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Oral and Injectable Steroids




Surely that all bodybuilders know that anabolic steroids have two forms of administration, namely oral and injectable. Both of them have pluses and minuses which we will analyze in this article. Let’s see the specific or oral steroids. Oral steroids have a narrow range of assortment, their number can be counted on fingers. Of course, the most popular of them is well-known Metal and all its analogs like Dianabol, Nerobolum and many others.

Also to this list belongs to another form of the oral steroid called Winstrol/ Stanazolol/Stromba and Primobolan. Add to this list Oximetalon and Andriol capsules and you have here almost all oral steroids. So, let’s describe briefly what are oral steroids. It is known that a simple testosterone cannot be absorbed orally, it is destroyed in the stomach and intestines without having absorbed into the blood. It's been checked hundreds of experiments on the athlete.

Why have been done so many experiments on testosterone?  In women is more easily to determine the level of increase of male sex hormones in the blood. This being said, we know that in a man's sperm along with the seminal fluid and sperm is released yet a number of male sex hormone testosterone.

That’s why sports physicians propose athletes immediately before the performance drink this liquid for the sharp rise of the level of hormones in the blood. For this purpose, to the competition have been driven donor men with a great opportunity to allocate sperm. Ok, the way athletes get this liquid is unknown, we can only suppose it, but the truth is that method proved to be useless.

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All oral steroids are designed at the molecular level so that they are not destroyed in the gut entirely, but are absorbed into the blood. At the same time, the blood passes through the cleaning cycle through the liver, which is the main filter of the body, where the lion's share of the drug is activated.

This is the main cause of death of liver cells as a result of oral steroids use. Many physicians propose to take this type of medication orally keeping it under the tongue, bypassing the stage of purification of blood by the liver. But this method is proved to be uncomfortable and painful.

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Oral and Injectable Steroids

Try to walk for about fifteen minutes after the complete dissolution of the tablet under the tongue with a mouth full of nasty saliva. Surely you will not like it, and you will abandon this method after several attempts. Of course, the oral preparations are very convenient to use. Usually, they are chosen by people who are afraid of injections and would never replace this form of steroids.

Another plus, and minus simultaneously of oral medications is that they have a short influence and are rapidly destroyed in the liver and blood. The lifetime of oral steroids is up to 24 hours. For this reason, this type of drugs is used in equal portions during the day to maintain the proper level of hormones in the blood.

Oral steroids are very convenient for athletes who face the competition doping control since oral medications are fast acting and leave the body. So, depending on your body after taking chemistry in 5-10 days, no test can detect in your urine or blood metabolites and hormones themselves.

Also, in the conclusion of this group of steroids have to be mentioned that as a rule, the same steroid in the injectable or oral form in the same dosage differ in strength and duration. Hence according to the opinions of many athletes, the oral form of steroids is weaker than a similar injection. And that, in general, it is logical, because the chemistry of drugs acting differently.

So, Summarizing The Above we Have:


  • Oral forms of steroids are toxic to the liver, in contrast to their injecting counterparts.
  • Oral steroids have a very short period, causing a sharp rise and fall of hormone levels in the blood.
  • Pills have to be taken on the same portions during the day.
  • Oral steroids are rapidly eliminated from the body. Just a week and you are pure as glass.
  • This type of steroid is preferred by novices athletes or people who are afraid of injections.

The second one group of steroids is injectable steroids. This group of drugs is the antipode of oral steroids in the majority. Firstly, the range of injectable steroids is much wider and more diverse. Among injectable steroids have to be mentioned Winstrol which is different from all other forms of injectable steroids.

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So, if you take some capsules with any anabolic steroids, then you will not notice any fundamental difference to the smell or the light. Why are these mixture so popular worldwide? You have to know that in order for a molecule of testosterone do not be destroyed immediately the blood they are clung to the various types of esters.

The resulting molecular giants are hydrophobic, hence not soluble in water. All this solution is soluble in fat, but naturally, instead of fat fare used natural oils like peanut, peach and apricot oils. After mixing vegetable oils and essential drug compounds are subjected to special cleaning. This kind of cleaning is required to destroy all microorganisms, settled in the solution and removal of all unnecessary foreign particles and suspensions.

But it happens that not you injected the steroid and get covered with a red rash. What is this? This means that your body along dice oil. Have to be noted that this happens sooner or later to any use of chemistry. The factory such a dirty ampule happens to comes one to an average of one hundred.

It happens that the oil is not warmed to the desired temperature and sealed ampoules. Despite this in many cases, all these spoilage steroids are sold on pharmacy. That way you should not buy cheap chemicals and purchase it from a person you have never seen before in your life.

Best of all is to have a permanent drag dealer and purchased only through him. This tandem is very advantageous for both of them: the dealer has a regular customer, and the buyer has quality and pure chemistry.

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Let’s see how steroid injection works. Once you have made yourself an injection of an oily preparation, it is deposited in the so-called fat depots. Steroid can be stored there for a long time from a couple of days (like Propionate and Primobolan) up to a year (all known Deca).

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The degree of resorption and the use of the drug depends on ether. The longer the ester side chain is the longer stays in the fat depot preparation. Such dissolved in the fat depot medication is gradually released into the blood. Of course, the blood brings the molecule hormones to all cells in the body, but even it knows that the concentration in the site of steroid injection is always much higher than in other parts of the body.

This thesis confirms the experience of numerous athletes for injecting steroids in the shoulder biceps and triceps, thigh and hip. I noticed a considerable increase in the affected tissues. However, it should be noted that these injections are not always quite pleasant and are painful.

The advantages of such steroids appear immediately. It is rare to receive one to three vials per week. Let's say you do not need to take 6 tablets of methane daily, but you can just stab a bottle of Deca and happy go the whole week before the next injection, and nothing to worry about.

The curve of the rise and fall of the strength of the drug varies among different steroids. If, for example, the same Propionate begins to act after a couple of hours after the injection, then the results of Deca injection appears will be visible within five days. It is clear that injecting steroids are caught on doping tests elementary.

This is especially true for Deca. It can be reached in urine, even half a year after the last injection. The main advantage of injecting drugs is their low toxicity to the liver and kidneys. Even the strongest and most androgenic drugs in injectable form are less dangerous in relation to their oral counterparts.

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So, Summarizing the Above we Have:


  • Injectable steroids are comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time to use. It is inconvenient for those who fear needles, but convenient that the injection can be done from once a week or more, and do not eat handfuls of pills daily.
  • The validity of most of injecting steroids is significantly more than their oral counterparts from three days to a month.
  • Allocation of the drug in the blood from the fat depots is almost uniformly at certain stages. And it is very convenient as regular hormonal explosions in the body even more harmful than a huge dose of the same oral steroids.
  • Many injectable drugs are easily reached in case of doping control.
  • Such drugs are straining your liver in the tens or even hundreds of times less than oral steroids.

So, it is clear that injectable steroids are more advantageous for you. Meantime, need to be aware that there are cases when oral steroids are irreplaceable. That’s why many athletes add to their injectable steroid course some oral steroids too.

But if you are an amateur who needs to gain weight, then inject steroids is your path. Forget about oral steroids, whereas your liver is still more important.

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