What Steroids Cycles Did Bodybuilders Use Back In Day To Build Muscle Mass?

We get used to the high amount of gears  available legally or illegally and all we have to do is to get informed about their proper usage. But things were not so all the time. More than 30 years ago the steroid market was limited at several steroids and bodybuilders make great efforts to have them.

There was no internet, no access to stuff we can easily check and  have them ordered in just few clicks. Things were more complicated but what surprize us all is that bodybuilders in the past look big, with no gyno face or back acne symptoms at all. How did they managed to build huge muscles while keeping a clean, classical look? Are there any secrets which applied today will bring the same results?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the icon of bodybuilding, and even after his retirement he continue to be the main figure in this sport. His great physique inspired many generations to work hard in the gym and put great effort toward reaching their dreams. In the late 70s and early 80s most of teenagers dreamed to look like him and really believed in diet and exercising.

But as Arnold has revealed many years later, he was on steroids but use them only for maintaining muscle mass while cutting, and not for muscle building. True or false- is not important, what really matters is that back in day steroids were in use, but bodybuilders take them in such a way that no visual side effects had been seen on their skin.

First explanation why bodybuilders of Arnold’s time did look better while taking AAS

Testosterone was and is by far one of the most popular steroid among the wide range of body performances drugs. The main difference it's that is the past it was used more rationally with big attention to dosage. And not that old bodybuilders were wiser, they just don’t had at hand the resources we have now. Well, let's explain why i said it.

When taken in higher dosage, the surplus of testosterone is converted into estrogen because of aromatizations process. The enzyme responsible for this is called estradiol and it is the one which every time a big amount of test enters the body it turn into estrogen. A high level of estrogen in body may cause gyno, water retention, acne and all users wish to avoid them.

More than thirty years ago there were no anti aromatisation drugs, so bodybuilders were obliged to keep dosage low in order  to not be assaulted by side effects. Nolvadex, Letrozole appeared a bit later, in the beginning of 80’ years when Arnold announced already about his retirement.

Taking a maximum dosage of 200mg-250mg of test weekly was a norm and few were those who exceed it. Just imagine who dared to appear in publg with gyno or acute acne on back or chest, without being blamed?!

Taken in such dosage, estradiol was kept in normal range, hence no side effects were occurred.  So, due to the lack of anti-aromatase drugs back in day, aromatization was a sufficient reason to keep testosterone usage at lower dosage.

What happens today is a totally another picture. With the big array of anti-aromatase drugs at disposal, testosterone is used in much higher dosage, up to 1000mg per week. In result, we see many cases of severe adverse effects.

The second reason is genetics

Those times only naturally gifted persons succeed in bodybuilding with minimal usage of steroids. Good genetics cause body to be productive at low amount of roids which mixed with hard training and diet produce amazing results. Back in time, if you had good genetics you could go further with your trainings, if not it was better to stop it. Increasing the dosage of test was not a solution, but, unfortunately it is today. So many individuals stubbornly continue to build muscle though high dosage of AAS which leads to serious health problems.

From this perspective, Arnold had good genetics which along with steroids help him to build the best body ever. And this is available for the all elite of that times.

The third reason is steroids quality

Back in day there were few steroids like - test, Dbol, Deca-Durabolin(nandrolone decanoate), Primobolan(methenolone), test - and all of them was of high quality. Compare to what we have today, the difference is more than obvious.  The main risk when buying steroids today is to get fake products that not only produce few or no results at all, but also put at risk your health.

Back day steroids were legal so they caught be bought directly from manufacturers with no prescription or other requirements. Those times have long gone, since in 1991 the Government made steroids illegal and users are at own risk every time they decide to buy these products on black market.

Some voices said that Arnolds take steroids brought from Europe which were of high quality and so gained priority over other competitors.  Is it true or false, the big idea is that european AAS manufacturers continue to have a much better reputation among consumers than mexican roids.

Examples of classic steroid cycles used by our predecessors

If you are about to go with a classic steroid cycle then test is the very basic steroid to begin with. If you goal is to build a nice looking body but not participate in the competition “old fashioned” steroid cycles will really help you a lot.

You can choose to go with just test at a dosage of 500mg-750mg weekly combined with an anti-aromatase drug like Letrozole. Nice gains can be achieved while following such a cycle with no risk for your health at all.

Steroid cycle II : Test + Masteron, Primobolan, or Trenbolone.  Stack 200-250 mg/week of test with any of these steroids and gain muscle mass fast safely.

Steroid cycle III: Masteron/Primobolan + Trenbolone acetate + HCG

Test miss this cycle, but its function is replaced by HCG which stimulates the production of testosterone. This dosage looks so:

-500-700 mg of Masteron or Primobolan weekly;

- 50-75 mg of Trenbolone acetate daily;

- 700-1500 IU per week.

These examples of classic bulking cycles promote great results when combined with specific workout and diet.

So, back in day bodybuilding was about genetics and quality steroids taken in much lower dosage compare to nowadays. All these factors taken together made the real gifted individuals become the elite of bodybuilding with no sights of adverse effects on their body. No gyno, acne, water retention was seen in the generation of Arnold’s bodybuilders. Intelligent use of steroids is the key toward staying healthy while building a nice body.

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