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4 Best Natural Supplements For Pregnant Women




           Excellent and healthy nutrition is a must all our lives; however, it becomes significantly essential during gestation or in simple words during pregnancy. It is the time when the baby takes whatever it needs from the mother. It does not matter if the mother has it in spare or not. Therefore, mothers need to ensure that they are getting enough of the Natural Supplements for them as well as for the growing babies.

       Unfortunately, it has been observed that most of the moms begin their gestation period with a deficiency of one or more minerals or vitamins. It is due to this fact that prenatal vitamins are a must during these nine months at least when moms have babies in them.

           Pregnancy superfoods are indeed excellent to get the most of the nutrients. These foods include the dates, liver, and avocados, etc. But then again with our industrialized food system and depleted soils, it is not at all possible to get everything that needs from the food that we eat.

Natural Supplements for pregnant women

            After saying all this, it is pretty much clear to us that pregnancy natural supplements or prenatal vitamins are essential for a healthy and smooth pregnancy. However, it needs to keep in mind that not all of the prenatal vitamins are created on an equal basis. So you need to see which food items will serve the purpose best for you.

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Food-Based Supplements / Prenatal:

Food-Based Supplements / Prenatal

          These are the ones known to be the gentler on the stomach and more absorbable. The reason behind this is the fact that these are the ones that have been derived directly from the food and not the ones that are the isolated vitamins.

         Most of the women who usually suffer from nausea and constipation when they make use of the conventional prenatal vitamins, they see a considerable improvement in these conditions when they switch to prenatal vitamins during pregnancy.

       As mentioned earlier as well, that these are derived from food, hence they are a blend of phytonutrients, enzymes, and other co-factors that make them most absorbable and get them added into the spectrum of nutrition. Most of these include herbal and probiotics blends as well.

             The cons of these prenatal are that they are highly exposing with lowered levels of each mineral and vitamin as compared to the synthetic vitamins. But as they are highly absorbable as compared to the synthetics, therefore there remains no need to taking higher levels of vitamins that are neither beneficial nor necessary.

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Mega Food Baby & Me Prenatal Vitamins:

Mega Food Baby & Me Prenatal Vitamins :

       Mega Food offers a couple of versions of the prenatal blend, i.e., Baby & Me and Baby & Me 2. The former does not have an herbal blend.

        It constitutes vitamin D, vitamin K, as well as lots of vitamin B. It is also active in Iron, Iodine, and Zinc. All these three are essential minerals in pregnancy. As it is low in magnesium and calcium, hence, you should intake organic food to meet this deficiency.

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New Chapter Perfect Pre-Natals:

            It is gluten-free, with no MGO and made of organic foods. It has been well equipped with vitamin D, K and last but not the least Iron. However, it is known not to reach the RDA in Iodine, Zinc, Magnesium, calcium, and folate which is indeed one of the most significant nutrients during pregnancy,

      To support preconception, proper fetal development, and healthy pregnancy, this supplement is known to be formulated with no sugar added formula. It is gentle even on an empty stomach. You will not come across any feeling of nausea with having this ingested.

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Rainbow Light:

         It is one of the most well-known and popular prenatal in the world, and even that is for every good reason. It has been well adorned with the double iron, being active in Iodine, vitamin C, and Zinc.

       A hearty dose of probiotics is well known for being gentle on the stomach. Another good thing is the fact that you need to take it only once a day. It is indeed pretty much convenient to do this.

         It has nutritional support for the heart, bone, skin, and breast with the help of iron, B-complex, and vitamin D3. Also, this supplement has vitamin D2, folic acid, etc.

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Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal:

          Vitamin code is yet another favorite food-based prenatal. It does not have any filler and has been processed at a lowered heat for maximum nutritional retention. Also, It is pretty much strong in Iodine vitamin C, iron, and the entire vitamin B. It has double the Vitamin D3, which sounds perfect in every manner. On the other hand, it is pretty much lower in vitamin K.

        It can create issues for calcium absorption. Moreover, this is also lower in the value of copper, and zinc along with the traces of other significant minerals. No one can deny the fact that being a mom is indeed a huge blessing in itself.

          It would be very right to say that felling a life growing inside the body is indeed a huge responsibility. Earlier there were you, and now you are carrying a living human baby inside you. It needs to keep in mind that being pregnant, you need to ensure the continuous and uninterrupted food items for the proper growth of the baby, and use only natural supplements.

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          It is also agreed that different women have different pregnancies. Hence if once prenatal worked well for one expecting mother does not mean that it would serve the same purposes and vice versa. Look for the pre-natal that do not have any allergens for your or your underdeveloped.

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