Gel Or Cream Steroids For Muscle Development

Transdermal steroids are the same steroids just used in another less common form as cream or pitches. They are applied on clean skin and take effects in short time. This form of steroid was heavily marketed during the last fifty years being largely used in testosterone replacement therapy. Because of ban put on steroids by authorities, bodybuilders took a closer look on these categories of drugs and found them to be quite effective in building muscle mass.

In this article we goanna shed some light on transdermal steroids so that you will find answers to some of the most important questions related to this subject: how effective they are, how to use them, what the best places to apply are and why it’s worth to give them a chance.

Too fewer studies cover this subject, so there is not much science about it. A research done National Institute of Health strongly incline the balance toward more confident use of transdermal steroids as state that this way of administration is going to gain more and more popularity over the time.

Transdermal steroids occurred as a necessity for a more practical way of drug administration. The other two forms of steroids - oral and injectable- are not by far the ideal because of number of limitations and side effects they have. Individuals with liver problems would not afford to take oral steroids as they were changed in a way to surpass liver, hence being liver toxic. For this category of steroid users, transdermal roids are their key toward fast muscle building.

Injection pain is something that not everybody wants to go through. Not mentioning they have to be carefully administered as not to cause injection site inflammation. Adding here the risks related to disease transmitted through improper use of syringes and we got a bunch of reasons to reconsider injectable steroids.

Transdermal delivery of steroids doesn’t equal the effectiveness of injectable forms

Let’s be real and say the things as they are. Since many claim that transdermal steroids can be as effective as injectable, this is not like this. Transdermal steroids are less potent, so to expect the same gains an injectable are able to promote is hilarious. Mild in action, transdermal steroids are able to cause noticeable increase in muscle mass with almost no risks attached. An advantage that is by far missed by injectables which are causing serious side effects even in low doses.

Steroid gel application

In order to increase its effectiveness and be safe, transdermal steroid are not applied randomly in the body. There are particular sites which allow steroids to be better and faster delivered. The skin in front of the neck, the shoulder and upper back are ideal zones to apply to cream or pitches on. Skin on these areas is pretty thin and characterized by a high concentration of steroidogenic enzymes- so necessary for hormone conversion.

Scrotal skin has proved to be the most effective site for the best transdermal steroids transmission. The absorption rate in this zone is five times higher than others, so that within minutes after applying it shoots testosterone level up. Inspite of this, there is one detail to consider: the DHT concentration in this site is also higher, so that you have to get informed about hot to keep that low before proceeding to its use.

Among sites to avoid applying transdermal steroid on are the stomach area where the aromatase enzymes are found in a very high level. This means that a big part of applied testosterone is at risk to be turned into estrogens, causing water retention or gymo side effects. That’s why it’s better to avoid this region at all.

Testosterone gel

There are several forms of transdermal steroids, but we need the ones with pronounced anabolic features. Testosterone gel or cream is the most popular one which almost every steroid user heard about. Nandrolone or boldenone for topical application are an alternative to test if for some reasons you don’t want to use it. For most of people this reason relies of test feature to turn into DHT, which cause hair loss and enlarged prostate. On the other flip, DHT is antagonist to estrogen, so that gyno or water retention side effects are lowered, while erectile function is improved.

Transdermal testosterone would rather increase your testosterone level to normal limits, and then boost it. If your are forty years old and use transdermal test, expect your test level to reach level of your twenties. This is quite good, but not as impressive as injectable work. To really get your test level pretty high, you have to switch to injectable.

Want to know the effect of test gel in women ? Read this articles and find it out : Transdermal Testosterone is an effective aphrodisiac for women with sexual problems.

Transdermal steroids are a good alternative to injectable or oral form and worth to be used if you plan to redress your test level to a normal limit. Transdermal steroids are not help you heavily bulk, as for this goal you would have to choose injectable steroids.


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