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SERMs vs Anti-Aromatase During An Anabolic Steriod Cycle




           There have been some questions about how people use steroid cycle plans. Various information on SERMs vs Anti-Aromatase have been written and published – making it more confusing for someone who wishes to start a steroid cycle soon. When used, both offer different result to our body and it should be a selective act when taking one of them. Here is brief information on both SERMS and Anti-Aromatase including the effects to the body during an anabolic steroid cycle.

           Before going further on this subject make sure you know all about aromatization. Take a look at our previous posts  What is steroid aromatization to get a clear picture of this process and how it can damage your muscle gains if handled wrongly. SERMs and anti-aromatase agents belong to different classes, hence their action on estrogen is different.

         Aromatase inhibitors reduce the production of estrogen, while SERMs lowers the response to estrogen. As you observe there is a very thin line between them, therefore many tend to talk about these groups of drugs as being the same. But they are not.  Check Wikipedia for more info about Selective estrogen-receptor modulator and Aromatase inhibitors.

            The use of anti-aromatase can be motivated by the desire to avoid SERMs side effects while having a pretty decent control over estradiol level. This is a very rough explanation of why using an anti-aromatase drug over a SERMs one.

Two main advantages of SERMs, especially Clomid use, during a steroid cycle.

Clomid1. Clomid Cut Down The Catabolism Process:

          Using Clomid during aromatase steroid cycle can help to not only prevent gynecomastia but also reduce the adverse damage effect training have on muscle tissue.

           With Clomid, recovery will be fast but don't expect it to help you gain muscle mass, as you will not. It's better for use with endurance training and avoids with weight workout, because of lack of effects.

 2. SERMs Positively Affects Sex Hormone Binding Globulin(SHBG):

What the heck is SHBG  are you asking yourself know.  Here's why it's so important for us.

The total amount of testosterone in our body is formed of three types of it:

  • testosterone molecules  that bound with Sex Hormone Binding Globulin;
  • testosterone molecules that bound with a protein called albumin;
  • free testosterone which is not bound to anything.

           Free testosterone is about 1-2% of all testosterone and only it is available for use.  Testosterone molecules that bound with SHBG constitute the biggest part, about 60%, but the body holds them as "reserves" and doesn't let for their use.

            When working out hypothalamus release some testosterone from reserves to prevent the effects of exercises, so turning it into free testosterone.  So, the lower is the SHBG, the more free testosterone is available for use. But dramatically diminish of SHBG can be dangerous for your health.

         Steroids usually lower SHBG level, threatening your health. Therefore, taking a SERMs or anti-aromatase drug during cycle has greater importance than you imagine. Anti-aromatase have little if no effects on lowering SHBG, while SERMs normalize its level in a much effective way.

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An Only One Reason Not to Take Clomid:

           There is a disadvantage when using Clomid. Unlike anti-aromatase, there is a little amount of toxic substance. This is the reason why women are not suggested to consume SERM and many experts do not prescribe one to women.

            SERMS has limited compounds that put a woman at low risk but also do take precaution when taking it because it is not a constant consumption. It is not harmful to try out the SERM or replacing it with Anti Aromatase on your cycles. The methods have been practiced and passed down by many users as well as experts. The experiments have proven to be safe as long as you stick to the recommended dosage.

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        Now that you have learned about both benefit and disadvantage; you should be able to determine which one works best for your cycle and how you should stick to it.


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