical Results:

The Medical Results:

             When working out, especially with a bit of help from the steroids, it’s very important to keep your androgen level high. That’s why this method might be helpful for maintaining the same level of androgens during the process.

         The sustained usage of steroids is providing better results; therefore this method might be very helpful. In addition, GH can provide biological effects without sustaining.

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Calculating Your Year Progress By Your Own:

Calculating Your Year Progress by Your Own

           Sometimes it’s not important how many steroids to you take or inject during a year, but it’s more important the period in which you are taking steroids, how you time the dosing and when do you workout. It’s very important to find your best schedule and to improve it whenever you have the opportunity.

              However, the traditional steroid cycles are really providing effect during a year of usage, while these new methods are not showing too many positive results, nor negative. It means that even if you are taking steroids every day, but a small dosage in order to avoid an overdose, you will only keep the level of androgen high, but the effects will not be so productive.

The Risk of Taking Only Oral Anabolic Steroids:

            Although some people are saying that the steroid pills are safer than injecting, this is totally wrong, especially if you are taking pills every day for a whole year. First of all, you can take pills while also injecting steroids, and that’s one of the best steroid cycles that you can attend in order to build your body.

          The main problem that may occur if you only take pills will be liver complications. Take only oral steroids for a whole year will severely damage your liver and this way you cannot work out anymore.

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             Additionally, the pills will not offer the same effect as the vials of steroids which you can inject. Both injectable and oral steroids are offering energy for working out and strength, but the injecting is certainly more effective, although some people are sustaining that injecting steroids might be very harmful to the human body.

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Comparing Your Progress With Month Breaks:

Comparing Your Progress With Month Breaks:

               Following a full year cycle of taking or injecting steroids, it’s not a good idea. Your body might get used with the high level of androgens, you can experience an overdose or you can experience side effects. When taking anabolic steroids it’s very important to maintain a natural level and to train hard if you want to see some muscles.

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             If you stop your training and dosing for a long period of time you will start losing weight and muscle mass. That’s why you can see your progress for a whole year, but it’s recommended to take breaks. As an example, you can use steroids two months, and after that, a whole month you only train, while taking just a few oral anabolic steroids. This way you will maintain your body healthy and away from negative effects.


             Not all steroids work on the principle " the more you take, the bigger you become".  Some of them do a great job on low dosage if mixed with proper diet and training. Taking more will just cause a range of side effects giving nothing instead.

           As a beginner is tremendously important to avoid powerful steroids in high dosage. In this stage, your body will react pretty good on small dosage since it's new to steroids. Over time, you will need to increase dosage with every cycle. So, keep higher dosage for later times, and even then use them wisely.

           Joggling with steroids cycles is not safe at all. Having extended knowledge and experience with steroids may help you design an effective steroid cycle with minimal side effects. In this category falls intermediate and advanced steroid users who know better what works for them.

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              As we said above, keep a close eye on your body response to steroid use. This is the best way to find out how efficient one or another method of cycling is for you. We all are unique, so it could be that a steroid works great for even in low dosage, while others claim that it's just a waste of money and time.

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