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Anabolic Steroids

What is the best oral anabolic steroid for a beginner (20% bf)?




     The current topic is about the most suitable oral steroids that beginners can use due to their higher positive effects and lesser side effects. For beginners, suitable steroid cycles have also been described.


     These are hormones. In the medical field, these are used to treat various forms of infections and inflammation.  For the purpose of performance-enhancing, the steroids treat and heal while their higher doses influence body functions. These synthetic drugs can be taken topically in the form of cream and ointment, by mouth or orally or through injection.

     Basic positive effects include protein synthesis, increase in muscle mass and muscle power, high level of RBC production and libido. However, the user may also experience severe side effects such as infertility, adenocarcinoma, acne, heart disease, and jaundice etc.

    Testosterone is the most common body hormone. It has anabolic and androgenic effects means it promotes muscle growth and enhances male traits.

Best steroids for beginner

These are

    Oral steroids such as Winstrol, Testosterone, Dianabol and Deca Durabolin have been recommended by the bodybuilders.

Testosterone cycle

    The research was conducted and different views were considered. Testosterone cycle has been recommended particularly for the beginners by many authors. Actually, if you start any sort of cycle of steroids, you require testosterone for every run. It plays a basic role in muscle building, strength, and health of a user. All different steroids have different and unique influence, for example in a cycle having the stack of testosterone, nandrolones and AA-17 have their unique benefits and associated risks.

       Never initiate with the test or tren that is strong injectable while halo, Hgh, insulin, and Anadrol are also very strong, so try to avoid if you are a beginner.  The very first introduction of anabolic steroids such as testosterone will generate profound gains along with some side effects that you can manage with proper PCT.

Body response to steroids

    Body manages hormonal balance when there is unnatural higher hormonal level is observed by the body system. Methylated hormones and Testosterone orals alter the balance of nandrolones and estrogen while Deca NPP and tren influence prolactin levels. These cause gyno, water retention, high BP, acne, and behavioral problems and many other issues. Aromatase inhibitors can be used to minimize the harmful effects of anabolic steroids.

     If you are the beginner, you cannot understand how your body will respond to steroid so you need to understand the potential effects the steroids can impose on your body. Thus short-cycle steroids allow you to cease the use of steroids if an unwanted reaction occurs and your body will eliminate it easily as well. Testosterone esters are best in this regard.

PCT for beginner

     If your side-effect causing drug from your body. (opens in a new tab)">1st cycle has 8 weeks duration with 350mg dosage level per week than PCT must be of 9 to 10 weeks. It will find out how your body will respond. For instance, if blood results are diagnosed with problems and in case if you have side effects and problems, you can inhibit the steroid use and go for the treatment. Arimidex is usually used for treatment purpose to eliminate the side-effect causing drug from your body.



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   Testosterone causes small changes in blood lipids that seem safe for arteries. This is a natural hormone, therefore the body can easily tolerate it as compared to other steroids. Its use causes less cosmetic impacts such as male breast outgrowth and balding process in athletes.

Select the right pattern

    It is compulsory to take small and less harmful or more effective steroid at first attempt. Different steroids stacking to get the strength without the right information of side effects control patterns may give rise to harmful and opposite effects.

Steroid cycle

     Steroid cycle refers to the time period during which anabolic steroids are used for bodybuilding or even for fat burning. It takes about 4 weeks to complete the cycle of oral steroid and injectable takes 14 weeks. Beginner cycles are usually short cycles.

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Testosterone Enanthate

     This is the world famous steroid for beginner use. Testosterone Enanthate is used by most of the athletes and bodybuilders. It has varying benefits that depend on training and your diet plan.  It causes weight gain within a short time period. However, overdosing is completely bad.


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     Stacking involves the use of multiple steroids, mostly 2 to 3 steroids for a cycle.  Many people recommend cycle based on only testosterone. You can level up to other mild compounds from single testosterone based cycle to your next cycle like Dianabol and Anavar. Testosterone Ethanate can be used for 1 week with 500 mg dosage. Follow precautions such as PCT, injection protocol, OCT, and cardio support and other considerations. Normally, Testosterone Enanthate can be used for 1-12 Weeks with 250 mg, while Aromasin or Arimidex can be used in case if any sort of problems occurs.

   Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate and Testosterone cypionate are cheap

Boldenone steroid

     Boldenone can be said better after testosterone and ranks at second number. It works by pulling the water and RBCs to muscles and improves the protein synthesis process. Oral steroids in the form of tablets must be preferred.

