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Steroids Effects on Penis Size During Cycles





Do steroids make your penis small

        There always have been many rumors related to steroid use. None of them was scientifically proven, but once launched they continue to live in the people's heads as truths. Over the years, steroids were considered the root of all evils. Steroids Effects on Penis size can be seen in short period of time.

             However, there are many active steroid users who have taken them during long years and are enjoying now a healthy life. And now the new question is coming about " Steroids Penis".One of the claims regarding steroid usage is that Steroids affect penis size, causing its shrinkage. Or a question most people ask, "Do steroids make your penis smaller ?" If you had the same opinion until now than it’s time to find out do steroids or not affect male sex organ.

Which is The Origin of This Fear?


          Steroids usage in men has some very specific side effects among which is testicles shrinkage. This happens because the body gets a great number of synthetic steroids and slow down the own process of testosterone production. In result, testicles begin to shrink. But the good news with steroids is that all side effects disappear once the consumption is finished. So, once you are off steroid cycle your testicles regain their previous function and get to normal size.

            From this very one aspect and believing that steroids may cause your penis get smaller too is just a little step. But it is not so. Whether you want it bigger or smaller, anabolic steroids in no way affect your penis size and there is nothing to do with this. They only make your muscle look bigger, but not your sexual organ.

Only Taken too Earlier, Steroids May Cause this Undesired Result:

           You have heard that steroids consumption is allowed only for those who are over 21. Have you ever ask yourself why? Because this is the time when growth age is reached. After this age taking steroids will not affect your male development.

           The same one cannot be said if you decide to use them much earlier. Therefore, if you are younger than  21 and are involved in steroids consumption than steroids may have some effects on your penis size.


         Safer for those who are under 21 is to take creatine. It proved very effective in improving body shape and is quite safe. Young bodies have a good reaction to protein powders. That’s why for them is quite enough these sources to increase body muscle mass and strength.

           The last researchers have shown that 1, 5 millions of American young people are using steroids.The average age of begging using steroids is 15 years. These alarming results should worry all of us since the results steroids consumption has on these teenagers are dramatic.

Steroids Effects on Penis Size

            The responsibility for these uninformed teenagers lays both on parents and society.  Parents who pay less attention to these kids and overpass some physical visible changes, and society which set up a model of well looking. These kids are easy to manipulate and easily fall into the trap of well-looking myth.

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             Get back to our subject and let’s mention that during anabolics use testicles size decreases because of low testosterone production. Along with this, the level of sperm lowers too. These are quite common effects in adult men and if you are about to take steroids then be ready for such side effects. Some other worsen side effects of steroids consumption are developing gynecomastia, baldness or even infertility.

             All these side effects might occur as result of abusing steroids. If taken in proper dosage and for not the too long period of time steroids do not damage your health in the long run. You can simply cease steroids usage, and all it comes to normal.


            How long it takes to normalize your own testosterone production and get rid of shrinkage aspect of your testicles? About 1-2 months, but with a proper post cycle therapy, you can do it much faster.

Do Steroids Make Your Penis Bigger?

             The answer is no. Either you want to enhance or reduce your penis size, you will never manage to do it through steroid usage. Unless, as we said, you are younger than 21 years old. So, to be clear steroids just keep the size of your sexual organ as it is -no larger, or smaller- but affect your testicles size.


           Make it a clear statement and say it to others who still believe this way. Half of the steroid users reported testicular atrophy as a common side effect of steroid usage. Research has shown that only 5% of one hundred steroids users hasn't signaled any side effect as a result of steroid use.

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           From the other 95%, half of them reported the shrinking of testicles as a common side effect. Other signaled side effects are insomnia, depression, high blood pressure and others. To recap the above can be said that the use of anabolic androgenic steroids are not responsible for penis size unless you take them before reaching 21 years old.



            You are at your own risk doing so, but even in this case. There are no studies who proved that steroids are responsible for enhancing or reducing penis size. This means that even you intend to use them for this sole purpose you will fail regardless of your primary aim.

             Instead, steroids consumption may shrinkage your testicles size, lower your libido and sperm count. But all these get back to normal once the steroids use is discontinued. Also, such factors as the length of the steroid cycle. Types of used steroids play a big role in preventing side unwanted side effects. So, take this piece of advice seriously: get informed about the finish before you begin!

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