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Trenbolone (Acetate & Enanthate)

Trenbolone is the most powerful injectable steroid known to man and holds a reputation as being the most effective drug for body recomposition & strength gain. However, it is classified solely as a veterinarian-grade drug, and so-called “wellness centers” claim to sell it for human consumption legally. Why? Because it works and sells very well in the black market as a result. There is nothing like Tren, and without a doubt, its use is widespread among elite-level powerlifters pushing their bodies to their physical limits to achieve success on the platform.

That should be enough hype about Tren for now. What the heck is it? Trenbolone is a 19-nortestosterone (19-nor) anabolic steroid structurally modified version of Nandrolone. Its binding to the androgen receptor is stronger than its counterpart and does not aromatize to estrogen.

What Sets Tren Apart

Tren is 5 times as androgenic as testosterone and 5 times as anabolic. Trenbolone is arguably the most powerful drug that a strength athlete can run for an 8-10 week duration while yielding results surpassing what Testosterone can do.

Trenbolone is also extremely versatile and can be used either as a compound for weight & muscle gain or for dieting down & retaining lean mass. Tren is so powerful that using it will allow you to burn off body fat and put on lean mass simultaneously – something that is usually impossible to achieve by athletes with training experience.

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If you have ever seen a world-class powerlifter go down a weight class and somehow still get stronger, you can bet that Trenbolone is being used as part of their stack. There is nothing like it, bar none.]

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Trenbolone Side Effects:

There is nothing like Tren’s side effects compared to any other injectable steroid. Trenbolone is the most damaging injectable despite its lack of aromatization to estrogen. Like Nandrolone, it is a 19-nor subject to similar side effects. Possible side effects and risk factors are:

  • All related progestin side effects associated with 19-nor steroids – gynecomastia, prostate enlargement, and harsh suppression of natural testosterone production
  • Night sweats while sleeping
  • Excessive sweating during daytime
  • Difficulty staying asleep (insomnia)
  • Moodiness, aggression
  • Acne
  • Severe kidney damage
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Lack of cardiovascular endurance
  • Hair loss
  • Muscular cramps

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Acetate vs. Enanthate

Speaking of Ace, let’s touch upon the two most well-known variations of Trenbolone: the ester bonding used with it – Trenbolone Acetate and Trenbolone Enanthate. The Ace version is fast-acting and must be injected every other day.

Most competitive athletes who have used Tren Ace will recommend that you administer it daily to help maintain stable blood levels more than every 2 days. Enanthate follows the same pattern as Testosterone Enanthate and is much slower acting, only having to be injected twice weekly.

That said, nearly every powerlifter will suggest you use Acetate instead of Enanthate – and I agree with recommending Ace over Enanthate. If you are a first-time user and aren’t sure of whether you can tolerate Tren’s potentially strong side effects, it will take longer for the drug to clear from your system using Enanthate versus having used Acetate.

What The Side Effects Look Like

That’s 2 weeks of insomnia, night sweats, and cramping instead of 2-3 days of side effects if you are susceptible to them. While these side effects aren’t as prominent when running a reasonable dose of Tren, you never know how to react to a drug until you use it for the first time. For that reason, Ace will be the better choice for you.

Second, it is easier to maintain stable Tren blood levels using Ace when administered every other day or even daily. If you’re going to be using Tren, you need to keep its levels relatively stable to help mitigate side effects and optimize lean mass and strength gains while running it. Third, you want Tren out of your system after meet day.

There is no point staying on it when you must shut down your cycle or cruise. Acetate is the smarter choice in this regard, where you can plot out your training cycle to incorporate it for 8-10 weeks towards the meet without considering lingering levels afterward.

With Enanthate being present for up to 2 weeks after its last injection, you must limit your use during your planned training cycle as you don’t want to stay on Tren for too long. Ace is king.

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Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Enanthate

Recommended Dosage and Duration

The general rule of thumb is to run Trenbolone for no longer than 10 weeks. Long-term drug use is just too debilitating on the system and can’t be run safely for longer than 10 weeks.

You may have heard of X-lifters running Tren for 6 months straight and not showing any major side effects – but their bloodwork will indicate that they’ve done some serious damage to their organs by then.

If you want to push the envelope, 12 weeks should be the maximum you continuously run Tren. Ideally, you want Tren out of your system before exogenous Testosterone is also out, so natural production isn’t as heavily suppressed when starting PCT.

Typical first-time use of Tren will have you running it at 300-350 mg weekly. This is achievable when using Ace, as its concentration is 100 mg/mL. That means you can inject 50 mg daily or inject 100 mg three times a week to reach the needed dosage.


For those running Enanthate (with it being concentrated at 250 mg/mL), you can administer 0.75 mL twice a week to reach a dose of 375 mg weekly.

Using more Tren than this amount is not needed when you’re running it for the first time, as you want to get a feel for the side effects you’re susceptible to while running it. 300-375 mg of Tren is more than enough to have a good cycle and Testosterone as your base.

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