Nandrolone decanoate or Deca

       It increases muscle gains and muscle strength.  It is very popular among athletes and recognized as the highly bulking compound. Old age Mike Mentzer and Arnie Schwarzenegger admitted the use of Deca for huge muscles gains. It is less mass producing than DBol, but its gains are last longer. It increases strength and endurance with joint protection and has less water retention issue.

      Deca's increases RBCs that bring the endurance. For the beginner, 200 mg dose per week can be considered as a good start that can be exceeded to 400 mg/week. Some said that its dose of 400mg/week and 30mg dbol/ day till 8 weeks will be used. After it, use PCT of nolva, hgc and Clomid. This drug increases the production of body testosterone. There are other steroids that enhance the protein synthesis rate from 10gms to 40gms that causes muscular gains. However, it badly affects the liver and endocrine system, so you need to take extra care.

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Dianabol/ Methandrostenolone

    It is also said as most effective and most popular because it imposes lesser side effects as compared to other steroids. It causes an increase in muscle gains and muscle strength.  Beginners usually prefer oral steroids for their first attempt.  It gives fast results, but, their metabolism is critical.  It also has associated risks such as it is highly Estrogenic and imposes Gyno risk.

      Dianabol is best oral and it is medically and scientifically proved. It gives massive mass gains and weight increase. D-Bol must be the first choice for the first cycle and it must also be the part of PCT therapy.

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     During the 1960s to 70's Mr. Olympia, 7x Arnie used Dbol. This oral can increase BP and cholesterol levels, so you need regular check-ups.


    This milder hormone is also available in oral forms that are manufactured by peptides; this synthetic hormone is exactly similar with body HGH Growth hormone that causes fewer negative impacts while more positive effects such as it promote cell reformation, controls brain functionality and enhances the activity of other body hormones.

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      Anabolic steroids improve nitrogen retention capacity of muscles that enable the development of new tissue.


      It increases muscle gains and strength. This is mild therefore can be used by the beginners. It also causes less side-effects but liver toxicity may be a concern.



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      It does not produce heavy muscles but overall it brings improvement. It has anti-catabolic qualities and high anabolic capacity. It is expensive and difficult to find in its original form. So be careful as there may be a fake product.

Mass developer Cycle

      For 10 weeks, Dianabol and testosterone can be used.  Dianabol of 30mg per day for week 1 to 4 and Testosterone Enanthate of 500mg per week for 1-10 weeks can be used. Nolvadex and Arimidex can be used for cycle support.

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     For PCT, Nolvadex 40mg per day and Clomid of 100mg per day can be used for a 1-2 week while from 3 to 4week, Clomid 50mg per day and Nolvadex 20mgs/day will be used.

Lean gainer beginner cycle

     This cycle consists of 12 weeks use of test enanthate Anavar. For 1- 12 weeks, use testosterone enanthate 250mgs per week. While using the Winstrol of 25mg per day for 8 to 12 week will be good.

     For week 1 to 12, Arimidex, Alpha-lipoic acid and Glucosamine will be used with prescribed doses as cycle support. For PCT, Clomid will be taken from 14 to 18 weeks while Nolva will be taken from 14 to 18 weeks.


     Steroids use is becoming popular among bodybuilders and athletes for performance enhancing.  Above 100 different synthetic steroids forms are available, and the use of many of them is restricted. Research revealed that there runs a black market where steroids are sold illegally.  Steroids chemically resemble with body testosterone that is the male hormone and also promotes muscle growth.

     Everyone wants perfect look and health. It is all about physical fitness that depends on strong energy level, stamina, and flexibility. In case of bodybuilding, youngsters can choose excellent exercises and healthy diet for muscle building but if you are interested in monster look then you can check the steroids that most athletes use. Steroid use is not healthy for youngsters below age 25 and without any weight training, the steroid use will bring no benefits. So, you need strong passion and high intention to your goals so that you can invest the maximum of your power in the right direction that will surely bring victory for you. Always choose the right and mild first in short term. Subsequently, you can increase the doses and periods according to your need.  For long-lasting effects and long-term health, you need to follow proper PCT.

Useful tips

- Do proper and deep research, and consult with a doctor for blood tests to monitor nutrient deficiencies, BP, hormone levels, etc.

- You must be familiar with the exact and correct patterns for steroids, steroid cycles, and stacks.

- You must be a weight trainer first because steroid use will only be effective after that.

-  If you are younger than 25 years, try to avoid the steroid use.

-  After the consistent weightlifting effort of about 4 to 5 years, you can do the use of steroids.

-  Eat healthily and properly.

-   Body fat must be less than 15%

- Oral steroids impact the liver so take PCT and high liver support.  Other advanced steroids such as Tren also need special precautionary measures.

-   Consult with the doctor during Pre, mid and post-cycle.

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