Why Do People Take Steroids?

Why do People Take Steroids?


Steroids offer abundant source of energy. The drug, when taken under proper medical advice, can also prove to be effective in building heavy muscles and increase strength of human beings. The drug has done wonders in the arena of sports and athletes are continuing to reach new records using these drugs under proper medical surveillance. All these information might offer a crucial focus on several facts regarding increased use of steroids.


Steroids have offered great benefit for people of almost all ages. The drug offers extreme energy to perform any nature of hard work, even for a longer duration. That is why they are highly popular among modern athletes who are ready to go to any height to achieve their dream.


It is a well established fact that steroids have taken the various events of sports to an entirely new level of adventure and pace. Every now and then numerous world records are being created, only to be broken at the very next moment. Increased energy levels among young athletes after successful utilization of steroids have led to such exceptional situations.


Steroids help to feed the muscles with extra nutrition and blood circulation. Anabolic steroids work best for such purposes and offer an effective method to increase mass of body through proper muscle growth in a natural way.


Are steroids limited to athletes only?

Not only athletes, but also common people are also indulging in using steroids for increasing their stamina and energy. Steroids are said to have direct influence on muscle building. Therefore they are becoming hot favorite for innumerable people. The drug also reduces fat and helps to turn out leaner, yet muscular. People having certain reservations about their physique use this drug in order to achieve proper body shape.


Benefits of using steroids

There are several benefits associated with use of steroids. They can be listed as follows –


  • Effective to build muscle mass in an effective and humanly manner
  • Strengthens bone joints and even tissues of muscles
  • Increases rate of recovery resulting out of any injury
  • Effective means to prevent arthritis; decreases arthritis pain


There are several kinds of steroids. However, anabolic steroids are hugely used across the world. This kind of steroid has tremendous effect muscle and skeletal growth. Anabolic steroids are synthetic ones that largely imitate sex hormone of male. They are highly used to increase body-built an enhance power and appearance within a short period. Anyone can get anabolic steroids from medical stores by producing a prescription by an experienced medical practitioner.


Effective methods of using steroids for having best effect

Steroid cycle refers to the period and cycle for which a person usually intake steroids. Following an effective steroid cycle offers a genuine method to achieve better body growth with attractive muscular effect.


Beginner cycle

It is always best to start using steroid that has pure testosterone content. A beginner should start with a dosage of about 400mgs per week. Following the course for initial 12 weeks would certainly come in handy.


Three-week blitz

In this method, steroids are taken for three weeks. The beginner starts with a single dose of steroid before moving on to higher doses.


Step 1 – Initial single dosage is followed for first two weeks.


Step 2 – the second compound is added from the third week. For one week, a combination of first dose and second dose is followed. After the period, a third combination is followed until the completion of associated cycle.


Double mini cycle

Several steps are also followed in this cycle.


Step 1 - Two or three steroids are stacked for about six weeks in this cycle.


Step 2 – After the first cycle, a two-week recovery period is observed. During the recovery cycle, you would need to use HCG 5000 I.U., before starting the second cycle.


Step 3 – During this phase, the same compounds are used under specified manner. However, after completion of second cycle, duration of two months of recovery is followed.


Inverted Pyramid form

This cycle is highly recommended for people who have certain experience in using high dose of steroids. Beginners are not encouraged to follow this stage. Inverted pyramid style preaches taking high dose of steroids at the beginning and decreasing the dose with gradual passing week.



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