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How to Take Testosterone for Powerlifting



How to Take Testosterone for Powerlifting

The first anabolic steroid ever created, synthetic Testosterone is the most commonly used anabolic in all of medicine, hormone replacement therapy, and performance enhancement for all sports. It is without question that in powerlifting Testosterone use, as it has lent its role in hundreds of world records made throughout the 20th& 21st century.

Though its original medical use was intended for treating patients with androgen deficiencies (namely, low natural production of testosterone) – the world soon found its use for boosting athletic performance by helping to develop an athlete’s muscularity, strength, speed, and explosiveness at a faster rate than ever accomplished by natural means.

Several physiological changes occur with high levels of testosterone in the system – namely, protein synthesis is greatly increased along with nitrogen retention. To put it simply, with Testosterone you will be able to put on muscle, gain strength, and recover faster at a rate that is not achievable through normal or natural means. 

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While Testosterone use (or any AAS use in general) isn’t the final deciding factor in whether you’ll be better than a non-drug using lifter, it is going to make you a stronger lifter overall. This is indisputable, and there is a reason why every major athletic governing agency flags elevated Testosterone levels – you will make progress faster using Testosterone than if you were to stay drug-free. Testosterone is the ultimate anabolic steroid, and every cycle you run for powerlifting Testosterone should include of some form as your base.

There are 4 commonly used variations of injectable Testosterone, all of which involve the ester bonding attached to the compound. The ester base used in conjunction with Testosterone will dictate the gradual release of the hormone in the body until the drug is completely absorbed within a certain period of time.

Note that the ester used with Testosterone does not in any way alter the hormonal properties of the drug – there is no “best Testosterone” to use, outside your choice of injection frequency.

The test tests. You will see the exact same benefits of using Testosterone over the course of your cycle regardless of which ester you use. The 4 esters, along with their half-lives are:

Testosterone Cypionate – 12 Days

Testosterone Enanthate – 10.5 Days

Testosterone Propionate – 2-3 Days

Testosterone Suspension – Less than 24 Hours


There are many different opinions about how much Testosterone should be used for cycles, and how much is “too much”. I personally have experience running Test from dosages of 250 mg weekly, to a very stupid moment of my life where I was running 1,250 mg weekly for a meet (and I was not even that strong at the time). Being that I know firsthand that more is not better for beginners & intermediates (aka, anyone below a 500 Wilks score), I hold a more conservative view in Testosterone dosages for most powerlifters.

 I have lifted more weight RUNNING NOTHING compared to the time I was running 1.25 grams of Test a week. STEROIDS WILL NOT TRANSFORM YOU INTO A WORLD CLASS LIFTER.

Hard work, persistence, a consistent diet plan, and time will make you stronger than any local level lifter running 2 grams of test trying to deadlift 545.

That being said, here are my suggested ranges for weekly Testosterone dosage:

  • First time user: 250 – 500 mg
  • Second cycle: 250 –750 mg
  • Third cycle: 500 – 750 mg
  • Intermediate (450 Wilks, 1-2 Years of Experience With Anabolics): 750 mg – 1 gram
  • Advanced (500 Wilks, Years of Experience With Anabolics): 1 gram – 1.25 grams
  • World Class (Top 10 Ranked in Weight Class, Years of Experience With Anabolics) - 1 gram – 1.5 grams

A first time user will typically start their Testosterone protocol at 500 mg weekly, though it is also fine to run Test at 250 mg & see great results from a lower dose. I would say that 750 mg is the ceiling where most people will not experience any serious side effects, and 1 gram is where complications can start to occur.

When it comes to world class lifters and their anabolic use, dosages will actually range from all over the board. You will find guys who are killing it and only running 500 – 750 mg of Test, and then, of course, we all have heard of some lifter who is running 3 grams of Test a week in addition with a whole cocktail of other compounds. We will touch on what the best powerlifters are taking later on in this guide – just know that dosage amounts used and relative strength of an individual aren’t necessarily related to each other.

Testosterone should be used at a minimum of 10 weeks if you want to obtain tangible results from your cycle. It takes a few weeks for the beneficial effects to “kick in” and the best gains you’ll make are typically towards the end of your cycle. It is more common to run a cycle of Test for 12 weeks, though this can be extended to 14-16 weeks with a relatively little issue.

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Just know that the longer your natural production of testosterone is suppressed, the harder it will be to restore it during post-cycle therapy and afterward. For this reason, a cycle of Test shouldn’t extend beyond 20 weeks tops and it would be safer overall to run it in 12-16 week durations.

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