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5 Home Gym Essentials To Build A Great Body




Introduction Home Gym Essentials

           So far, 2020. was a hectic year, and it will undoubtedly be remembered in history primarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus took us all by surprise, and it hit many industries hard, including travel, airlines, but it also shook the fitness world. Gyms were always an oasis of health, but all of a sudden, they became unsafe, and in many countries, they are still closed. Even if they are open, exercising with masks and latex gloves is anything but pleasant. Because of all this, many people are turning to working out at home with Home Gym Essentials.

Crunches Are For Abs:

           While you can do a lot with just your bodyweight, having some home gym essentials will make your workouts much better, helping you build a great body from the comfort (and safety) of your home. In this post, we will give you five pieces of equipment that will allow you to hit every muscle in your body but won't hit your budget too hard, so make sure you read it through.

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 #1: A Pull-up Bar

          Buying a pullup bar is an absolute must for any home workout. Without it, doing pullups and chinups is next to impossible. Sure, you can try doing them on a door, or on a tree branch outside. But, considering that you can get a decent pullup bar for cheap and that it lasts a long time, it is one of the best fitness investments you can make.

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             The most obvious thing you can do on a pullup bar is pullups and chinups. These exercises are hard and are one of the best ways to train your back, primarily lats. Having developed lats will give width to your frame. Besides lats, pullups, and especially chinups, hit your biceps and will help you build nice looking hands. Also, you can do scapular retractions on a pullup bar, which will help your posture.

           Besides pullups, you can use the bar to do hanging leg raises, which is one of the best exercises to target your lower abs, but it hits the full six-pack.

            And of course, you can use the pullup bar for hanging and stretching. Hanging from a bar is one of the best things you can do for your shoulders, as it decompresses them. It also stretches your lats and is good for your spine. Hanging from a bar is something you should definitely include into your routine, and if you install a bar in your doorway, you can do it every time you get in or out of your room.

 #2: A Pair Of Adjustable Dumbbells

           The most versatile piece of exercise equipment you can buy is certainly a pair of dumbbells. Even though you can technically do all the exercises with one dumbbell, it is not convenient, and a workout will take you twice as much time as you will have to switch sides all the time, so get a pair.

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        A single pair of dumbbells will hit every single muscle in your body. Also, exercising with dumbbells enables you to do one side at a time, and will fix imbalances as the stronger side will never take over the load.

          Also, it is very important to get a pair of adjustable dumbbells, unless you have the budget to buy a whole set of fixed-weight dumbbells. Adjustable ones will save you a lot of space, and will still allow you to perform the exercises with optimal weight. Yes, you won't be able to switch between exercises instantaneously like when working out at the gym, as you will have to readjust the dumbbell. But if you plan your workouts well, you will be able to do more than one exercise with the same weight.

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 #3: A Jump Rope a Home Gym Essentials

          With a pullup bar and a pair of dumbbells, you will be able to hit all of the muscle groups in your body, which will help you gain size and strength. However, one big thing will still be missing from your workout - cardio. Unfortunately, most cardio machines such as treadmills, stationary bikes and rowing machines are very expensive, and they take up a lot of space, requiring a dedicated exercise room. But, there is one piece of cardio equipment you can buy for cheap, and carry around with you anywhere you go - a jump rope.

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          Rope skipping is an excellent form of cardio which will burn a tone of calories, helping you trim down fat. Also, it is very safe, especially if you jump with two legs. Because you are not jumping high, the impact on the ankles and knees is minimal, and you won't have any issues with a jump rope even if you are a bit overweight.

         Also, jumping a rope helps your hand-eye coordination, and is an enjoyable activity, especially because you can try different jump rope techniques and figures.

           Furthermore, you can combine it with other types of bodyweight cardio such as burpees, to create intense HIIT sessions that re guaranteed to burn a lot of fat, helping you get shredded.

 #4: An Adjustable Exercise Bench

           Although you can perform most exercises on the floor, yoga mat, or your furniture, an adjustable gym bench will make your workouts more convenient. You will be able to exercise correctly and with proper form, which will reduce the injury risk, and also promote muscle building.

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           If you can, buy an adjustable bench. This will allow you to do more exercise by changing the incline. Training muscles from multiple angles will trigger even more growth, and you will start noticing results in no time at all. A good adjustable bench will allow you to go decline as well, which will open new possibilities, especially when training abs and chest. But, any kind of exercise bench is a much better option than using home furniture, as the improved stability will decrease the injury risks.

             Also, if you get a foldable bench, as soon as you finish your workout, you can store the bench under your bed, or in the closet. That will save you a lot of space, which is important if you don't have a dedicated exercise room.

 #5: A Set Of Quality Resistance Bands

           We talked about how dumbbells are the most versatile piece of gym equipment, and that is something you can say for resistance bands too. In fact, because resistance bands weight much less than dumbbells, they are an excellent travel companion, and you will be able to carry them anywhere with you. Also, they are much more affordable than dumbbells, which is also worth mentioning.

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              What makes resistance bands unique is that the tension increases as the band stretches. This allows you to train your muscles in a new way, quite different than free weights. So, even if you own dumbbells, combining them with resistance bands will make your workout perfect.

             Also, some exercises such as band pullaparts are a great way to improve your posture, and you can only do them with bands. Furthermore, bands are one of the safest ways to train your muscles, and the injury risk is minimal. They are an excellent option for rehabilitation and will help you work around your injuries, which is why you can see them in rehabilitation centres around the globe.


            If you buy a pullup bar, dumbbells, jump rope, adjustable bench and resistance bands, all this Home Gym Essentials, you will have more than enough equipment to start working out from the comfort of your home. This will keep you occupied until the gyms reopen, at least. And who knows, maybe you will decide that you like working out at home more and decide to continue doing so even when the COVID-19 pandemic passes.

            Of course, you can invest in bigger pieces such as home gym machines, but they take up much more space and are more expensive. There are also many other budget accessories you can buy, such as foam rollers, that are a good investment, but you can hardly consider them as an essential.


             In fact, if you are really strapped for cash, get only the first three items from the list. With a pullup bar, two dumbbells and a jump rope, you will be able to do a great workout, building both strength and endurance. An adjustable bench and resistance bands will only push that workout to the next level, so get those when you can too. Just remember, hoarding the equipment won't replace working out, so no excuses - get some Home Gym Essentials, and start working out today!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Afton Jackson

    September 10, 2020 at 2:42 am

    Thank you for suggesting adjustable dumbbells as an essential part of a home gym. Lifting weights has always intimidated me, as I feel like people will ridicule me if I’m not able to lift heavy weights immediately. If I can set up a home gym and order exercise equipment that allows me to take things slowly, I’ll be more motivated to work out.

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