YouTube Fitness Influencers to Subscribe to Right Now

                YouTube is a social media platform that Google owns, with millions of users around the world. It is designed to share and also watch online videos. It allows one to create and upload online videos to share with others. Over the years, this platform has grown to gain more users and subscribers who use this platform to share content created with various categories of subscribers. These youtube users can watch, comment, like, dislike, share, and upload their videos. YouTube Fitness Influencers.

             YouTube fitness influencers have also used YouTube as a platform to share their fitness journey, tricks, and advice with their subscribers. Therefore, most users who cannot visit the gym physically can view the videos uploaded by their favorite YouTube influencers. To help them stay and maintain healthier lifestyles. YouTube fitness influencers are reaching millions of viewers worldwide with the help of YouTube channels. These fitness influencers are genuinely concerned with making us all fit and healthy other than making quick money.

            Since the COVID-19 lockdown, this platform has been used extensively for keeping fit since people could not head to the gym physically. Many channels have been giving out quality fitness content for years.  Listed below are some of the best YouTube fitness channels that one needs to subscribe to aid them in their fitness programs.

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Yoga with Adriene

             This YouTube Fitness Influencer reached 10.2 million subscribers and joined YouTube on August 30, 2012. With 596 million views, Adriene's content mission is to give high-quality free yoga videos to connect so many people across the globe. Adriene has one of the most successful and viewed yoga channels.

              Adriene's YouTube channel has featured various videos like Yoga for Beginners. For those viewers who are on the beginner level, the foundations of yoga to fit the goals of those who are continuing. Yoga for weight loss for those with a target of losing weight, and total body yoga. In Adriene's channel, everyone can find suitable content that fits their level and body type.


           This YouTube Fitness Influencer has reached over 6.61 million subscribers and joined YouTube on January 19, 2010, with 1 billion views. FitnessBlender is a team of two, a husband and a wife (Daniel and Kelly). The FitnessBlender channel has content of more than 600 full-length quality workout videos for free. Their videos are added weekly for quality life, healthier lifestyles, and the body.

             With these many available videos, one can find a workout of their preference. FitnessBlender’s priority is to share nutrition, health information, and workout with their viewers. They have a variety of workouts for beginners, middle-level, and those ready to step it up a notch. They also have a website about health, nutrition, and fitness. It helps viewers track their workouts and progress and create home workout programs.

Popsugar Fitness

              POPSUGAR Fitness is a YouTube channel run by fitness expert Anna Renderer with over 5.8 million subscribers and 1.3 thousand videos and joined on November 21st,2010, with over 600 million views. Also, POPSUGAR fitness content provides viewers with fitness tutorials and exercises for those who want to lose weight, be fit, gain weight, and live a healthy lifestyle.

             Using the workout videos on the channel, one can follow and work out alongside Anna Renderer, fitness enthusiasts, and Hollywood's most-known celebrity trainers. Her fitness content features exercises and trending workout classes like P90X, Victoria's secret exercise, Tabata, and Bar method. POPSUGAR's primary aim to her viewers is to help them on their journey to healthier lifestyles, lose and gain weight and relieve daily stress.


             Blogilates is a fitness YouTube channel owned by this certified fitness trainer Cassey Ho who is known to be the most energetic person. Cassey Ho is an award-winning female fitness instructor who offers boot camp sculpting workouts on her YouTube.

          Cassey Ho's channel has over 5.61 million subscribers and over 800 uploaded videos. She joined YouTube on June 13, 2009. She also offers POP Pilates videos and PIIT28 workouts on her YouTube channel. Cassey's viewers are continuously growing, and people are ready to use her workout calendars, tips, and tricks. Cassey's YouTube content focuses on how to burn fat, clean, healthy eating tips, and more.

