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Anadur(Nandrolone Hexyloxyphenylpropionate) is an almost known rendition of Nandrolone with a slightly longer half-life than Deca Durabolin, which has the Decanoate Ester happened. Because of the way that its based compound is 19-Nor-Testosterone (19-Nor), an unlucky insufficiency of a carbon molecule in the nineteenth position separates Anadur from Testosterone.

Nandrolone's transformation rate to Estrogen is approximately 20%, not as much as Testosterone. Therefore, using Nandrolone was prominent during the late stages of bodybuilding. Since bodybuilders did not have access to inhibitors Aromatase yet, they had a couple of discussion mixes to manage Estrogenic issues.

In contrast with Testosterone, Anadu’s coupling quality with the ARs (Anabolic receptor) is more purported. 37:12 on paper, the Anabolic to an Androgenic proportion of Anadur interestingly. Yet it is imperative to recall that these A-to-A proportions would be misdirected on multiple occasions. Anadur and its partner Deca Durabolin are more Anabolic than Testosterone in this specific case, and Androgenic inclination was lower. With Anadur, you can expect fewer symptoms than with other Androgenic mixes is the advantage of lower Androgenic action.

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Ester and Half-Life’s Understanding

Anadur has the Hexyloxyphenylpropionate Ester joined to it. This Ester has substantial size and is moderate acting, making it less contain dynamic Nandrolone on an mg to mg premise than Deca Durabolin. The significant point of interest flong ester is if, despite getting slower outcomes, the client will encounter fewer symptoms and slower Estrogen change through the cycle span.

The half-existence of steroids Ester doesn’t decide to what extent the compound will remain dynamic in the body. One of the greatest myths and mass dismay chit-chatted on the web discussions. In this situation, Anadur contains an extremely strong 5 ay half-life of over 2 weeks. This does don’t imply that Anadur will be out of your framework for 15 days following. Instead, it is the measure of the time it will take the medication that is totally out of your framework.

Anadur will be out of your body when 5-6 weeks or more. For those individuals who look for a few cycles each year, this makes the utilization of this compound extremely harmful and oblige a much longer treatment (PCT) and more; both are crucial for complete recovery. Clients will see that they keep increasing mass weeks after their last infusion.


Men frequently take Anadul in a dose of 300-500mg weekly; clients' experiences go higher, as the reaction in the examination is milder with more mixes as Testosterone or Trenbolone, which permits them to be more liberal with their doses.

Females must run 25-50mg each week and be wary of the fact that despite the Anadur symptoms is gentle yet there is still an Androgenic impact from this effective hormone. Females handling this steroid experienced such Virilization impacts, developing the voice, broadened clitoris, and body hair/face.


This is a famous stack of Anabolic steroids, as well as Anadur. Clients join Anadur with other Androgenic mixes, so it gives a kick. Yet, the intelligent method used to do this is a DHT subordinate to it. In some cases, a compelling way to stack Anadur is to utilize a short oral steroid to start the cycle; this is advantageous because Anadur has a long half-life and moderate acting.

Yes, actual-certain steroids take more time to develop in the body, and do not trust an individual who lets you know unexpectedly. Anadur will require a few weeks to begin giving noticeable results. It has an incredible 15-day half-life, so don’t hesitate to stack Anavar, Tbol, Dianabol, SARMS, or whichever is your decision.


Anadur is exceptionally mellow in such a manner, the same as Deca Durabolin. It’s a myth that Nandrolones have ghastly symptoms, and the feared Deca dick brings on this myth. Deca dick got its name to the ground that clients complain about not having the capacity for getting an erection while on your post cycle. This can be effortlessly illuminated by utilizing a Dht subordinate since it will expand the sex hormone in the body. Then, you can use Masteron or Proviron with it, which will help with the feared Deca dick.

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Other than that, even if Anadur is mellow, it’s still an intense hormone with the mill reactions of all steroids. There will be several Aromatizations; if you are inclined to Estrogenic symptoms, you are best to serve running an Aromatase inhibitor (AI, like Aromasin). Moreover, you can expect some organ and lipid strain. So I exceedingly prescribe a bolster supplement on bail parity things out. N2Guard is the best bolster supplement for this reason.

Lastly, though not explicitly identified with symptoms, a great proposal with all Anabolic steroid cycles is giving blood each 6-8 weeks because it is a great approach. All the while, you are sparing lives.

Anadur is much the same as Deca Durabolin, except for the distinction in ester half-life, which makes it act slower and endures more steroids. It is a mellow steroid and is best utilized by individuals who like running longer cycles less time each year.

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