How To Take Steroids When Following A Free-Form Training Program

If you are one of those who get tired of planning workout programs and tend to act instinctively, than this article is for you. Sticking to a certain training routine and taking it to the finish to see the results, is rarely a path you follow. You are an instinctive trainer: this week you can follow a pyramid training, while the next week can bring you something else.

How to incorporate steroids use to a such freestyle training program and get the most of them? Nobody says it’s easy, especial when you don’t love getting into trouble with preplanning. Find further main aspects to pay attention to for running a successful steroid cycle with minimum side effects on your health and maximum benefits.

The most important part of any steroid cycle is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) and this should be your biggest concern when are on steroids. You can skip planning in detail a cycle, but not paying enough attention for setting up a proper PCT is one of the biggest mistake many of steroid user do.


Be wiser than this and dedicate some hours for researching PCT. Once you come up with an example of PCT, you can use it again when on steroids. Save time for next cycles and be sure you are safe.

Go with shorter steroid cycles rather than longer:

To better fit your free-form steroid cycle some limitations have to be set. One of them is the number of weeks you can be on steroids. Opt for short steroids cycles- maximum 8 weeks, which in some cases may be too much. As you get closer to the finish of your cycle, make sure a proper PCT comes in play and help you body to restore its previous functions.

Here's an example of  short steroid cycle for lean mass gain with a strong focus on minimizing fat gain.

short steroid cycle

Strong control of “off” and “on” weeks:

The second limitation for instinctive training style. You know that every steroid cycle has to be followed by at least the same number of weeks you were taking steroids. This is the minim to follow for keeping you body in good health and continue putting on muscle mass when next steroid cycle is in place.

No bridging between steroids cycles are recommended in this case. Taking a mild steroid during your “off” weeks would worsen your situation and make next gains harder or even impossible. The reason for this is the great ability of our body to get used to anabolics and don’t react as well to them. More than this, is may take an totally unexpected turn and damage your health in an irreversible way.

What is the proper ratio of “on” and “off” weeks?

bodybuilding workoutThree options are available and only one it we recommend for use:

1:2- The number of “off” weeks are doubled.
1:1  - Time being “off” is equal with weeks you were “on”;
2:1 - Recovery time from steroids cycle constitutes half of time the steroid user was “on”.

The last two options are more aggressive and  and carry higher risks than first one. The longer time you allow for recovery, the better you body will restore its previous functions, begins to produce enough testosterone to keep the gained muscle mass.

Also, next time you are cycling, you body will react much better to anabolics, while  controlling side effects will much easier.

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The most important advantage in case of free-from training program is that you decide to take steroids during weeks the fastest results were registered. A 4 weeks steroid cycle allow you increase training effectiveness and get amazing results. Especially when mixed with proper diet and enough rest time.


Four weeks steroid cycles are perfect for those who train instinctively. It helps to maximize training effects on muscle mass and since it’s quite short, side effects are almost none. Of course when proper PCT is followed and a long enough time “off”  after cycle comes in.

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