Bradley Martyn

            Bradley Martyn YouTube channel has over 2.95 million subscribers and has uploaded 1000 videos with over 335 million views. He joined YouTube on August 20, 2014. Bradley Martyn can post up to % of weekly videos covering everything, including grocery shopping and the most effective shoulder and back workouts. On Bradley's channels, he also posts workout videos where he workouts with other famous YouTube and Instagram Influencers.

             On his YouTube channel, he uploads videos for beginners, advanced workouts, instructional how-to-dos, and questions and answers on fitness journeys and motivation to his subscribers and viewers. Bradley Martyn's YouTube channel is the right one for you if you want to improve your fitness journey, muscle gain, strength gaining, and shoulder and chest workouts.

Pamela Reifs

           Pamela Reifs is a German-born fitness influencer on YouTube and a fitness model who began her fitness videos content when she was 16. Pamela's YouTube channel has over 7.74 million subscribers and has uploaded 126 videos with over 250 million views. Pamela joined YouTube on September 16, 2013. Pamela Reifs has uploaded fitness videos that have made her a famous brand ambassador for various fitness brands after becoming a fitness expert (FITSPO) for her posts as an Instagram fitness model.

           Also, Pamela is a famous YouTuber and Model who shares her workout content on leg workouts, abs exercises, workouts that burn calories, and more. Pamela Reifs also has a playlist on her content that helps one to find the workouts that they would prefer to do. Pamela's workouts range from beginner-friendly, intense, home-based, and live. Besides YouTube, Pamela published her first book, Strong and Beautiful, in 2017.

Matt Does Fitness

              Matt Does Fitness is a YouTube fitness influencer with over 2.9 million subscribers and over 1.2 thousand videos. He joined YouTube on March 20, 2013, with over 200 million viewers. Matt's fitness content focuses on bodybuilding, eating a lot of food, and his lifestyle vlogs. On matt does fitness channel, there is his series called “bodybuilder tries.” He does workouts outside his comfort zones, such as pole dancing or CrossFit.

             Matt does fitness is a famously known YouTube influencer for fitness who has partnered with big fitness brands like Gym Shark and My Protein. He also tries other challenges that involve eating, where he exchanges diets with other fitness experts. His family members create awareness about different eating habits and how they relate to fitness. These challenges are; the”100000 calories in 24 hours challenge” or eating 5000 calories in 24 hours of fruits and vegetables.

The Fitness Marshall

              This YouTube fitness influencer has 3.3 million subscribers and uploaded over 290 videos with over 370 million views. The fitness marshal joined YouTube on September 11th,2014. The fitness marshal uploads dance workouts to hit songs like Lizzo, Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, and many more on his YouTube channel.

          Caleb Marshal also uploads videos called 'sweet sessions' where viewers can work out with the "Booty Army" for like 20 minutes to 1 hour! Depending on the viewer's goals. You are also involved in cardio-heavy workouts when dancing to your hit pop songs. That will keep you moving and fit to achieve your fitness goal.


              Scott Herman is a YouTube fitness influencer with more than 2.53 million subscribers to his fitness channel. He has uploaded more than 1.7 thousand videos on his channel. He has over 450 million views on his channel and joined YouTube on May 25, 2009. Scott Herman dedicates to providing quality fitness videos that help his viewers to maximize their gains.

              Depending on your fitness goals like muscle gain, loss of fat, and building strength Scott has a video that suits you. He uploads fitness videos twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays to give his subscribers more gains and workouts. Videos on his YouTube channel are about building arm and leg muscles and chest growth. He has an online community on his web page, which one can join to gain all the fitness guidelines. His YouTube channel has a custom meal plan or a program for fat loss, strength, and muscle growth.


          YouTube is the best online platform for your fitness goals, like building muscles, keeping fit, and maintaining healthier lifestyles. If you cannot access the gym physically, fitness influencers upload videos daily to give you quality workouts—exercise guidelines to help you achieve your body goals. You should subscribe, share, and comment to motivate and support fitness influencers. Also, watch their videos often because it pays and supports their channel.


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