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Maintaining the Muscle Mass After a Cycle of Steroids




Many bodybuilders have noticed that while taking anabolic steroids, muscle growth is impressive, and after the cycle is completed, a certain amount of gain mass disappears somewhere. Completely remove this effect, unfortunately, is impossible, but there is some chance of reducing its scope.

There are some very important processes that happen during the course. It is about the following:

  • The level of hormones increase;
  • The recovery process after workouts is more rapid
  • Nutrients are better absorbed.

Natural glands responsible for all this work, go to sleep as being unused during the cycle. As a result, upon completion of the course, the athlete is not just returning to its original state and even rolled back a little.

While maintaining the same training regime, which during the course of steroids, acquired muscle mass is inevitably lost. Therefore, after completion of the course, you need to think of restoring normal levels of hormones, and on how to reduce the devastating effects of catabolic factors.

That’s why knowing how to maintain muscle mass is very important. Read further and find out how you can manage this. Restoring of hormonal fond is a long process and not the simplest one as it involves the work of many of the gland, beginning with the pituitary gland of the brain and ending with the testicles one.

During the steroids cycle, testicles shrink in size often stop participating in the natural process of testosterone production. To avoid this, take the so-called artificial gonadotropins, which is meant to prevent testicular atrophy.

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You should think about them not after ending the steroids cycle, but during it, because then the recovery period will be longer and muscle mass will decrease. If you have no idea about gonadotropins use than know that schemes of its use can be easily found on the packaging of products.

After a course of steroids, it's time to bring to the forefront preparations to reduce estrogen levels, meant to bring to life the asleep hypothalamus. One of these preparations is Tamoxifen Citrate and Clomid also called Clomiphene Citrate.

The problem is that your natural source of testosterone is very weak, thus estrogen easily blocks its work. That is why you have to act in reverse mode, namely in order to increase the male hormone, it is necessary to reduce the number of women hormone.

And do not forget about things like Tribulus, creatine, and even insulin. It is true that insulin has its own peculiarities. It is only suitable for ectomorph body type, people with another type of body adding it after steroids cycle take a big risk of weight gain.

For endomorph and mesomorph body types the best suit their need growth hormone. Along with taking the mentioned above preparations, the muscle mass can be maintained after a steroids cycle also by using some special exercises.

After a cycle with steroids in the body is a huge amount of cortisol, which severely inhibits the growth of muscles, which means that we have to somehow change the mode of training in order to remove this destructive effect.

When using steroids people go to the gym six times a week, but now this rhythm is not needed since the body will not have time to recover. Three or two times a week is maximum that you can afford. These training have to be short, but heavy. Thus you will manage to keep the weight and recover your body as well.

When we said that workouts have to be short, but heavy we means that you have to fulfill it with basic training exercises, and then train each muscle group only once a week. As you see compound exercises are most recommended, while isolation exercises have to be while drop out as they are useless at all.

Regarding the rest and nutrition here are some very important moments that have to be followed, namely:
- Eat more and caloric food
- Sleep at least eight hours
- Remove from your training cardio exercises.
-Pay more attention to protein use, whereas it will not directly to the muscle, thus no need to overload your body.

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